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best miscellaneous Marvel film #1

Yeesh... that's a pretty awful list.

Blade II. And it really isn't close :oldrazz:
Apparently, there have been four Punisher movies. Who knew? ;)
Blade, then Blade 2 slightly behind it, then everything else
wait, just realized, this doesn't include Kick-Ass. Does that count? If so, it's right there with the first two Blades.
blade wins hands down. just remember the opening sequence of the meat factory dance club.
Although I'm not sure which Punisher I was supposed to vote for...my vote goes to Thomas Jane. He was awesome as Frank and his continued loyalty is admirable. Blade is a close second if only for the opening sequence alone. The rest...well...they're the rest...lol.
Fantastic Four. I actually enjoyed that.

FF2 was alright but it was too short.
Glad to see someone else who agrees.This IS version that should have been released
In Theatres.
prob fantastic four...the only let down was doom for me.
with blade a very close second.
Blade at first, then Daredevil. And I enjoyed FF.

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