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unstoppable said:
open up wormholes and suck him in,deflect lasers and all that jazz
Open up a wormhole? With what effect? The Surfer easily avoids wormholes on a daily basis. Deflect lasers? The pure unbridled power of the Power Cosmic would lay waste to Mags' shields. There's nothing he can do to win.
ss can manipulate energy matter...but can maggy manipulate the ss? how about strip the silver off of him and blast him. (or do a wolverine on him) maybe magneto would sense the surfer and not allow him to move at top speed. i mean, mags actually recieves his powers from the magnetic fields in earth, so he is kinda on his turf. plus, it says that he can take a blast from galactus, so i think he would handle one from the surfer
- Mags, to my knowledge, has never been shown to be able to take a blast from Galactus. I'm not about to take Wikipedia's word on it.
- Magneto cannot manipulate the Surfer. He's not actually covered in Silver, it just looks like it.
- Not allow him to move at top speed? How exactly?
silver surfer would destroy magneto
I vote Surfer, because of the matter manipulation he could turn mags into a potato... and for some reason that makes me laugh :D Now if it was the Hulk VS SS then it would be different.
hahahaha lol, that's funny "a magnetic potato"
well asuming that surfer was made of a metal (not an earth metal at least) and mags ability to control it. i think he would be able to stop the surfer as he would an incoming bullet to the back.
The Cleric said:
well asuming that surfer was made of a metal (not an earth metal at least) and mags ability to control it. i think he would be able to stop the surfer as he would an incoming bullet to the back.
Who said he's made of metal? He's made of a substance that resembles silver from the outside, but obviously isn't silver.
but he isn't made of a metal
I think that the outer shell isn't magnetic per se, but part of the power cosmic. I imagine the SS could just reverse the magnetics involved to kill magneto.
if the ss wasnt metal, than what the hell is the silver substance made of? skin?
as a matter of fact i saw the issue where the surfer was broken into pieces and auctioned in space.
yeah, or manipulate metal himself
I'm surpised to one mentioned why I thought the hulk could beat SS when mags can't.
whatever it is, it takes full blasts from other cosmic beings and such. i know it isnt silver per se, but it should be in the solid (metallic) components.
The Cleric said:
well kevan i saw it with my own two eyes... twice

You saw the Hulk beat SS twice?
also, maggy can use the magnetic field to apply pressure and cause implosion, like he did against the plastic sentinal.
SS can fly through a sun and not be crushed so a little magnetic pressure can't hurt him that much.
yep... i dont care what people say...1.planet hulk 2. future imperfect (no fight but a broken surf board is enough to make me smile n believe)
what if you strip his "silver off"... would he survive it?
oh the tyrant...if you were gonna post it...try letting people know that u are taking request, and offer an order to whos request comes next. otherwise we would never know you would consider a request.
Well the thing I meant was in Marvel Zombies, the Hulk bit off SS's head :D So that ended that fight there.
i guess if it wasnt in the ultimate universe, id count it.
I think if :

1. Silver Surfer was in a beer enduced stupor,.. in fact passed out .
2. After Partying nonstop for a few months in a cosmic ray - proof bunker miles below the surface.
3. having bed breaking sex with "every" superstrong attractive female in the MU one after another,.. in multiples and even while drinking during this time period with no rest.
4. While powering the North American Continent thru a nipple clip.
5. And Magneto attacked him in the bunker while he was sleeping.

Magneto would have roughly a 15% chance of producing a tie,.. esp if it will allow the surfer to go back to ruining She-hulk for the likes of Hercules or Juggernaut.

This is such a mismatch of power,... Everything Mags can do with effort, SIlver Surfer can do while being involved in a threesome and doing a crossword puzzle based on obscure Gods's of the forgotton Gods of the Marvel Multiverse. just trying to throw some ideas of what mags can do. all you guys going with ss just state the same thing without considering what the opponent can do.

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