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Days of Future Past AICN rumor: Days of Future Past is 48fps

I haven't seen 48ps Hobbit but the description alone was enough to turn me off. I hate the "soap opera" setting on new TVs with passion.
What does 48fps mean?

Means the film was shot with a frame rate double of standard films in 48 frames per second. It increases the visual movement (no blur or strobing and smooth slow mo) especially in 3D, but it can be tough to adjust because it definitely changes the look of film and can give off an effect similar to soap operas. Since we associate that look more with TV then film, the film can appear looking cheaper.
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I don't understand why anyone would want to make movies look like real life. Everything about movies is based on them being dramaticized. Staging scenes, epic cinematrography, dramatic, emotional music, over-acting, I mean, it's the whole point of movies.

If I wanted to see real life I'd stay home and watch some people have a boring conversation.
to watch people having a boring conversation and to watch an Epic X-Men movie in 48fps are two totally different things, lol

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