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The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG Season III


May 16, 2003
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This is the "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG Season III (the Secret Wars Expansion COMING SOON!), similar to zer00's GTA: Hype City thread (now defunct by Dew a la zer00's request), my World of Heroes: DC Style Season II, and Andrew's Heroes vs. Villains thread (which is no longer up and running) in the Marvel board. This is instead the planet Earth (and the whole galaxy if you'd like) of the Marvel Universe.

GAMEMASTER- batnkevlar
HEAD MOD- Midnight Ice


*You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the Marvel Universe, as long as they:

are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Death. People like Thanos and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel and Galactus are okay, though...

are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as No Cyclops moving planets with his optic blasts, Dazzler defeating Galactus, or Aunt May as Galatus's new Herald...​

*This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such...

*You can reside in an place in the Marvel Universe. YOU CAN ALSO TRAVEL OFF-PLANET...

*Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...

*Don't be killing people without reason. You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Dazzler will lose against Thanos one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...

*If you want to take part in this, just PM me or list your name and character here and I'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve...

*New RP'ers must start playing on Earth unless said so by the Beyonder or by me.

*You can form supervillain gangs, superhero teams, alliances, the works...

*You should have a hideout of some sort, at least in the beginning when your not traveling...

*If you get killed, re-spawn somewhere else like in a hospital or morgue or whatever. Keep playing...

*There can be a number of stories going on at once, using different people...

*Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...

*There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

*People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the last thread...
Dew k. Mosi said:
The game is closed. It will start again and the first person to screw it up will be booted.

*No obscene topics!


Now here are the players and their characters:




Human Torch



Invisible Woman



Electro UK

Mr. Fantastic

Nick Fury​




Keyser Soze


The Question
Count Nefaria



Electro UK


Doc Ock
Dr. Octopus

Baron Zemo


Red Skull





Johnny Blaze



** means that the character is pending. In other words, the rule is that if you don't post in two weeks without prior notice, the character is able to be taken away by whoever wants it...


Screen Name:

Character you would like to play on Earth:


Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Character you would like to play in the Secret Wars:


Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you think you can bring to the RPG:

How many times do you intend on posting A DAY:

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:

*Magneto stood in his cell. Hisjailers would one day be killed for keeping him in here like this. Nick Fury hadn't visited him in a long time. They kept on drugging him, and the power inhibitors were still in his cell, his plastic cell mind you. There was a way to get out of this hellhole. Eric Lensherr would just have to find a way...*
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(OOC:Whoa,Whoa,Whoa,Hold on.....This is the Season III thread,right?Well.....You mentioned we'd get time to develop our characters before the Wars........does that mean I have to post as Logan here first?Or are you making a seperate thread for that?:confused: )
OOC: If you have two characters, play with both of them here until you go to the Secret Wars...
OOC:Good thing I reserved those spots.....:o:up:
OOC: Here's my Blade introduction.


The world is a whirl-wind mix of smoke and never-ending black. I walk through this, not sure where I am walking to, only knowing that where ever it is, it's some where I don't want to be...and yet, I do.

I barely see her through the fog, at first. There is only an outline of her slender form before she steps out of the darkness--like she always does--and I reconize her. The woman who seems to be following me across the world, somehow involved with the monarch we are chasing, and seems to have me frozen in place, sweating bullets.


I'm not sure if her attire would be counted as essentially NUDE, per say, but definately indecent exposure. She presses herself against me and I don't do a thing about it...I can't.

"You want this, admit it," she says, her voice sultry. She gets up on her tip-toes and grazes her tongue on my mouth. It parts from surprise and she shoves her tongue inside my mouth. At this point, any sembelence of sanity leaves me and I grip onto her waist, hoping this sensation never stops...

"We will be arriving to London, England, in 10 minutes, please fasten your seatbelts."

I wake up still in the airplane. I look around and find Logan, Gambit and Johnny in the row next to me. I see Abagail and King climbing out of the bathroom... Oh, Jesus. I remember the dream I was having before I woke up. This is the LAST thing I need.

"I've never had sex across a channel before!" King exclamed. Abagail blushed and looked like he was going to slap King up-side the head. Logan looked disqusted. I was pinching the bridge of my nose, begging for the impending headache to disapear.

As we landed into the airport, I reminded myself what we're doing here. This is where we'll start looking for the new vampire monarch. I have to prep myself for that, and not focus on inane and annoying team-mates or alluring women in my dreams.

I have to keep my focus. I can't be like...them.
OOC:First Season III Logan Post.:up:


Logan took his bag from the conveur belt,and slugged it over his shoulder.

He kept mentally telling himself that he shouldnt be here......But his body wasnt getting the message.

And then,Logan spotted the metal detectors.

"Oh s**t..."He exclaims.

Logan and metal detectors werent exactly the best combination.

He turned towards Blade,as King and Abagail came around the corner,with Gambit trailing behind.

"Uh,Look Bub.....Im gonna need to find an alternate exit."

Blade looked at him.

"Unless you wanna waste more time here.If so,thats fine by me."Logan said,as they got closer to the metal detectors.

(OOC:Uh....we're going through the airport.....right?)

"Sir. You might want to take a look at this."

Colonel Nicholas Fury raised an eyebrow, half annoyed at the interruption, half interested in what his captain had so insisted that he "take a look at". The SHIELD helicarrier had been making a patrol up and down the eastern seaboard, scouting out criminal activity, not making itself an easy target. With so much that had happened in the world recently, the leader of the largest and most powerful international task force in the world was not taking any chances.

" Make this quick captain. I have a world to defend " Fury said, a 1/2 lit cigar hanging from his lip.

