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Batman: Gotham Knights


Jan 30, 2006
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Batman: Gotham Knight First Look
Source: Superhero Hype!
February 15, 2008

A first look at Batman: Gotham Knight is now below! Directed by Bruce W. Timm, the direct-to-DVD six-part anthology film bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The writers include Brian Azzarello, Alan Burnett, Jordan Goldberg, David S. Goyer, Josh Olson and Greg Rucka.


I think this movie is going to be awesome. Probably the best representation of batman since The Animated Series. The animation looks to be top notch and on par with Ninja Scroll.

Alright, Bat-Fans what are you thoughts of this DVD? :brucebat:
not bad, but i dont like his mask, for some reason ,he reminds me of a squirrel or something
the one vs. deadshot looks awesome though
not bad, but i dont like his mask, for some reason ,he reminds me of a squirrel or something

There's gonna be a ton of different anime directors so the style will change with each short film.
Yeah, i know, but that one just really bothers me
how many films will there be?????? Will they all be interrelated?????
it is everything i have dreamed about since i was a teenager... i'm 22 now
Does anyone know exactly which villians we may see in this thing? I saw something about Killer Croc, which doesn't excite me too much...I was hoping for maybe Mad Hatter or someone like that. Also, I suppose they will use villians that Nolan won't introduce...
Can't wait to pick this one up on Blu-ray.
This will be the best representation of Batman outside of the comics EVER! ! !
The featured characters were Deadshot, Croc and Scarecrow.

There are 6 short films, 6 anime styles, all intertwined into one story meant to bridge the gap between 'Begins' and 'TDK'

I hate anime.

I'll watch it, but I will never like the style.




Kevin Conroy apparently voices Batman..:woot: :woot:
Source: http://media.dvd.ign.com/media/142/14221172/vid_2304133.html
K. Conroy????????? I thought Bale was Batman in all these short movies

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