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The Dark Knight A Pic of all those Joker cards...

Why is there a question mark at the end of that spam you wrote?
Hang on- what's all this?
Does everyone get the full set of cards or just certain ones?
Just the people who submitted really good ones, for the 21+ i think. Their not sending them out anymore. The people who got it, got it a few days before Thanksgiving.
Really? I can't keep up with all of this. They look great- I'd have them framed. Are they actually original art or taken from existing decks?

This, and some facepaint, etc, was also mailed to them.
If I recall correctly the one in the second row, furthest left, is from the trailer?
If I recall correctly the one in the second row, furthest left, is from the trailer?

Its the one from one of those cards from the TDK set with "will the real joker please stand up?" writeen on it
wow.... so along side getting the gotham times posted, those few who submitted their 21+ pic and had it accepted, got these cards and that note posted to them??? My god.... i thought the newspaper was elaborate...!!
Oh, those are the cards that I got. Unfortunately, I don't have most of the cards anymore since I distributed them among the members of my nine-person group. I do have a larger scan of all of the cards, and I can probably post them on request. I don't know about quality, since my scanner is pretty old.

Fifth card, as requested:

This is really as big as I have it, sorry.



This last one looks narrower because the scanner cut it off for some reason.
hello lemmasaurus,

did you at one time post the back designs of the cards? I wanted to see those if at all possible. Thanks a bunch.

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