The SHIELD officer gestured towards a large multi-screen telemonitor system. " As you know, part of SHIELD protocol is to monitor cosmic systems and extraterrestrial activity, as well as interdimensional activity. Recently, we've been recieving an unknown signature on our scans. SHIELD astrophysicists have been trying to decipher the code but so far have been unable to make any progress. All we can report at this point is that whatever it is, its big. And its getting increasingly stronger as time passes. "

Fury wasn't a scientist. He didnt know what these numbers and figures, radio scans and interspatial radars meant.

He had people to do that for him.

Fury was a warrior, and a leader. It wasn't on him to do the job. It was on him to tell everyone how to do it. He wasnt overly concerned with off-planet threats: he had enough to deal with on his own planet. Nevertheless, Col. Nick Fury wasnt taking any chances.

"Keep monitoring these systems and I want updates on every hour. Contact the Baxter Building asap and send this data to Dr. Richards. We'll need his input on this one." Fury barked, returning back to his chambers.

"Wait, sir. There's more."

Fury turned on his heel to face the captain once again, a scowl across his face, slowly allowing the cigar to fall to floor and crushed under his boot. " And that is?""

"... It's Latveria sir..."

OOC: I thought that might be a good way to introduce the whole secret wars thing... if you want me to batnkevlar, i'll edit it but it would make sense for Fury to know about this.
OOC:First Daredevil Post......Hopefully I can do this right........



Matts senses were acting.......worse,than usual.

It had been two months since He last stepped into the costume of Daredevil,and regardless,He was used to his advanced senses.

He didnt use them nearly as much these days,But he still cherished the gift god had given him..........Especially these days.

He neared the church,ready to do this.

As He sensed the rather large Chruch before him,He began having second thoughts.

As Daredevil,He had done so much good........but He had to sin in order to do that good.

Now that he was more in touch with his spirituality,He wanted to ask forgiveness.

But If he did that.......He could never live down the day he would eventually have to put the mask over his face once again.

He knew the day was coming......He could feel it.

As New York grew,Hell's Kitchen worsened.

They needed a hero........But He wasnt willing to be that hero anymore.

He only quit being Daredevil to catch a break.....to make a difference as Matt Murdock,temporarily...but now that he had gotten used to it.....He actually wanted to spend the rest of his life as Matt Murdock.

Even if it meant living in a world of eternal darkness........and a city without hope.

As he thought of all this,He listened to see if any cars were coming.

After deducing that there werent,He crossed the street.

He was now less than 3 feet away from the steps leading to the church.

Was he going to do this?

Was he really going to throw all of those years He spent fighting crime away,just to have a normal life?

Was he going to let the city around him fall because He wanted to,selfishly,be a regular person?

He contemplated this.........Every answer meant He'd have to suffer in some way,shape,or form.

If He chose yes,Hell's Kitchen would fall,due to his selfishness.

If He chose no,He'd have to walk back into the painful life of a costumed vigilante.

He sat down on the steps,and sat his cane down beside him.

He was going to say a prayer.......Because as much as he was telling himself He didnt need it............He needed it.

OOC:So....first DD post....any thoughts?
((Can I be added to the main list as Northstar? I am on the roster in the OOC thread. Stroyline coming soon))
"I got an idea," I heard Abagail say. I saw her tap one of her knees and I got what she was planning.

"Let's get going," I reply and we head for the metal detectors. First, Blaze went through with no problem. Gambit went next, and the same with King. Logan walked through and immietely the beeping sound came out.

"I don't have anything," Logan replyed to one of the guards standing.

"He does have metal in his leg," Abagail said. "Knee surgery, preety recent." They ran their personal metal dectors around the leg and it confirmed this.

"Alright, we'll allow it." The guard answered and let him through.

The rest of us went through with no problem. Eventually we made it to outside the airport.

"I've taken the liberty to get one of the Nightstalkers here to pick us up to their headquarters here in London," Abagail said, walking over to a black van.

"Hello, Abby, King, you devil you," the driver replied. "Blade, pleasure to meet you," he curtly replied. Apparently my reputation as a hardass is well-traveled. "Who're the other blokes with you?"

"Don't worry, they're with us. They can be trusted," Abagail answered.

"Fair enough, hop in then." We do and we drive out to one of the more decrepted sides of London, to the Nightstalker headquarters...

*Namor, King of Atlantis, sat on his throne. He surveyed his underwater kingdom. All of which he was king, but he needed more. He needed his love. He needed more than just fush and Atlanteans and kelp. He needed to expand his Empire. But first, he shall journey into the belly of the beast and see what becomes...*

“I asked you a question, Titan.”

Thanos took in his surroundings; he was in the belly of the beast, inside the great flagship of the Enslaver. The room was lavishly decorated, fit for a king, and guards lined the edges of the great room. Slaves brought their lord, the Enslaver, foods and wine as he sat lazily on his golden throne, a handful of women from his harem surrounding him.
Thanos had been observing this sector of space for quite some time, and knew that this giant vessel was birthed in this system. He also knew the power which this mothership commanded; it was one of the most fearsome crafts in the entire galaxy. And that power was something the Titan coveted. So, he planned for months and months, thought up strategies upon strategies in order to take this as his own.
Not even an hour ago, his ship, Sanctuary IV, was destroyed by the giant spacecraft in an attack, and the Titan was taken prisoner. He was stripped of his armor and shackled like some peasant, and he was escorted by a throng of heavily armed guards to the throne room. Here he was told he would have an audience with the master of this vessel before being sent to the engine room, where his energy would be siphoned to power the ship.

“Your silence angers me, Thanos. And it be not wise to anger the great Mrrungo-Mu.”

Thanos stared at the giant human for a few seconds more before answering sarcastically, “What did I hope to accomplish by attacking your ship? Surely the great Mrrungo-Mu can construe the answer to that question.”
Thanos smiles deviously, “Unless it is too challenging a query for the Lord Enslaver to grasp?”

Mrrungo-Mu quickly stands to his feet, knocking over a slave girl carrying a tray of fruits in the process, “Do not mock the great Mrrungo-Mu, Titan!”

