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Cast a Beatles movie

mister Lennon

Apr 30, 2005
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Its time for biopics, and musical biopics exactly. What about a movie based in the story of the greatest group of all time, the beatles? It would be awsome, it will rock. The beatles story with his music and their life in a movie, i would love to see it. But, who would be each character? Myself, as a beatles fan, i cant imagine who would be them, but , i would like to see some ideas for a possible cast for this movie. Here are the characters:

John Lennon
Paul Mcartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Pete best
George Martin
Brian Epstain
Cinthia Powell
Yoko Ono
Linda Macartney
Olivia Harrison
Barbara Bach
Ravy Shankar

What is your cast?
In have read some informations in some UK magazines that suggests Orlando Bloom as John Lennon and Johnathan Ryes Myers as George Harrison.
Very good and interesting , Cereal.

I like your cast, but i think that there are some age differences here. The beatles were about the same age, Ringo and John were the oldest ones, Paul was two years younger and George Three yeas younger. Ewan Macgregor is like 6 or 7 years older than the rest.
Something I did a while ago:

And about age differences...remember it's a movie. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are only 12 years apart, but played father and son in Indiana Jones.
Yes, you right. And i love your poster, and a great title, let it be. But who are the actors in the poster?
John Lennon- Christian Bale
Paul McCartney- Johnny Depp
Ringo Starr- Juaquin Phoenix
George Harrison- Gerard Butler

(Subject to change when I get around to it)
There's a guy who I think would really fit John, but it's a deeply odd casting choice, so hear it out.

Jason Dohring.

He's one of my favourite young actors and with a mop top on, I think he'd be John's spitting image. Plus, he plays snark ridiculously well.

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