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Squeaky wheel
Apr 16, 2004
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Okay, we need a quotes thread. There's been some DOOZIES on SV, so lets get the ball rolling, shall we? :D

Clark: Dad, something else happened to me this morning. When I woke up, I was... kind of floating.
Jonathan: Floating?
Clark: As soon as I woke up, I crashed. I mean, Dad what's happening to me?
Jonathan: I honestly don't know. As soon as you start breaking the law of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory.

Jonathan: Clark, kids just don't leap off the ceiling and attack people.
Clark: How do you explain that?
Jonathan: I don't know. Seems kind of out there.
Martha: This coming from the man who's been hiding a spaceship in his storm cellar for the last 12 years.

Clark: I don't see myself being a farmer when I grow up.
Lana: What do you want to do?
Clark: I'm not sure. Just as long as it doesn't involve putting on a suit and doing a lot of flying.

Clark: It's still strange to think that he and Rickman were once best friends. Think we'll ever end up like that?
Lex: Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends.

[Looking at ornate breastplate with embedded jeweled serpent in the shape of an S.]
Lex: You know it belonged to Alexander the Great? They said the design symbolizes strength and courage.
Clark: I can't exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest.
Lex: Darker times call for darker methods. His opponents thought he was invincible.

Clark: Next time I have a date, I'll be able to take her out without setting her on fire.

Clark: Pete, we need to talk.

Pete: Sure, Chloe. I saw a spaceship. I even met an alien.
Chloe: Really? Would you like to describe it?
Pete: Actually he looks a lot like Clark.
Chloe: I thought aliens were little and green.
Pete: I guess things aren't always what you think they are.

Jonathan: What was that all about?
Martha: I think our not so normal son might be going through some classic teenage rebellion.
Jonathan: Well, I think I liked dealing with heat vision a lot better than that.

Clark: Did you know that Chloe had a birthmark on her cheek.
Pete: No she doesn't.
Clark: Not that cheek.
Pete: Are you doin' what I think you're doin'? Clark, that's *Chloe* you're scooping, man!

Clark: When I put that ring on, I felt this sudden urge to tell the world my secret - Lex, Lana, Jessie...
Martha: But you didn't, Clark.
Clark: I know, but the feelings are still there. It's like I have these two different identities, and I don't know which one's the real me.

Pete: ...I figured it out. In your world, green means stop. And red... red means go.

Chloe: Oh, my God. This is so cool! Can you fly?
Clark: Whoa, wait a minute. I may be an alien, but I'm not a cartoon.

Chloe: Hey, Clark. What other superpowers you got?
Clark: Why don't you come back here and find out?
Pete: Hey, hey, hey, this aint no pimp mobile.

Clark: Wow. I didn't realize the traffic in Smallville had gotten so bad.
Lex: It's my father. I hope your mom likes helicopters.
Clark: My family doesn't fly much.
Lex: Trust me. That's about to change.

Martha: Clark! You're going to be late!
Clark: OK, Mom. Going as fast as I can.
Martha: How can you be as fast as lightning and as slow as molasses all at the same time?
Clark: Sometimes, Mom, I'm even a mystery to myself.
Jonathan: Wait a minute, didn't I just fix your alarm clock recently?
Clark: Yeah, but I crushed it this morning hitting the snooze alarm. Guess I'm not much of a morning person.

Clark: When I woke up this morning, I was in the middle of Route 8.
Martha: How did you get there?
Clark: I don't know. Lex almost hit me with his car. ...I told him I was sleepwalking, but I'm not sure how much walking was involved. I've been having this dream all week. Flying over Smallville.

Clark: Do you have any idea how he did it?
Chloe: It could've been a trick. Or it could be meteor rock inspired. Or he could be an alien.
Clark: Alien? Why would you say that?
Chloe: Rumors from his old school. He went to junior high in Grandville, and he told some kids there that he was extraterrestrial. Needless to say, they sent him to a distant corner in the social galaxy.
Clark: He didn't do anything... super, did he?
Chloe: Like start fire with his eyes? Nah ah.

Clark: Maybe my parents weren't the only ones who saved their child.
Pete: Well, if you really want to know, I could go up to him with a piece of meteor rock?
Clark: No. It's called Kryptonite.
Pete: Kryptonite. Is that with a C or a K?

Lex: I never figured you for having an identity crisis, Clark.

Clark: Lex, why do you care so much about an old Native American language?
Lex: Because I don't think it's Native American. I don't even think it's from this planet.
Clark: You think aliens wrote it? I'd keep that to yourself, Lex.