“Yes, I see that my ridicule is not needed, for clearly you do an excellent job of looking the fool yourself.”

Mrrungo-Mu storms towards the Titan, seething with rage. And, with a wave of his hand, the Titan’s shackles disappear.
“They say you are a powerful foe, Titan, but Mrrungo-Mu be the mightiest one of all! And I shall show you just how powerful I be, before sending you to your doom!”

“Outstanding”, says Thanos as he unloads a cosmic blast at the behemoth of a man. The blast of cosmic energy engulfs the Enslaver and blows around him to destroy his throne as well as send all of the guards and slaves running for their lives. Through it all, Thanos can swear that he hears laughter.
As the smoke clears, Thanos is visibly shocked to see that the Lord Enslaver still stands.
“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Be that the best you can muster, Thanos?”

“Remarkable”, is all Thanos says as he ducks a quick backhanded strike from Mrrungo-Mu. Rising quickly, Thanos catches the Lord Enslaver with a cosmically charged uppercut…that just barely knocks Mrrungo-Mu’s head back.
With lightning reflexes, Mrrungo-Mu grabs hold of Thanos by the throat and pounds on him with his other mighty fist. As he beats on the Titan, the Lord Enslaver laughs, “Hahahaha! Where are your insults now, Thanos?”
With a flick of his large wrist, Mrrungo-Mu sends Thanos flying through the air, crashing through the nearby wall, and landing in the middle of the Lord Enslaver’s harem. Mrrungo-Mu approaches the fallen Titan as the women flees from the room screaming.
“What be wrong, Mighty Thanos? Why do you remain silent?”

Before Thanos can rise to his feet, Mrrungo-Mu blasts Thanos with a focused blast of emerald energy. The blast is so potent in its power that it blows the Titan through the thick metal floor and into the room below.

“Has Mighty Thanos finally learned meekness at the hands of the Mightiest of All?”

Thanos begins to stand, but is soon sent crashing through the ground again as Mrrungo-Mu has leaped on top of him. The massive bulk of the Lord Enslaver on top of him sends Thanos crashing through a dozen floors before coming to a stop with a deafening explosion.

The room they land in is destroyed by the impact, and Mrrungo-Mu picks up the still conscious Titan and wallops him, sending him skipping across the floor.
“You disappoint the great Mrrungo-Mu, Titan. I had heard stories that you were one of the greatest beings in the cosmos. Now I see that it be false. Any last words before the Mighty Mrrungo-Mu finishes you off?”

Thanos calmly stands to his feet, spits out a wad of blood, and wipes his mouth.
“Yes, in fact I do. I see you are a worthy foe, in terms of power, Lord Enslaver. However, intelligent you are not. Myself, on the other hand, well, I pride myself on intelligence.”
Thanos smiles and opens wide. He reaches into his mouth…and pulls out a small signal device hidden in his molars.
“I purposely riled you up to give my minion time to plant the explosives needed to destroy the source of your vaunted power, Mrrungo-Mu…your power plant. You see, Mighty Mu, I did my research on you before hand. I know well of your power source and of your boundless arrogance.”
The tiny light on the device flashes bright red as Thanos finishes his final sentence.
“Speak of the devil. It appears that all is in place”, says a smiling Thanos as he pushes the button.
Mrrungo-Mu leaps to stop the Titan, but he is too late. The mighty ship is rocked by the explosion of the Enslaver’s power plant.

Mrrungo-Mu looks at the Titan as alarms blare throughout the ship. “What have you done, Titan!?”

“Quite simple, even for your feeble mind to grasp. I have stripped you of your unlimited power”, replies Thanos as he tosses away the device.
“Now then, Mighty Mrrungo-Mu”, says Thanos as he steels his visage and charges up with cosmic energy, “let us begin our duel once again.”
As Thanos’ body is surrounded in an aura of cosmic energy, a devious smirk appears on his face, “This time I will not be holding back.”

Originally Posted by Sparta*

"Alright, what are we waiting for?" Warren said to Nate "If Russia is where that foul creature is hiding, then thats where we are going to go" Warren looked at Nate, Cable, and Domino awaiting a response. "Alright kid" Cable said to Warren "You and Nate take to the sky, Shatterstar, Domino and I will follow in our jet. Take these communicators...they will help keep us in touch all the time" Cable said as he gave Archangel and X-man the communicators. He then walked to the jet, Domino by his side, and messaged Shatterstar to join them. "Alright Warren, I guess were going Siberia" Nathan said as the two jumped up through a window in the roof of the building and floated in the sky awaiting Cable and his team.

A few moments later Cables jet rose up from the hangar. Archangel tapped into his communicator "Cable, X-man and I are going to fly ahead...we can get there very shortly, we'll see you guys whenever you arrive" Cable replied "Alright Archangel, Cable out" The two mutants cut through the air at amazingly high speeds. Nathan looked over at Warren and said "I'm so glad I don't have to rely on jets to get me around...just pure old fashioned mutant powers...which i'd take over technology anyday" Warren flashed a smirk at Nathan, and nodded his head "this is the only way to fly". Not much time had passed before the 2 mutants reached Siberia...but when they landed in a town, they noticed something horrible. Farms and homes were burning, and smoke was everywhere. Off in the distance they noticed two small figures...they flew towards the figures, and as they were approaching they realized they were fighting and the figures were mutants...but not just any mutants...it was Colossus and another strange mutant they had never seen before...he was white as death, and had tentacles coming out of his arms. They took cover...minding their time and deciding when to get involved in the fray...first though, they wanted to hear what they were saying.

