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Batman Forever Suit... Not That Bad

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Viva La Revolucion!
Jun 13, 2007
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OK OK SO IT HAD NIPPLES... but don't you think that if it hadn't had the nips it would have been pretty damn good... I mean the suit is kind of a take on the Keaton suit which was great!
Is........is Kilmer wearing lip gloss?:confused:

it was good, so was the B&R suit if it didnt have nipples and a huge cod piece
I always quite liked the BF suit, better than the B+R one, but agreed, the B89 suit is wicked.

Will be interested to see how the TDK suit fits into the scheme of things...
89 suit was better but I always liked the panther suit, though alot of shots in BF Kilmer looked very uncomfortable in the suit, especially his face and it showed through his performance.
I always liked the Panther Suit, especially the cowl. Get rid of the nipples and employ a simpler organic design on the body (like the '89 suit) and it'd be my overwhelming favorite of any of the live-action suits.
The Forever suit is my favourite, and if it didn't have nipples I would like it even more. I always thought that Kilmer looked cool on the suit or at least what is shown of Kilmer face, he had the leading man looks and was heroic without being a total goofball like Clooney.

I remember reading an Interview with Bob Kane were he stated that Kilmer was pretty much what he drew. I'm not saying everyone should like Kilmer physical portrayal of Batman because of that but that comment always caught my attention.
I think all the bat suits were good in their own way. My fave though is the BR suit
The concept behind the suit is better than the execution but it's as close as you'll get to a live action Neal Adams Batman. That cowl owns and I like the color of the belt but I feel the belt itself is too oversized. Superior to the B&R suit though out of all the actors from the WB series IMO Clooney looked second best in the cowl when he wasn't grinning of course. Only Keaton in BR comes close.
I actually think it looks better with the nipples.

That's pretty awsome, well done, good manip.

Just think, if we'd had that on screen then we wouldn't have anything to moan about for the last ten years!
Very nice suit.

But I think the Forever suit looks better with the nipples. Maybe I'm just use to them after seeing the movie so much. The suit just looks like it's horribly missing something without them.

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