Ben 10 10cm figures.


Apr 15, 2005
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Small, cheap, awesome and collectible.

Anybody own any of these? I've recently had a new house mate move in, so I'm up on the money stakes because of his contrabution to the rent, unfortunatly, I cannot find a single toy from this line, and when I do, they are on the internet and over priced as hell.

hopfully,the nice lady from Toys R Us who I serve at work told me they should be getting some in at the end of January.
pretty sure the kb i work at carries these
didnt think they were that rare if we are carrying them
Yeah, just look at that web site, nearly every item on there is out of stock.
Just finished watching the animated movie, so awesome.
are you looking for any imparticular?
I'm actually looking to collect them all. Since we got sky I've become obbsessed with the TV show, and due to a lack of money haven't had the chance to really collect anything since I moved out and such, so these are perfect for me.

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