"You peasant scum!" said the first mutant to Colossus "You dare try and stand against Communism...against mother Russia? You are a traitor, and will be dealt with like a traitor. I will show no mercy to a capitalist lover......or their families!" the mutant said as he outstretched a tentacle and wrapped it around Colossus' sister Illyana who was taking cover behind their burning farm "NOOO!" Colossus screamed. "This is our cue to move!" Warren said to Nate as the two mutants jumped into the air. "Put her down you foul beast" Archangel said as he released a blade from his wing that sliced through the end of the tentacle releasing Illyana. Colossus ran over and grabbed his sister, he told her to run and find cover. "Warren! Am I ever glad to see you my friend...The Russian government has programmed Omega Red to come after every family that they feel is against the communist way...He has taken everything from me, and now he must pay!" Colossus said as he charged at Omega Red. "Wait!" Nate said as Omega Red grabbed Colossus with a tentacle and tossed him through a barn. The barn came crashing down on top of him. Nate picked up a wheel barrow with his mind and launched it at Omega Red. He nailed his target, and Omega Red hit the ground hard. "You imperialists will pay for this" he said picking up two crates, one in each tentacle and launching them at the heroes. The heroes easily dodged the crates and flew towards Omega Red. Archangel stretched out his arms and flew right into Omega Reds chest at full speed. He drilled the mutant into a tree at full force, then flew in the air, and unleashed a flurry of razor blades. The blades sliced through the tree and it came crashing down towards Omega Red. Omega Red dived out of the way of the crashing tree. Nathan looked over to the barn where Colossus was hit, and he watched as Colossus smashed away the debris and ran over again to join the fray.

Archangel was distracted by Colossus for a split second, but that was enough time for Omega red to strike. He wrapped his tentacle around Warrens waist and drained his energy "AARGGHHHHH" Warren screamed as he crashed to the ground unconcious. "Warren!" Colossus screamed as he picked up the fallen tree and swung at Omega Red. Omega red was hit hard and went flying back 10 feet through the air "Your not getting away that easily" Nate said as he suspended Omega Red in the air as he was flying back...and launched him forward towards them again. Omega Red crashed face first into the ground. He appeared to be down for the count but when the 2 heroes went to examine him, he instantly wrapped his tentacles around their legs, spun them in the air and threw them into a tractor. "I am the living embodiment of Russia! Of Communism and our way of life! No one can ever stop me" Omega red said as the heroes lay face down on the ground absorbing the pain from the crippling blow. Omega Red walked over to the mutants and picked Colossus up by the throat "I can understand such folly from these foolish imperialists...but a Russian should know better" Omega Red said as he picked up the tractor with one of his tentacles, tossed Colossus onto the ground and smashed the tractor down on top of him. "No!" Nate said as he unleashed a flurry of Psi Bolts sending Omega Red crashing into a pile of crates. He then lifted up the tractor with his mind and tossed it to the side. Colossus was on the ground unconcious, and he instantly changed from his metal form back into his human form. "He's not going to be much more help for this battle" Nate thought as he flew over towards Omega Red. "You are powerful American...it is to bad you grew up in a flawed society...if you were born in Russia you could have had the pleasure of being by my side" Omega Red said. "The pleasure will still be all mine" Nate said as he mentally picked up two cars and smashed Omega Red in between them. "When will you fools learn?" omega red said as he wrapped a tentacle around Nates neck and lifted him high in the air absorbing enough energy to keep Nate immobile. "If Wolverine couldn't even stop me, what hope do you think you have?" Nate looked at the metal beast as his vision slowly started to fade to black....but before he was knocked out completley he saw 4 blades zip past his face.

The blades cut right into Omega reds Arms. 2 in each arm to be precise, and he flew back towards a tree that was dirctly behind him. The blades cut into his arms and then into the back of the tree pinning him there. Nate was dropped to the ground and was still concious. He looked back to see Warren standing there. Archangel then launched 4 more blades that sliced into Omega Reds legs further pinning him to the tree and rendering him immobile. Omega Red screamed in pain as his tentacles retracted back into his body like a hissing snake. "Your not going to hurt anymore innocent people Omega Red" Warren said slowly walking over to the monster of a man. He brought his wing right up to Omega Reds neck "I should kill you right now..." he said slowly digging his wing into Omega Reds neck "For all the people you've hurt" his wings dig deeper "For all the homes you've destroyed" the wings cut in deeper and deeper until Omega Red starts to bleed "for making these people live in fear!" His wings cut in even deeper. Nate looked on in horror and couldn't believe what he was seeing "What is Warren doing? I've never seen him act like this before...he's losing control of himself...giving in to his rage...I have to stop this before Warren makes a mistake he will never recover from" Nate thought to himself...he immediatley looked at Warren and shouted "STOP" as he launched Archangel back with his mind. Omega Red took several deep breaths as the blood trickled down his neck "Don't ever even think about doing that again Nate, or you might fear the consequences" Warren said as he stared at Nate with a burning hate and rage in his eyes. Nate knew that Warrens rage had taken control and that he wasn't being himself. He had to immobilize Warren until he calmed down. He shut down Warrens mind with the hope that he would be himself when he awoke. Colossus stood up, and returned to his metal form. He walked over to Omega Red and Nate.

"We have to make sure this doesn't happen again" Nate said as he grabbed a large metal chain with his mind and wrapped it tightly around Omega Reds body and the tree. Colossus felt comfortable knowing that Omega red was nailed to the tree and tightly wrapped in a chain, but he had to make sure he wouldn't come back anytime soon. He grabbed the tree from its base and ripped it out...then spun around to gain momentum and launched the tree into a nearby lake. Omega Red slowly sank to the bottom of the lake. "He won't be bothering me, or my family, or any innocent citizens again for a very long time, how can I thank you?" Colossus said. "Archangel and I have been working with Cable and his X-force to discover the location of Apocalypses base...we believe it is around here somewhere. If Apocalypse is allowed to live his threat would be 100 times worse then Omega Reds. His wraith would never stop, and he wouldn't be happy until everyone perished. Will you help us stop this menace before all the world suffers?" Nate said. "I will do what I can to help...because if I don't, I fear there won't be a tomorrow...for anyone" Colossus said shaking Nathans hand...Archangel and Nathan made a new ally.

