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Actors who were ALMOST Bond

Kevin Roegele

Do you mind if I don't?
May 2, 2000
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The Merovingian

When Pierce Brosnan was finally precented from playing 007 in The Living Daylights (and he was damn close, publicity photos were shot) Sam Neill was the crew's number one favourite to play Bond. Except Cubby Brocolli, the man who matters. Brocolli preferred Lambert Wilson. Eventually, the original original choice, Timothy Dalton became avaliable again, and Brosnan played the role later, of course. Funny how things turn out....and could have turned out.


Cary Grant and David Niven were both considered for Dr. No.



If Grant were younger, he would've been the PERFECT 007. I can't see Niven, though.
George Baker was the actor that Fleming wanted to play Bond . He got supporting roles in several Bond films :You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service & The Spy Who Loved Me.

Adam West was offered the role, but he turned it down stateing that a britten should play a british hero, not an american.
Is it true that Nicholas Cage was offred playing as 007?
Heh, that's awesome!

Bond: Q, where's my anti-shark repellent watch?
Q: Oh, grow up 007!

Christoper Reeve said that he was approached for The Living Daylights.
Liam Neeson was considered for the Bond role in "GoldenEye", and believe it or not I hear that Mel Gibson was offered the role for GoldenEye as well. Sean Bean also went after the Bond role in "The Living Daylights" and later played a Bond baddie instead. I also hear that Michael Gambon went after the Bond role in the early 70s but was rejected. And if I don't miss my guess I think Gerard Butler was up for the role in the upcoming Casino Royale along with Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana.

Chris "Superman" Reeve as Bond... that's freaky. Then again, Reeve said he was actually asked to play Eric the Red at one point.

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