cuz ya love those vs threads

The Cleric said:
well this isnt an ongoing vs thread, supermarvelman. i just wanted to know what ya thought about the mag n ss match so if ya want to see another match, ask sparta or do it urself.

Well this thread is going so why cant I post a request in here

Bullseye vs Hawkeye
DareDevil vs Banshee
so...i guess it's ok to post another fight....anyone?
i dont know... i dont want to be associated with other matches. if you want start another thread
Harlekin said:
Odd, considering this match is Mags vs Silver Surfer. You all obviously have no idea of what he's capable of. When you all start seeing the light, call me.
Don't even waste anymore of your time with this
Magneto wins, He once survived an attack from Waldy The Wanderer. NUFF SAID
Wizard did a comic people crossover fight with thor, superman, flash, spawn, Silver surfer, hulk and a few others and the surfer came out on top of all of them. I mean these guys know thier comcis and SS beat all of them :D It's a good read either way.
who would win in a fight bewtween penny crayon (you know, the girl with a crayon that brings everything she draws to life) vs green lantern

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