Originally Posted by Sparta*

"What did you do to him?"
Colossus said to Nate while glancing at Warren who was knocked out on the ground. "I had to shut his mind down...he was giving in to his inner rage and becoming a threat to us all...he seems to have trouble controlling his demons...and I wonder what this confrontation with Apocalypse will do to him. He is already unstable...anything could push him over the edge...we have to be cautious" Nate said. "Agreed comrade...Warren has never been the same since Apocalypse transformed him, but he is still our friend. We have to try and help him as much as we can because it would be hard being in his situation...the constant pain and inner torture....always fighting against someone even when your not in battle...the turmoil would almost be unbearable..." Colossus said looking down at the mutant...he didn't wan't to mention anything to Nate, but he was worried...he hoped that Warren would be able ultimatley destroy his demons when he faced Apocalypse again...becase if he doesn't...he knew they would destroy him. Nathan knew exactly what Colossus had just thought to himself, and he was worried. Nate didn't know Warren as well as Colossus, but he wasn't worried...and had faith in Warren's ability to fight his inner demons, but he began to second guess it now that Colossus was worrying. "It must be torture" Nate said aloud...he was in thought and these words came out distant and shaky. Colossus knew the psychic had read his thoughts "Enough of this, Nathan, bring him back. I can't stand to see my friend like this" Nathan replied "Alright Colossus" and with that Archangel awoke, and looked around. Nathan stood on guard, not aware of what was going to happen when Warren stood up, but when he did he had no ill intentions...infact, Nate wasn't even sure if Warren knew what happened when he gave into his rage. None the less, Warren was back to normal, and that was good enough for him right now. "Wheres Omega Red?" Warren asked Colossus. "He's taking a nap...with the fishes" Colossus responded, nodding his head in the direction of the lake. "It will be a long time before he hurts anyone...thanks to you Warren" Colossus said giving him a friendly punch in the shoulder. "No problem Colossus, anything for a fellow X-man" Archangel said rubbing his shoulder as descretly as possible. Before anyone could say anything else Cable came in over the communicator "Nathan, Warren, come in". "We're here" Nathan replied "Whats your location?". "We are about halfway there, but we need to discuss the plan before we arrive. We have been searching for a weakness in Apocalypse for a very long time, and nothing has come up, he appears to be indestructible and immortal. For what I plan on doing, that is perfectly fine" Cable said with confidence in his voice "We have developed a portable prison that creates bars of immense energy to keep someone captive. Since we can't destroy Apocalypse, we are going to do the next best thing...we are going to trap him in this prison, and rocket him into space. There he will wander around the dark vastness of eternity, never to return...or at least not for a very long time". "Thats all fine and dandy" Warren said "But the containment cell better be incredibly powerful, or he will definatley break out". "It's powerful enough kid, trust me. It will hold Apocalypse for years" Cable said. "For the sake of all life on earth, I hope you are right Cable. This brings us to the second problem...how are we going to get Apocalypse to fall for this?...he is as wise as the ages" Archangel said "Don't worry...you and Nathan go to these coordinates deep in the snowy mountains...Apocalypses temple should be there. We will arrive shortly after to set up the containment cell. You and Nathan have to lure Apocalypse out to the entrance of his temple, then when he steps on the pad, we will activate the containment beams and that monster will be trapped" Cable said. "This is going to be risky" Nathan said "But we didn't come all this way for nothing. We have a job to do" Nate replid. "Alright Cable, we are leaving now, the next time you see us you better be ready, or they'll be hell to pay. Archangel out" Warren said sternly. "Alright, good luck, Cable out" Cable replied as he tapped out of the communications. "This is going to be dangerous comrade" Colossus said looking at Warren. "Apocalypse is no fool". "I know Piotr, that is why we have to be extra careful. We need to have faith in Cable, and his equipment....it is the only chance we have of stopping Apocalypse before he rejuvinates himself to full health for another 500 years" Archangel replied. "Alright then...we know what we have to do...all we gotta do now is get it done" Nathan said as he took to the air, followed by Archangel. He telekinetically lifted Colossus up and brought him with them. They travelled for a long time, getting further and further away from civilization. When they finished travelling through the mountains for a long time Warren noticed something off in the distance with his superhuman vision. He noticed an entrance to a cave. They landed infront of it, and the coordinates matched the ones that Cable gave to them perfectly. They tried to see into the cave, but it was too dark. "Once we are in there is no turning back" Warren said to his two companions. "Are you two willing to give yourselves to the cause if need be? If you aren't then don't bother coming in" Warren said looking at Nathan and Colossus with a strange gleam in his eyes. "I will do what I must" Colossus said. "As will I" Nathan replied. "Good...then let's go" Archangel answered walking into the darkness of the cave followed by his 2 friends.
Originally posted by Sparta*

