😆 Comedy Community - Part 4

Community and Parks & Recreation are the only sitcoms NBC didn't cancel.
They could've at least kept Go On. :cmad:
Yeah I figured Go On would have survived and Community wouldn't. Not sure how I feel about this.
In a repeat from last year, NBC’s perennial bubble comedy Community just snagged a 13-episode renewal. There have been some significant changes on the show over the past 12 months though. When NBC renewed the show last May, it still had creator Dan Harmon as showrunner and Chevy Chase as co-star. Immediately after the upfronts, Harmon was replaced with David Guarascio and Moses Port. Then in November, Chase too departed. The bitter feud between Chase and Harmon was a major factor in destabilizating of the show for a couple of seasons, leading to public outbursts and profane voice messages.Now that Chase is gone, emotions have cooled down and all sides involved have had time to reflect, there is speculation that Harmon may come back, especially if this turns out to be Community‘s final chapter. (I’d heard that, with the show’s future at NBC in limbo, there were a number of suitors clamoring to pick up Community for a final installment.) There are no deals in place but I hear there certainly is interest in bringing Harmon back in some capacity.

Um... WHAT
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Hmm after how things went down last year I have a hard time imagining that Harmon would want to come back. But it's not impossible.
New thread title?

"Shut up Leonard!,everybody knows you created the Community thread"
I've no idea why Dan would want to come back,since he only planned 4 seasons.
Well, the show is his baby.

He might just want to come back and close it the way he wants to…

In a real d*** move, he could totally pretend Season 4 was a dream and/or going on in Abed's head and make Season 5 HIS Season 4.
Season 5 could just be the spring semester, with everyone else getting ready to graduate and mix Jeff in there when possible.
Yeah I figured Go On would have survived and Community wouldn't. Not sure how I feel about this.
I thought that as well.

Anyone notice six seasons and a movie on the board behind jeff at his graduation?

I think Jeff may come back as a teacher seeing as thats what he majored in.

Pierce won't even be missed. He only popped up in the odd scene last season.
I could see the tempers cooling since it was a year ago and Chevy having left of there being an opening. It's worth meeting about anyways and I hope he does come back to finish off the show
The fact that the show only got picked up for 13 episodes leads me to believe that this will be the final season.

I think it may be too soon for that because of the fact that NBC had only renewed two comedies: this and Parks and Rec. Last year, NBC could afford to announce the final seasons of 30 Rock and The Office because of Community and Parks and Rec.
I could see them reuniting at the start of season 5 at Pierce's memorial service (it could also be seen as a big middle finger to Chevy if Dan does come back)
If Dan comes back then I would probably actually tune in for the 5th season. As it stands now, I'm not planning on watching it.
I only started watching about a year ago off my buddies praise. I did a few late night marathons watching it on Hulu plus and absolutely love the show. Happy to hear it'll have one last season now that I can actually enjoy it wind down.
This season wasn't THAT bad. I'll tune in till season 17 if they go that long. Really though I think the shortened season is what really sucks. They tried fitting too much into this season is the main problem

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