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2013/2014 NHL Thread: Kings of the Cup

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The Incredible Hulk

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Dec 19, 2001
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First off, Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on their second Stanley Cup Championship in the last 4 years.

Free agency starts this coming Friday, July 5th, and with it the dawn of a new season.....

Who's going to sign Vinny Lecavalier?

Will the Canucks have ANY goalies left?

Will the NHL players participate in the Winter Olympics in Sochi?

Where will the Coyotes be calling home this coming season? Glendale? Seattle? Quebec City? Timbuktu?

Will the NHL play EVERY game outdoors soon?

The answers to these questions and more, coming soon!
Lecavalier met with Detroit Dallas, Montréal, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Toronto, Washington, Boston and Calgary... inasmuch as I would hate to see this, he'll probably sign with the ^&$ing Habs...

I think it is absolutely HILARIOUS that the Canucks traded Schneider after trying to dump Luongo for the better part of 18 months... lol

I guess we'll know either very late tomorrow or on Wednesday what happens with Phoenix...

Trading away one player for a top 10 draft pick is not a bad trade. Even though Horvat won't be contributing anytime soon, I am relatively happy with what happened.

Although I've always maintained they should have traded Schneider at the beginning of last season, this was a good move. Luongo can still be a #1 goaltender, especially if he's working without, so to speak, a net.
I hope the Blues land Lecavalier. It'd be huge.
Well... Glendale City council getting ready in about 2 minutes... :wow:
I can't believe that I've been listening to this council meeting for nearly 2 1/2 hours...
Well... 4 hours later, and they vote to keep the team... hope it pans out... lol

Good to see Lecavalier with the Flyers. If he's still got the goods, he's out of the Western Conference at least, and can continue getting pummeled by the Bruins while playing on what is still a fairly weak team.
Man... the thought of Iginla becoming a Canuck makes me wanna puke...

Man... the thought of Iginla becoming a Canuck makes me wanna puke...


I will hold a Calgary Stampeders helmet for you to do it in. :joker:

Not sure if this will happen though; I'm getting a "Mat Sundin" vibe from this rumour, that the Canucks will acquire an over-the-hill expensive veteran who doesn't pan out.

On the other hand, even a half-speed Iginla playing with the Sedins at least adds some grit and character to the lineup.
I don't think he can fit in their salary cap unless he takes a tremendous pay cut to play... but you never know... :cmad:

I don't think he can fit in their salary cap unless he takes a tremendous pay cut to play... but you never know... :cmad:


If we get Iginla, we need to get rid of at least 1 of the 3 overrated speedsters (Burrows, Raymond, Hansen). Maybe two of them. For draft picks only if necessary.
Columbus signs RW Nathan Horton to 7 yr. deal.
With Clarkson, the Leafs are going to be very good next season. I'm going to miss making fun of them.

The only thing they really need now is a big shutdown defenceman to play alongside Phaneuf or Gardiner. Trade Liles.
Boston trades Tyler Seguin (along with a few others) to Dallas for Loui Eriksson (and a few others.

Unless he's traded again, Dallas has Seguin for the next six years.
Bobby Ryan kicks ass. The Sens were lucky to get him.
Jagr still dangling out there. Wonder who steps up for him?

Would love to see the Isles step up and grab Grabovski or Penner
Penner would be an asset to any NHL team. Too bad the Canucks have probably almost no cap space at this point, even with Schneider and Raymond gone.
Rask got paid...Wow. Can only imagine now what Lundqvist will get
So ...

They lost Parise last year to Minny

Then this year Clarkson signed with Toronto

And now Ilya bolts to Russia

Poor Devils fans
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