The cave was long and dark, and was only dimmly lit by the odd torch here and there. They walked for what seemed like ages...Colossus grabbed a torch and held it up close to the wall. There were hieroglyphics all along the wall and roof. They were really old, and hard to make out, but Colossus could see some things he didn't like. He saw images of people, walking over spikes in the ground, images of arrows infront and behind of someone coming down, as well as an image of what seemed like an ancient Apocalypse merging with another person. These images were all very disturbing to colossus. "You can bet Apocalypse has this place booby trapped" Colossus said to Archangel and Nathan. "Of course Apocalypse does, Piotr, that is why we have to be extremly careful. One wrong move, one wrong step and we could be in a lot of trouble" Warren said as he moved forward. Piotr and Nate flashed a glance at eachother and followed directly behind him. They walked down the hallway some more, until they reached a dead end. "We have to find a way to get by here" Nathan said. "there has to be a switch or lever somewhere". "I don't see anything" Colossus said as he took a step back. His foot slowly moved down, as it became evident he released a switch by stepping on it. All of a sudden, a slurry of arrows came down from the roof. Archangel dived on top of Colossus and Nathan, and enclosed the 3 of them around his wings. The arrows were successfully deflected away from the heroes. Archangel slowly released his wings, making sure that every last arrow was launched. The heroes stood their in a moment of disbelief as they saw hundreds of arrows sticking into the walls on their sides. "That was too close" Colossus said to Warren. "There is nothing Apocalypse can do that will keep me away from him! These traps are mere childs play, and the best they will do is delay us" Warren said. "Well, at least this will give Cable enough time to set up the Energy prison at the entrance of the cave for Apocalypse" Nathan said as the door that was once blocking their path was lifted. They continued down the path some more...it was getting progressively darker, with less and less torches lighting their way. As they went further down the tunnel, an uneasy feeling crept over all of them. They were close and they knew it. "I think we are alm-" Colossus's sentence was cut short as the ground gave way under him and he plummeted into a pit with sharp pikes at the bottom. He instantly covered his body in metal, a split second before he hit the pikes. "I have never been happier to be a mutant" Colossus said from the bottom of the pit "now, if one of you comrades would kindly give me a lift..." Colossus said as Nate picked him up telekinetically and put him on the ground infront of him. "That was a little too close for comfort Piotr" Nate said with a smirk. "Don't worry about me little comrade, I am big, and strong, and with skin like mine, it takes more then some spikes to get through me" Colossus said. "Alright, well we're close guys, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel" Warren said as the 3 mutants approached the entrance to the underground temple and tomb of Apocalypse. As they reached the entrance they heard 2 voices, one was Apocalypse, and one was someone they didn't recognize. They peeked in trying not to be seen. The tomb was absolutley massive. It seemed like the whole inside of the mountain was hollowed out to make a giant temple for Apocalypse. The walls were covered with snow, and massive Ice crystals hung from the roof. Then Archangel saw it....the Lazarus chamber. It was a massive coffin shaped machine, and standing beside it was no other then Apocalypse himself...the bringer of destruction and chaos wherever he went...and another person...Deathbird from the Shi'ar empire. "Why would Deathbird be helping Apocalypse" Colossus asked Warren. "I don't know Piotr...but besides what she was lead to believe, Apocalypse is only going to use her for what he needs, and then toss her to the side like yesterdays trash" Warren replied. They listened in as the booming and terrible voice of Apocalypse echoed through the massive chamber "FINALLY, THE TIME HAS COME! MY LAZARUS CHAMBER IS COMPLETE! NO ONE WILL STAND IN MY WAY THIS TIME AS I REJUVINATE MYSELF TO FULL HEALTH AND PREPARE TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO UNTOLD YEARS OF DARKNESS! ALL WILL BOW BEFORE ME, AND BE JUDGED!" Apocalypse said...more so to himself, but also to Deathbird. "Yes my lord" Deathbird replied. "MAKE READY THE LAZARUS CHAMBER DEATHBIRD! YOU WILL BE WITNESS TO A GRAND NEW AGE...A NEW WORLD ORDER...THE ORDER OF APOCALYPSE!" Apocalypse said as Deathbird walked over to the control panel, and turned the machine on. "It is ready my lord" Deathbird said as the hatch opened to the chamber. "We have to destroy that chamber!" Archangel said to Nate and Piotr "Or Apocalypse will be too powerful to contain in the cell...everything depends on it!". "You guys keep Deathbird and Apocalypse off of me, and I will make short work of that Lazarus chamber" Colossus said. "Alright, let's move" Nathan said as the mutants went running and flying into the room at full speed, knowing that it was do or die time. "WHAT IS THIS?? YOU MORTALS DARE CHALLENGE ME?? YOU DARE TO TRY AND PREVENT THE APOCALYPSE? FOOLS!! YOU ARE ONLY DELAYING THE INEVITABLE" Apocalypse said as he turned his hand into a hammer, and pounded Nathan into the wall. "your wrong Apocalypse...and this time, its over for you!" Warren said as he flew by Apocalypse and unleashed a flurry of razor feathers at him. Apocalypse turned his other arm into a shield and blocked all the feathers. "HA HA HA HA HA, YOU ATTEMPT TO DESTROY ME?! YOUR MAKER?? YOU MUST KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH I CREATED YOU, YOU ARE STILL NO MATCH FOR THE MIGHT OF THE APOCALYPSE!" Apocalylpse said as he swatted Archangel to the ground. Archangel hit hard and reeled in pain. Nathan recovered from his hit, and went after Deathbird. He knew Colossus had to destroy the Lazarus chamber without any interruption. Nate picked up Deathbird with his mind and threw her up towards the roof, she hit hard and fell back down, but started flying before hitting the ground. Nate hit her with a barrage of Psi bolts, and she was temporarily down for the count. "Good job comrade" Colossus said as he continued to relentlessly pound the Lazarus chamber. "Anytime Piotr...now to deal with Apocalypse" Nathan said as he approached Apocalypse from behind. Apocalypse was standing over Archangel who had been knocked to the ground. Apocalypse was talking to Warren "YOU FOOL, YOU POOR MISGUIDED PEASANT! I MADE YOU INTO SOMETHING GREAT! SOMETHING SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL! SOMETHING SUPERIOR TO THESE INFIDELS, AND THIS IS HOW YOUR REPAY ME!" Apocalypse said as he turned his hand into a mallet and smashed Archangel in the back as he was trying to get up. Archangel hit the ground again...coughing up some blood. Suddenly Nathan picked Apocalypse up with his mind, and launched him into a giant computer station attached to the wall. He knew it wouldn't do anything to Apocalypse, but at least he knew it would give Archangel enough time to get back up and in the game. He wanted to go to his friend side, but more importantly he had to keep Apocalypse at bay until his friend could get up himself. Apocalypse stood up from the pile of rubble and grabbed Nathan in his grip, he threw Nathan at Colossus, who was pounding away at the Lazarus chamber but wasn't doing any damage to it. Nathan hit Colossus hard and the two fell to the ground. He walked over to the mutants and picked them up, one in each hand and drilled them together. "HAHAHA MORTALS...WILL YOUR FEEBLE SKILLS EVER CEASE TO AMUSE ME?" Apocalypse said as the two mutants writhed in pain. He picked them up once again, and stared at them with such an intense hatred. "I'M AFRAID THIS IS GOING TO BE THE END FOR YOU, MUTANTS, NOW YOU MUST DIE KNOWING THAT YOU FAILED, AND THAT SOON THE WORLD WILL BE DELVED IN ENDLESS DARKNESS BY MY HAND" but before he could deliver the finishing blow Archangel shouted from up above "Your wrong Apocalypse! The end has come but it's not going to be our end!" Archangel said as he flew by a group of gigantic sharp ice crystals hanging from the roof. He cut them with the side of his wing and they plummeted straight down towards the Lazarus Chamber "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Apocalypse screamed as the giant ice crystals crashed into the machine and destroyed it. Everything he had been working for all this time was destroyed...his very life was at risk now that he couldn't rejuvinate himself through the Lazarus chamber....Apocalypse felt something he hadn't felt in centuries...Fear. He dropped Nathan and Colossus and went after Archangel absolutley infuriated as his fear changed into Rage. Archangel immediatley made for the entrance to the tomb, and flew down the long hallway slowly making his way towards the opening of the cave, towards Cable, towards the energy prison, towards his freedom! but Apocalypse was making good speed and was coming up behind him. "I really hope this works...." Archangel thought to himself as he neared the entrance to the cave...
I'm Captain America.

