Transformers Analysis of Bay's directing; Transformer's postmortem

i guarentee there wont be many deleated scenes on the dvd and if there are they will all be human based...probably some comedy stuff with sam and his dog.
if they spend all that time and money creating the robots you dont think theyre just gonna suddenly decide to cut them out?!

Superman Returns has an entire VFX sequence that was cut. The SW prequels have loads of cut scenes involving 50 % - 70 % - 100% completed VFX shots.
In WOTW there's a shot of Tom and his family trying to get away from Tripod . The whole scene is a complete shot yet spielberg cut it. Same in Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban.
It happens.
If the studio says that they want a movie with that "that many min. "of running time , the director is ordered to cut the movie further. That means that scenes which cost loads of money are removed.

films of this size are planned to death, bay is actually well known for improvising stuff on the day but when it comes to the robot fx everything is planned and locked down before they even roll a camera, because of the sheer cost. they figure out what they need during the animatics stage so they dont waste any valuable production time, this is how bay always comes in on time and usually under budget.
every time you adjust an sfx scene on this type of movie it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars so the director had flippin well better know what he does and doesnt need otherwise money concious producers arent gonna be too happy!!
While it is true that animatics etc are a huge help to directors in planning sequences so that you know how to spend your money , it's not always the case. Again i'll use SR as an example . They planned loads of stuffs , did animatics and still the budget rose rises then what they initially planned because Singer wanted to include more sequences. Bay is one of those directors who definately knows how to work with the money that is given to him. He delivered Pearl Harbor on budget as well.

As for the changes in the VFX. Well when the leaked images of Megatron came out , didn't they do a remodel of Megs head.
It also depends on what kind of changes you do and what kind of capacity you have to create your VFX shots. Small changes can always be handled during production but when you have large shots it can be a problem since it takes a while to get the technology right as well as the renders which take a good portion of time.
Usually with VFX they always rework the technology again and again until they get it right and afterwards they start rendering .
If however you've gotten those two things right you might be able to handle relative big shot in a short time frame.
Have you watched ROTK , specifically this sequence :
In the extras of the dvd the guys at WETA are basically telling that they had been working for 6 months on this particualr shot and when PEter Jackson saw the final shot he noticed that the camera was just brought in closer and closer. The whole shot had to be redone but because the technology was created and most of the other shots were finished they could use alot of of the rendering machines to get the shot done. So a 6 month shot turned into a 2 day shot.

as for bays style i think it worked perfectly...admittedly he hasnt really evolved much as a director and even copied some of his own shots, especially from bad boys 2. but i love all the shakey hand held stuff because it really sells the transformers as being real. and i think he made the right choice in having as little green screen as possible, no matter how good it is you can always tell when an actors actually on set or in a studio. take spider-man 3, huge portions of it were filmed entirely on green screen and that film cost well over $200 million dollars, and didnt have anything near as impressive as in transformers. the first time optimus transformed and the camera went around him revealing all the autobots i actually got goose bumps, if a visual effect can do that i applaud the director and everyone involved!!
Well great for you if you like the MTV editing of Bay , i just don't.
The TF came off as real to me , not because of the shaky camera stuff but because of the amazing work that ILM has done. And like i said earlier , Bay could afford to shoot this movie with little or no blue screen work because his shots were designed in such a way.
I assume that Bay will direct the sequel. Again given the fact that he isn't fond of the blue screen work , my guess would be that the sequel will again be grounded on earth. Because if they went to Cybertron , it would mean that he would work on all these movie stages where they would use CG set extentions.

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