Best movie based on a comic you've never read?

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
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And I mean NEVER read a single issue. My pick would be, of course, "V for Vendetta", followed by "Sin City", then "The Crow".
Sin City and the Crow for me as well. I've also seen Road to Perdition which is great. A History of Violence, LXG and From Hell without reading the source material. I read V for Vendetta way back in 1994. My boss had the book. I think Sin City is the best of the ones I've seen.
Sin City as well. I had never even heard of it before the film came out.
Sin City, V for Vendetta and Road to Perdition I hadn't read any of those comics until after the film came out, I did not even know that they would of been any good until watching it at my local theater.

but all 3 films were very very good :up:
American Splendor and The Crow.
The Crow(only becuase everytime i want to read it, i never find it. When im not interested in reading it, i find it, but alas, i never have the money), Road to Perdition and A History of Violence
V For Vendetta
The Crow
Sin City
Hellboy, Constantine an' LXG.
i agree except that the PROPER abbriviation for the league of extraordinary gentlemen is LOEG fox just used LXG to draw in x-men fans
Mind over matter; I don't mind an' it don't matter. Long as it get's th' point across, it's golden.
Hellboy is the best one, but I've also seen Hulk, Sin City, Constantine and LXG without having read the comics.
First, a question just to be specific - do you mean only the ones, the source material of which you actually will never read (or at least don’t plan to), or the ones that actually got you in reading their source material later on also count?
Well anyways, the only ones that got me so impressed that I actually feel worthy of mentioning are Sin City (I got all of the books after I saw it) and A History of Violence (never even heard it was based on a comic till recently).
There are of course several others but they didn’t impress me that much like those two did.
Those count. I saw "Sin City" & subsequently read "The Hard Goodbye", since it came w/the DVD. I plan on reading V when my comic shop gets some more copies in. It seems to be in high demand for some odd reason.
American Splendor, Ghost World, then Road to Perdition.
Hellboy and V for me.
Hmmm, that's tough. My favorite comic book movie is Batman Begins, but it wasn't based on comics. It was influenced by the Batman graphic novels, and James Bond novels. . . or so Goyer claimed.

I'd have to say Spider-man.

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