...A bit of a self-rightous name, if you asked me, Steve Rogers, but no one does, so I don't mention it. I keep Rogers locked inside when I'm in the costume, you have to, it's the very nature of the duel idenity. I say "duel" because my civilian idenity is well known now.

Well, time to stop musing, I'm reaching 10,000 feet.

I pull on the release and the parachute launches, picking me back up a few hundred feet before creating a smooth decent.

I'm currently above Saudi-Arabia, freezing in the surprisingly cold dusk air, on a mission authroized by CIA, US Army, and SHIELD. Ever since the Avengers broke up, I've been spending most of my time with either of the three. It's the usual hostage situation--some extremeists grabbing some US citizens and planning to kill them, to prove us "infedels" a point. I'm supposed to sneak in, take out the terrorists, grab the hostages and get the hell out of there to one of the stealth cargo ships SHIELD uses.

If I were asked, I'd say it's a preety maundane thing for someone like Captain America to do what a regular squad of soldiers could. I guess they wanted to prove a point.

"We have a super soldier and you don't. Nyuh nyuh."

Or something like that.

I drop to the ground in a roll and start sneaking towards the terrorist's base. My superiors want to see a show, but I'm the waiting sort of guy.

Some might think because I'm Captain America, I have some pull with these guys. But I don't. When I started working for them again, I was told on the first day by the general of the base I'm currently residing in:

"You think you're such a big shot, being part of the Avengers and all, but let me tell you something: Around here, your ass belongs to me. From this moment on, you're a soldier first, everything else second. You hear me, SOLDIER?"

There they are. There's about a few dozen of the terrorists, and in the corner next to me, are the 15 hostages.

Now's the time for the show to begin.

I leap through the window, seperating the terrorists and the hostages. I get myself in "battle positions," which is preety much the same "bad-ass soldier from hell" look that everyone will show while in battle, which is basically holding your weapon (in my case, shield) at ready and having a REALLY pissed-off look on your face. I'm sure mine is preety intimidating, despite the little wings and the big-ass A on my face.

"Ok, scum. Drop your weapons and I'll just imcompasitate you. Try shooting...not even I want to know."

Of cource, someone does. They ALWAYS do. I grip the shield in my hands, trying to protect the hostages. The bullets bounce off the shield, clipping a few of them. I look around for something to take some of these guys out. I find a big rope-bag filled with boxes above some of these guy's heads. I turn my shield at an arc, getting the bullets to ricoshet off the shield and hit the rope-bag. The bullets cut through the rope and sundenly a dozen of them feel a little bit flatter than before.

Now to pick off the rest.

A few of them already left when I arrived, so I won't worry about them. A few dash towards me and I give them a face-load of shield as their reward.

It's slightly sadistic, but the sound of the vibratum hitting terrorist teeth makes me smile a little inside.

By this point, I'm in the middle of the base, watching the rest try to shoot me. I dodge the best I can (though some of the bullets graze my arms and legs) and then throw the shield at them at an arc. Hitting most of them in either the face or the neck. It flies back to me. Odd, there's supposed to be another...

A hard step on the pavement answers my question and the final terrorist is greeted by a punch in the face.

I walk back to the hostages. They look unphased, but you never know...

"Is everyone okay?" Most nod. "Can you all walk?" They nod again. "Okay then, follow me." I lead them out of the base to the drop off point.

About an hour later, we're greeted by one of SHIELD's cargo planes. Agents step out of the plane and assist the hostages to the plane. I help with some of them until the last hostage is situated on the plane.

Tired from the lack of sleep and just wasting well over 20 terrorists, I lower myself onto the wall of the plane just next to the hostages, letting myself rest.

I hear the obligatary complements from the agents: "Good job, Cap." "You kicked ass and took names, Cap." "You saved some lives today, Cap."

I can't help but think of what my superiors wanted to prove with sending me out there. I try to stop thinking about that and focus on the good of it. I did save some lives today. I should be happy for that.

