The Dark Knight Rises cork-A-Doodle-'Tusi!

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One of the two girls is here!

Edit - cos its a new thread it makes it look like im talking about myself *red yawn face*
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I mean that it must be some kind of rare astronomical event to have one of the two girls back in the Tusi, I think Michael Keaton was still Batman the last time I saw Venus around :hehe:
I think she though we were talking about JGL or something :hehe:
Just watched Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the first ever time. Don't know what to say apart from Awesome and Fillion can do no wrong.
haha did you? i posted it thinking you'd like it... atleast I was right. :woo
Yeah, I liked it. I haven't seen it in years, though.
I finally got around seeing it, not bad. The concept is pretty cool and I love the nice noiresque camera work but that's about it.
I went ahead and bought 2 of the 4 Batman movie adaptation comics on amazon for $10 total...



I still have B89, Returns and Forever. I've never even seen B&R.
i finished season 1 of Breaking Bad last night... I mean it is a good show and all, hopefully the next seasons get better to justify all of you being absolutely in love with it
Season 2 and especially 3 is where everyone falls in love with it. I however fell in love with it ever since the first episode.
I liked it a lot. But theres just such a BrB craze here lol. my cousin told me season 4 is unbelievably crazy.
Season 4 was incredible, once you get to the Crawl Space episode you want Bryan Crasnton to play the Joker.
I however fell in love with it ever since the first episode.

Same here.

The journey from episode one til last weeks has been amazing. The best transformation in any tv show..ever. It can, at times, get quite slow..but it all makes sense in the end. I don't separate seasons..watched them all in one big many amazing moments.

I also think Cranston has the best range of any actor, too.
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