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Jul 26, 2004
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Andrew W.K. said:
Your name is Cartoon Network,
so you expect to see
nothing but animation when you flip CN on your TV.
But the times they are a-changing,
so don’t get left behind
because now we’ve got real people and
we’ve heard it blows your mind.

Those are the lyrics from an abrasive Andrew W.K. music video that Cartoon Network released online yesterday. We’ve been reporting on Cartoon Network’s slow, steady decline since April 2006. It’s fascinating to watch how clumsily the network is diluting their brand, and how tactlessly they’re integrating this cheap hodge-podge of live-action shows into their line-up. The first signs of a CN Real backlash are already forming: a Facebook group called Boycott Cartoon Network’s “CN Real” block was recently started and has over 1,400 members.

For shame, Cartoon Network. For shame. I could go off on a page long rant about how much this blows, how I'm sick of the only thing worth watching being Robot Chicken, how there's barely any decent original series or anime on, and how this is the final nail in the coffin of the brand that was Cartoon Network. But I've been complaining about it all day, but I feel like I have to collect my thoughts, since this has really pissed me off.

I have been an animation fan since the day I saw my first cartoon. My love of cartoons is part of what made me decide to go to school to become a professional animator, so seeing Cartoon Network downplaying and downsizing the importance of the medium they were built upon has some very negative implications on my chosen career path. They've completely sold out whatever integrity or legitimacy their network had once built upon brilliant shows like Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack, as well as mishandling top-tier programming blocks like Toonami (which disappeared) and Adult Swim (which has been overtaken by Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Family Guy reruns).

Clearly, because animation fans got tired of the lack of worthwhile programming on the network, rather than bring them more high quality originals and anime, they decided "screw them." The empty (headed) suits in charge said "look at MTV. They've got the brain dead teenager demographic eating out of their hand with reality shows. We need some of that!" So the idea is that by becoming yet ANOTHER stupid lemming following MTV off of a cliff, enough of the "MTV crowd" will tune in to make up for how badly the base is being alienated. What a load of crap.

And the worst part? According to the video, they're doing this because we, the fans, demanded it. We "LOVE" reality TV with real people. We're "tired" of cartoons, and the idea of a network dedicated to animation "ain't hip no more." So lo and behold, Cartoon Network comes to the rescue, serving us up with lame ripoffs of reality shows on other networks instead of the cartoons we normally would have tuned in for. It would be insulting enough if they were trying to sell us this new business model under the guise of "don't worry, it won't be so bad. We'll still have cartoons!" in some kind of PR damage control, but the fact that they act as if reality TV shows will somehow "blow our minds" is as arrogant as it is insulting to my intelligence.

Given that "Network's" stupid promo video only has a 1 star rating, and the seemingly unanimously negative reactions the announcement is receiving on the blogosphere, I think it's pretty obvious that Network has a PR sh**storm coming their way. Hopefully, some indignant suits get their asses fired for this mess, because I honestly don't understand who actually thought animation non-fans would tune in for reality shows. Whoever thought reality shows belong on CARTOON NETWORK clearly has no business working there.
CN should do what SciFi is doing on their Monday nights and have a 2 hour anime block. Do it on Fridays after Brave and the Bold and Secret Saturdays. Show some of the edgier anime series I guess, or even better, the OAVs and movies.

Btw, what happened to airings of Naruto?
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....Well, I hardly watch CN for a it is dead to me.
CN was bad enough, "Network" is even worse. Almost as bad at "SyFy" What the hey does SyFy mean?
Judging from how they're running things, I imagine it means "So yeah, f*** you." :cmad:
"Show you more than just cartoons" kind of shows just how far CN has fallen.
So wait they're changing their name?:huh:Even if they aren't this is pretty stupid.I mean I feel bad for kids today.When I was growing up I had Batman:TAS,Gargolyes and the Toonami block.Now Cartoons aren't as great as they use to be and CN wants reality shows?Really?I mean kids today are going to grow up brain dead with stuff Disney channel is putting out there and now CN too?This blows.
I am so annoyed by this. When I heard that they were gonna start doing live action shows I kenw it was gonna be bad news. We have more than enough channels with shows like this we don't need any more of them. Your purpose was to be the one place where people could get cartoons all day everyday. Now you went and conformed like every other channel. Bad form Cartoon Network bad form indeed.
I miss the days that I would watch Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo...three of the best shows to ever grace Cartoon Network.

We need Dexter on DVD.
I miss the days that I would watch Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo...three of the best shows to ever grace Cartoon Network.

We need Dexter on DVD.
I agree completely.
Now that Foster's Home is gone the only thing I watch on the ''Cartoon" Network part of the channel is Total Drama Island/Action.

Adult Swim is pretty terrible nowadays too though.
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Now that Foster's Home is gonna the only thing I watch one the ''Cartoon" Network part of the channel is Total Drama Island/Action.

Adult Swim is pretty terrible nowadays too though.
I miss Foster's. I also really enjoy TDI and TDA as well as 6Teen

Though if they keep showing Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse I'll keep watching.
As long as I get more Venture Bros., I couldn't care less. The only thing I watch on that channel anyway is Venture Bros. and King of the Hill reruns.

Because a one-handed facepalm just isn't enough for this :cmad: . . .
This is so stupid. All they really need to do is schedule their shows better and add maybe one or two more that fans would really get behind. We need something lots of people will want to watch. The classic cartoon cartoons, adult swim, justice league, teen titans, late 90's/early 00's toonami, all of this was highly popular and we liked it. We need more of it and live action shows won't fix anything.
And I like some of live action shows. Tim and Eric is pretty funny, but I'm bias. My friend works on that show and he gets all this free adult swim stuff. So we can keep that show on.
Cartoon network is just so bad now...clone wars and batman:brave and the bold,and the venture bros are the reason why i give a crap about this network now
I miss old cartoon network...why every cartoon channel (i'm looking at you too nick) thinks that they must create the next hannah montana or whatever else is so bizzare... Nick has decided that they will rebrand themselves as the preteen sitcom channel while pushing all their cartoons to their premium channel nicktoons the only cartoons left are Spongebob, Barnyard, Mighty B, and Fairy odd Parents...I mean Nick has never been cartoon-centric entirely but atleast the sitcoms and live-action shows were entertaining.

Cartoon Network has been dying a slow death since they decided to slowly kill toonami..toonami came on every day...then every saturday evening...then for only two hours on saturdays...then just naruto was shown...then nothing but D-list movies that were not worth being watched when they were originally released. It was one gimic after the other miguzi, fridays, fried dynamite....on and on and on...So instead of actualy living up to their showing cartoons...they go the other route and must find every ******ed live action show with tweens they can find...brain rush, the outsiders (???). TDI/TDA and 6teen are the only show worth watching and they had to come from canada...

The adult swim situation is different while anime was successful on toonami it was a failure on adult swim...and i cant really blame cartoon network for slowly droping it from the lineup... their target audience just doesnt find amine appealing and there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars obtaining the rights to broadcast the sows and have no one watch them....but what's up with the boondocks? you guys just going to leave us hanging like that :D

But cartoons in general have declined ever since network television was no longer required to broadcast shows for kids during the went downhill from there

And dont get me started on disney XD...why must every channel geared towards the younger set must be uber hip and trendy...
I miss the days that I would watch Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo...three of the best shows to ever grace Cartoon Network.

We need Dexter on DVD.

Hell, I'm still waiting for box sets of Billy & Mandy.
wow, as if I didn't hate Andrew W.K. enough as it is.

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