But sometimes, I can't help but think that that's not enough...
The horrible sounds of the sirens followed the Amazing Spider-man as he swung through the city. 4 patrol cars followed him on the street below, as well as two helicopters behind him.

"Don't you guys ever get tired?" Spider-man muttered to himself.

A simple mugger had caused this chase. Peter Parker had been walking through the city, and spotted a mugger robbing a helpless woman. Peter ducked into an alley and out as Spider-man to take care of him.

The woman called the cops as the known felon came to save her.

"This is all Ock's fault! Ock and Bullseye! And whoever they got to imitate me!" Spider-man raved as he swung in a circle around a building. The helicopters chased him.

"If only I could just lose these guys...I've got to get home!"

Spider-man swung near the wreakage of Times Square, which was under construction.

Ock had blown it all up.

The chase continued and Spider-man passed the fallen Empire State Building.

Ock had done it.

Ock had done horrible things in the past few months, even for him.

"Blast!" Spider-man said as his webline collapsed and he shot another one.

"There we go!" Spider-man muttered to himself as he slung into an open window in a building. "Thank god I kept my clothes in a web sack with me." An empty bathroom...perfect. He changed into Peter Parker and walked out...
OOC: Just to tell you kang604, Nick Fury ties the Marvel Universe together, so we better be seeing a lot of him...

Sabretooth: "Ok follow through with your left! Thats why you keep being taken down is because you don't follow through with you left!"

It been three months sense Micheal was killed and the council put me in charge of training the new Genoshian guards, its been a pain in the a$$ but they're getting better.

Sabretooth: "Ok thats it for today see you tommarow."

I turn and leave the room and head out to the courtyard where a monument dedicated to Micheal is being erected. Its been a hectic couple of months but the coucil has been keeping everything on track. I can't believe everyone is still trusting me, I thought after Micheal was killed they would kick me, Joan and Alice out of Genosha but Paster Ryan stuck up for me. I still get a few scared glances every once in while but I can ignore that. I hear someone calling my name and I turn around to see Joan running up to me.

Sabretooth: "Whats wrong?"

Joan: "The coucil wants to see you, they told me it was important."

GALACTUS was growing hungry. However, this planet would provide ample sustainance for quite some time. He was in a far off section of the milky way galaxy, destroying cultures that couldn't possibly understand the vast importance of his survival, the quenching of his hunger. It would not be long now, they would all be dead, and he would be sustained for some time.
The blinding light began to subside. Clint Barton rubbed his eyes, his surroundings coming into focus. He was in New York City, in front of Avengers Mansion, a burnt-out hulk of what it used to be. Beside it a new building was going up, which was beginning to ressemble his old headquarters.

"What is going on here?"

Hawkeye looked around. Times Square was in the distance. Except, it wasn't. The area was now a vast, open space with road blocks set up around the perimeter. The Empire State Building was also missing from the New York skyline.

"Why am I here?"

Hawkeye continued toward the new mansion


"Lookin' great, hun."

"Yeah, I am pretty good lookin'," Johnny Storm smiled, putting his arm around the beatiful red-head at his side.

"I meant the mansion, but you're not too bad yourself," Frankie Raye-Storm replied. "When's it gonna be done?"

"Few more days, then we start outfitting it."

Stark Industry employees bustled around the scene, as several other Avengers stood watching their new headquarters go up. Hank And Janet Pym joined Johnny and Frankie.

"I really missed this place."

"What the hell is going on here?" came a voice from behind. Johnny turned to see who was talking.

"Jesus Christ! Clint!"
"Hawkeye, where have you been?"

"Heaven, I think, and I was having a pretty good time. No wars, not super powered nut jobs, an endless supply of arrows, and a fresh target everyday, with some picture of a bald guy on it. Still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, next thing I know, I'm back here. Looks like you guys had some fun while ol' Clint was gone," Hawkeye motioned towards Times Square. "But you still haven't answered my question, Storm. What's going on?"

"We're putting the Avengers back together."

"Back together?"

Johnny took a deep breathe.

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"Grabbing a Kree and flying toward the ship."

"You don't know who attacked the Avengers that day?"

"No, but when I find out, I have an arrow with their name on it."

"It was Wanda."

"Oh," Hawkeye was silent. "Damn. Why?"

"She lost control. It's a long story, but after she was taken down, the Avengers disbanded. It's been a year now, and I thought the world needed the Avengers again."

"Is Wanda dead?"

"No, she's with us. She's getting better, I think she'll get over this episode just fine."

"Who's leading the Avengers now?"

"I am, until I can find Captain America. Then I'll step down to just regular membership, and then maybe to reserves."

Hawkeye didn't say much. He sighed heavily, looking up at the sky.

"This is a lot to take in. Guy's dead for God knows how long, and then he comes back only to learn one of his best friends killed him, and the Fantastic Four's junior member has taken control of the World's Greatest."

"Lot's happened in a year, Clint. I wouldn't go running my mouth now if I were you."

"Yeah, you know all about being nice and calm, don't you?"

"Will you two stop?!" Frankie yelled.

"Weren't you dead?"

"She came back. Weird, huh? Listen Clint, it's good to see you, and we have a lot to talk about. But right now, I just need to know one thing. Do you want back in the Avengers?"

"The Avengers are the only real family I ever had. I'm in."

Before Johnny could reply, his commlink buzzed.

"Johnny, Frankie. I need you two back at the Baxter Building now."

"Something wrong with the babies?"

"No. S.H.I.E.L.D. satelites have picked up a disturbance in space. Fury wants us on it."

"OK, little hic-up in space. No biggie, right?"

"There's more. Something's happening in Latveria."

Johnny's fists clenched together.

"Be home in five," he said as he and Frankie flamed on and took off toward the Baxter Building.

Hawkeye turned to Yellowjacket.

"He has kids?!"

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