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Aug 7, 2003
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So we had ourselves a little your favourite Fate thing, and now we're moving on to our next poll: Your favourite Wonder-person. A Wonder-person, you may ask? I refer to the heroines and side-kicks that are closely affiliated with DC's most prominent female hero, Wonder Woman. We're not going to be doing this by first appearance, but chronologically in terms of contuinity. Let's get this show on the road!

- Queen Hippolyta: The first Wonder Woman, operating with the JSA both during its most recent tenure and during the second World War. Serving as the Queen of Themyscira hasn't stopped this lady from going out and kicking ass, which is what ultimately led to her heroic sacrifice against the threat of Imperiex.
- Diana (Prince): The one we all know as Wonder Woman. She has had a path beset by trouble and tragedy. She has blinded herself in her quest for peace, in both a literal and figurative sense, and has now gone on a search to find herself one more.
- Donna Troy: She started out as the lovely Wonder Girl (that was orignally just a younger version of Diana) and went on to become Troia (and a short tenure as Darkstar). She has been a mother, friend and a leader to the Titans, and has also sacrificed herself in the name of duty. Even while dead she retained a powerful presence in the DCU.
- Lyta Trevor-Hall: Originally the daughter of the Earth-2 Wonder Woman, Lyta Hall is someone that also made her own path in comicdom, as the heroic Fury, as mother to the new Dream, and ultimately, remained a hero. Just like her other compatriots, she has seen tragedy strike, losing not just her husband once, but also her son.
- Helena Kosmatos: The new mother of Lyta Hall, and replacement of the Earth-2 Wonder Woman after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The placement of Hippolyta (who is also Helena's adopted mother) in the second World War has muddled both their histories, but Helena's connection to the Amazons is undeniable, standing by their side till the very end.
- Artemis of Bana-Mighdall: A new, grittier and grimmer Wonder Woman for the 90's. Like most heroes that were created back then to fill out the legacy of heroes she was eventually replaced again by the old. Artemis however, remained, and although in some ways the direct opposite of Diana, she remained fiercely loyal to the Amazon cause.
- Cassandra Sandsmark: The latest Wonder Girl. Starting off a bespectacled wig-wearing Wonder, she grew into her own as well and became a defining member of the Titans. Like those before she has walked a path that has caused her much grief, but she continues to fight on nonetheless.

So, who is your favourite Wonder-person!?
Artemis is actually my favorite character in the Wonder Woman crew. I always liked her. and will b the TOP WonderWoman n the D.C. Universe....
Not surprisingly, Diana is taking the lead. Lyta Hall is my fave, ever since the first time I read Infinity, Inc.
Thats easy. Dick Grayson, the original boy wonder. :p
Cassie, I loved YJ and was sad when i came back to reading and find out it's gone.
How about Wonder Tot?

Or the original Wonder Girl that was actually Wonder Woman as a young girl that teamed up with Wonder Woman and Wonder Tot. Eventually joined the Teen Titans, then after realizing what they did, DC made the Diana Prince Wondergirl that first appeared in Titans, into Donna Troy which would lead to several decades of a confusing and ever changing origin.

And Powergirl thought she had it bad.
Gezz ever heard of spamming.

Anywho I would go with Diana, she was great in JLU :up:
Spamming, where? :confused:

Anyway, it appears only Cassie is capable of coming close to Diana.
I'm proud to say that I remain the only person who voted for Artemis. :)
Absolutely Donna all the way. I love Troia! (Can you tell 0;*)
DonnaTroy84 said:
Absolutely Donna all the way. I love Troia! (Can you tell 0;*)

Actually, now I'm starting to want to vote for cassie now too. Why'd she have to be so hot?

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