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Jun 10, 2005
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Okay, I've read the Superman graphic novels of with Jim Lee as artist and such...but, I think the writing wasn't all that great. I found myself often confused by the flashbacks and the dialogue felt forced...

I know I'll get many of these:eek: :o :down :mad: ...but I am one of the ones who adores Sigel and Shuster's Superman...(minus the non-flying part, I prefer Superman to be flying rather than Scaling buildings)
The story was a bit different than your regular Superman story and Azzarello's style probably fits Batman more than it does Superman so I can understand that you have some problems with it.

I can't remember much about the dialogue, but I didn't have much trouble following the flashbacks.

There were many people complaining about the story when the first issues came out, but I think it works better when you read the full run in one sitting. Even if you didn't read the singles first I think the story will be improved if you read it a second time.
I have the TPB's and I haven't even read them just look at the pretty pictures.

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