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World Carnage Never Dies, v.2


Mar 19, 2003
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For reasons which I will disclose [if asked about them in private], I will no longer be posting in the original Carnage thread, or contributing scans there. My reasons are good, trust me. Although I worked long and hard to achieve the post-count shown by that thread, it's time for that one to die and a successor take it's place.

So.... Carnage never dies. Very true. Even if his old thread does.... And to make the transition a little easier, I am reposting some of the artwork shown at the beginning of the old thread. Most of it is extremely old news, but since we continually have people coming in begging for Carnage pix, perhaps they will serve some purpose.

Let us begin:

One of Carnage's most despicable and yet fiendishly hilarious acts here.

Who else would push a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs without a care in the world,other than the red prince of chaos:


But my fav bit is how he refers to the baby.A tadpole...........ROFL :D

"Venom vs. Carnage" is one of the few good things we got out of Marvel in the past year or so... he really seems to have it in for the younger set, doesn't he? Doesn't like babies at all.... :)

A perennial fan-girl favorite.... love the S&M overtones...

One of Carnage's all-time-great covers:


...heeheehee, I love that.
Those are some kick ass images.The world of being a scanner owner is indeed a sweet one :D

I'll contribute more to the festivities tonight after work.I'll whip out a few of my fav Carnage pics too from Max Carnage and V vs C :up:
OKay, the Hype just declared me logged out between posting one pic and the next. I guess we symbiotics are an unwelcome bunch. And with good reason.... but we do add interest to the proceedings, love us or hate us.

pic 1 of 3:

Thanks Ock, you're welcome to post whatever you like here!

pic 2 of 3:

Domestic violence.... tsk. Pic 3 of 3:


...you betcha, baby.
One of the greatest Carnage pix ever, imo, by the master: Bagley at the height of his game...

Here's another fav, I love the unique style of this artwork:

Ah Carnage recieves a well deserved re-birth. I'll have to get my scanner out later and contribute. :up:

Also, I have the Seperation Anxiety game. Brilliant, not quite as good as Maximum Carnage but still a fun game. Carnage wasn't as hard as he was in Maximum Carnage though :(

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