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The Wolverine any guesses on the plot?

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Jan 25, 2009
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any guesses on how the film will play out? i think

wolverine is homeless living in the canadian mountains feeling guilty about stabbing jean grey and has nightmares flashbacks

he goes to japan. visits his old friend. somehow along the way he is unknowingly injected with something that de-activtes his healing powers. (maybe) the company somehow got hold of some of the cure serum from last film and perfected it.

and his old friend promises him a surgery that will remove the adamantium and cure him of his healing powers.

he goes to a funeral and i guess there is some sort of skrimish and a fight breaks out. between triads and samurai clans or something.

but this time when wolverine sinkts out his claws there is blood and his knuckles hurt. his claws are bloody because his knuckles don't heal like before. he kicks ass this time. he kills the bandits attacking him but he also takes some damage. and he doesn't heal quickly.

and i think the film will be kinda like spiderman 2. his healing powers will go off and on though-out the film. he gets hurt and heals but not as quickly. he'll kick ass but he can get hurt now. everytime he brings out his claws. he is in pain and his fists get bloody.

he takes longer to heal up. and maybe somewhere within the plot he is forced to use a samurai sword and his claws to battle. he just can't use his claws and rage.

and then when he is vulnerable the samurai master guy tries to attack wolverine and there is a fight between them and his healing ability comes back.

and i think the silver samurai is not a samurai at all. but a suit of armor. and gigantic robot armor

and i think in the plot it will be revealed that, wolverines friend was actually trying to steal logans healing power for himself.

and the silver samurai armor is simply just something for wolverine to fight at the end of the film.
There's a plot synopsis in just about every other thread. No need for a new thread on this.
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