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chuck norris..how could you?


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Jul 19, 2004
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Chuck Norris is a certified Web sensation. Widely circulated facts about his accomplishments, strength, and energy have elevated him to a level of popularity seldom seen by actors pushing 70. But can Norris's fabled powers impact the leader of the free world?

The actor who kicked copious butt on "Walker, Texas Ranger" is now attempting to bench press a presidential candidate from obscurity to front-runner with his endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Searches on Norris are up 10% over the past week, but more importantly, lookups on "mike huckabee chuck norris" are up a whopping 457%.

As for Huckabee, the GOP candidate has seen his searches double over the past week. Is it the Norris effect? We looked at searches on two prominent endorsements on the Democratic side to see how celeb buzz is affecting candidates.

Oprah Winfrey has thrown her behemoth buzz behind Barack Obama. We know that Oprah is the largest offline influencer of buzz. Her support has lifted searches on books, cars, and even Dr. Oz. She's hitting the campaign trail with Obama and searches on the senator from Illinois are up 24% this week. Queries on the daytime queen are up 10% as pollsters and pundits watch to see if her powers extend to the political realm.

Singer Barbra Streisand cast her lot with Hillary Clinton and backed the New York senator in her presidential bid. Searches on Babs jumped 31% and Clinton searches sang a happy tune, up 38% this week.

But when it comes to political muscle thus far, no celeb endorsement can measure up to the power of Chuck. His backing of Huckabee helped lift the former governor of Arkansas past his more prominent rivals in buzz. Check our graph of candidate searches over the past month...

Is there anyone left who doubts the enormous power of Chuck Norris? Raise your hands!
Chuck Norris will teach Huckabee how to do a round house kick that will floor Obama and Hillary simultaneously and in different cities. :up:
Chuck Norris doesn't endorse a candidate. He tells America how its going to be.
remember when mr. t was an internet sensation? i wonder who's next? i'm pulling for Gene Shalit. it'll be fun listing all the fake stuff he can do with his jew fro and 'stash!
The little man that lives in Chuck Norris beard told him he should support Huckabee
Mike Huckabee's answer to securing the Border, two words: Chuck Norris
I heard Barack was going to resurrect the corpse of Bruce Lee to give Chuck a full-on Democratic ass-whuppin'. It's true!

I wish Chuck Norris would go away.
He should run for presidant....than be assassinated.
I just saw a recent commercial and Chuck...

...Chuck shaved his beard! :eek: :(
Yeah, I saw it too - his latest ad for the Total Gym. He's really starting to look his age.
Haha, my journalism professor showed Chuck's campaign commercial in class last week.
I think, in terms of what the Republican's have to offer, Chuck has picked a solid candidate. A lot of people, myself included, were watching Huckabee as far back as last spring, saying he had what it took to pull ahead...he did.
I've been reading Chuck's comments regarding Mike Huckabee, and he genuinely sounds like someone who'd keep America on a well-founded moral track. I don't agree with a few of his minor points, but overall it's much better than handing the reins to Obama or another politically-correct liberalist like Clinton.
:ikyn El OH El!

I Kid You Not Guy should endorse candidates.

"America If you want a solid candidate you will vote for Bill Richardson. He do away with the Patriot Act and will restore our constitutional rights so you can't not be imprisoned for talking during that woman's entire presentation. He will restore foreign relations and sit down Palestine and Israel to talk about how we listen. Now, lets do it!...I KID YOU NOT!"

Whomever Chuck Norris votes for, they are automatically declared the winner.

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