Morgan: I'd like to talk about a job opportunity.
Clark: Thanks. But I'm really not looking for work right now. I like to fly solo.

Jonathan: You had to do it Clark. If we'd have refused, they'd have dragged us into court.
Martha: What happens when they start looking at Clark's DNA under a microscope?
Clark: If I even *have* DNA.

Lex: You go on one date with this girl, and already she's sneaking into your bedroom, putting sexy pictures of herself in your locker, and practically asking your parents to book the wedding chapel. What's your secret, Clark?

Clark: What did you see?
Jordan: Like, you don't have an end like other people. It's like you live forever.

Pete: Clark, you're not exactly one to talk about breaking the speed limit.

Lex: I was right about you all along, Clark. You're not even human.

Clark: I always thought of my dad as a man of steel. I guess I was wrong.

Clark: Who do you think I'll be?
Jonathan: You can be the world's greatest hero or the its most mild-mannered citizen, but the only person who can write your story is you.

Lois: I never thought she would fall for the farm boy type.
Martha: That can happen to the best of us.
Lois: Not me. Give me a nerd with glasses any day of the week.

Pilot: Check this out
Co-pilot: What is it? Bird? Plane?

Chloe (to Clark): You're going to be like some superhero around here.

Bart (to Clark): I thought I'd check it out - see if there's anyone else like us. Maybe start, like, a club or a league or something.
AgentPat said:
Okay, we need a quotes thread. There's been some DOOZIES on SV, so lets get the ball rolling, shall we? :D

You've got some really good ones there. I wish I had such recall. I'll have to rewatch some favorite eps.

One that I thought was particularly poignant from this new season,
was Lex's comment to Clark about how he helps him keep the bad from coming up over the edges.. Now I'll have to get the exact quote. Poor Lex, it's so sad knowing that he will lose his battle at keeping the bad away.
My sig, easily. That scene from Vortex gives me chills. The first real mention of "it," and the way it was executed. The look on both Clark and Johnathan's faces combined with the music cue, wow. I even find something rather spiritual about that scene.
The best quotes come from Lex IMO. Neal Bailey has a bunch of them at supermanhomepage.com at the end of his review for "Exodus".
MJZ said:
My sig, easily. That scene from Vortex gives me chills. The first real mention of "it," and the way it was executed. The look on both Clark and Jonathan’s faces combined with the music cue, wow. I even find something rather spiritual about that scene.
:up: Agreed! It was one of the best lines of dialog in the whole show, IMHO. Was like the one from Crusade:

(this one's from memory - hope I got it right)

Jonathan: Clark, your mother tells me you can fly??
Clark: Kal-El can fly. Clark Kent is still earthbound.
Jonathan: How'd that feel?
Clark: [deep breath] Amazing. [beat] And scary.

Gives me goosebumps just thinking about that.
the best line in smallville has to be when lex says to ryan something like: "in life, the path to darkness is a journey, not a lightswitch".
clark: did u know chloe has a birth mark on her left cheeck?
pete: no she doesnt!
clark: not that cheek...
Smallville's got tons of great quotes. One that sticks out at the moment..

Clark: What are you doing??
Bart: I'm eating a cookie dude, i'm starving.
Check out the the third line in my sig...
"I need a hug"

(delivered with the perfect blend of creepy and funny)
A man would walk halfway around the world to pluck your succulent fruit...

I love that line. LOL :D
Lex to Lana
"anyone who doesn't like poetry doesn't understand it is all about seduction"

lex - "any relationship based on lies and deceit is doomed to fail"
chloe- I would do anything for you, things lana would never do

Clark- like what?

Victoria: Sleeping with you was just business.

Lex: I hate to think what that makes you...
Tomwelling4sups said:
sorry, did not see :p (edited it)

It's ok.

All I wanted, was the best for you...and you destroyed me...
I have quite a few, but I'll keep you guys occupied with a few from each season:

"Chloe, I could never outgrow you--other than vertically." (Clark, 'Metamorphosis')

"Great. So I'm maturing into a firestarter?!" (Clark, 'Heat')

"You can be the world's greatest hero--or its most mild-mannered citizen." (Jonathan, 'Talisman')

"Give me a nerd with glasses anyday." (Lois, 'Crusade')
Anyone who knows anything about poetry knows it's all about seduction...
Clark would have to be on drugs to be on drugs.....

Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, I like the sound of that.
Lex - do you believe a man can fly?

Clark- Sure, in a plane

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