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DBZ live action movie

The Scarecrow.

Apr 18, 2003
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I was at my doctor's office when I read I the DBZ magazine that they are makeing a live action movie of the frezia saga. So I want to know what you think about that, and who could be the cast.

I've herd Vin Deisel as Frezia

I mean, I had a sneaking suspicion that they might be doing this after reading the 10,000 other threads regarding who will/should be cast in the DBZ movie, but, man, this just blows me away!

Vegata will be played by Jet Li...

I dunno though. It probally be like Matrix Effects
Originally posted by Psycho Hulk
Oh be nice!

I second that, especially if he's not a Die hard Fan.. it's not like he's going to know.
Originally posted by Captain America
I second that, especially if he's not a Die hard Fan.. it's not like he's going to know.

It's more of a problem of people not reading what topics are already on the forum before they post. It's like people who ask questions before they read the FAQ, which nine times out of ten already answers the question.
Yeah, tell us the Magazine! Did they say anything about certain Actors or On Scene shots? We need info here!
It was the DBZ magazine I read the artical in All it said is the they script was done and it would probably be the Freizia saga or the sayan saga with Vegeta and Napa,but you must under stand that this will be one of the most kept under raps films of all time.

The rumors are Jet Li as Vegeta And Vin Diesel as Freizia
Jet Li......as Vegeta?!?........

*shoots himself*
Originally posted by JINoside
Jet Li......as Vegeta?!?........

*shoots himself*

No need for melodramatics? Names a lot worse could be thrown around.
Originally posted by WallCrawl
No need for melodramatics? Names a lot worse could be thrown around.

What the hell??:eek: You said the same thing to Captain America(the poster) for the same situation:D:D........

*shoots the head this time*

If I had it my way the movies go like this :

DB 1: a 15 year old Goku (12 years old would be too young methinks) who lived in the woods all his life and taught matial arts by his late adoptive grandfather Gohan, who left him his sacred possession to him, his 4 star dragonball. An 18 year old Bulma is searching for the 7 dragonballs to wish for the perfect man. Her search leads to Goku, whom she convinces to come along with her. Meanwhile the incompitant emperor Pilaf also has plans for these balls, to rule the world. Goku and Bulma's search leads them to Gohan's former master, Kammesin Roshi. Roshi has another dragonball. He tells them the tale of when he was a young man, he defeated an evil demon. This demon's name was Piccolo, the evil half of Kami, the guardian of the earth. He used a powerfull technique called the Kamehameha Wave to imprison Piccolo in a sacred jar. As a reward, Kami gave roshi 3 Dragonballs, which Roshi gave one to Gohan and the other to his other student The Ox King. Roshi tells them about a martial art's tournament, which the Ox King is holding. The prize is his Dragonball. Roshi see's potential in Goku, so he decide's to train him along with his other student Krillin. After months of rigorous training they are ready to enter the tounament. Goku manages to make it past opponents Yamch and Tien. Krillen defeats Chou-Tsu, but is eliminated by Tien. In the last round Goku faces the Ox-King's daughter Chi-chi. She puts up quite a fight, but the fight is interrupted by Emperor Pilaf who has an announcement to make. He know's that all of the 7 dragonballs are there and that he wants them to hand them over, or he will release the demon piccolo. No one believes him, but he proves them wrong by releasing the demon king. He commands Piccolo to get him the 7 balls but Piccolo takes orders from no one. He kills Pilaf, Krillin, Chou-Tsu and takes the Seven Dragonballs and summons the dragon Shen Ron and wishes to restore his youth and strength. He then kills shen-ron and heads to Kami's look out tower were he imprison's Kami and his servant Mr. Popo in the jar. The Ox-King gives Goku the sacred flying Nimbus. Goku, Tien and Yamcha head to Kami's tower and confront the demon king. They put up a good fight but are beaten to near death. The fight ends up back on earth where it is now nightime and a full moon at that. Goku, catching his first ever glimpse of a full moon transforms into a giant monkey creature and nearly destroys Piccolo. However, piccolo cuts off goku's tail which reduces him back to his normal self. Chi Chi interfere's but Piccolo kills her too. Goku in full rage unleasehes the mighty Kamehameha wave which puts a whole through Piccolo's chest, killing him. However, before his death, Piccolo spits out an egg, which hatches and a new piccolo is born. Goku, who is too weak to fight, let's him walk away, then passes out. When Goku comes to, he finds himself on Kami's tower, where Kami has been freed by Yamcha and Tien. Kami tells him he can create a new dragon and they use the DB's to ressurect the victims of piccolo. Everyone lives happily ever after (for now). Bulma leaves with her new boyfriend Yamcha and Goku leaves with his new girlfriend Chi-Chi.

Stay tuned for my post for DB2.
Nothing has been confirmed in the cast section yet, but Jet Li has probably been the most talked about in the parts of Goku or Vegeta.
This however HAS been confirmed at www.dragonballz.com.
Fox has the rights and are doing at least three films about 3-4 hours long each. Filming will begin in June or August 2004 and the first film (the Saiyajin saga) will be out in Spring 2005.
um Acro, none of that has been confirmed, if you read the article correctly, it is information sent in from a fan..

from a fan site.. i've read that fan site. .and at the bottom of the post it says "None of this Information is Confirmed"

so no nothing is confirmed

but riddle me this... why is the official news for DBZ... DBZ.com the people who make it... getting rumors from fan sites??

wouldn't they be the ones getting all the official scoops.. to me.. if the official site has to look around for rumors... something is definatly wrong
Originally posted by JINoside
What the hell??:eek: You said the same thing to Captain America(the poster) for the same situation:D:D........

*shoots the head this time*


THat's because you did the exactly same thing! So you get the exactly same response! :p
Originally posted by blind_fury
donnie darko as gohan.

In that mag I read(the DBZone) They had Keenu reeves as a teenage gohan. Although, Like it was already stated. The names and pics in the DBZ mag, where not official! I just figured I say this...
I still wish this movie was done in all CGI. I would feel so much better. But if they can make it work. be my Guest!!!
Of course they can make it work.
You have to look beyond the anime and see how it could look IRL. Waht changes you have to make to make it look cool and such. Gokus hair for example will probably not look the way it does in the anime and that´s a good thing! Imagine a real actor with hair like that. It looks cool in the anime, but that´s because the rest of the characters face, limbs and general anatomy is incorrect to a normal humans. So when dealing with a live action movie you have to look past that.
X-MEN would have sucked if everyone had the colourful spandex costumes as they do in the comic in the film, wouldn´t it?
Such changes must be done in DB too to make it work.
And all the CGI will probably make it a worthy competator to both The Matrix and Spiderman 2
*Has horrible flashbacks of the Streetfighter movie*

The Pain...the Agony....
With the cast, I think they should pick some lesser known actors, they would be cheaper and the rest of the movie (sets, special effects, ect) would have more moeny put into it. With all the attacks, settings and characters in Dragonball Z, it will need a good budget and they can save the budget with cheaper actors who are trying to get their name into the industry. I mean, for the Saiya-jin saga alone they need...

Son Goku
Son Gohan
Chi Chi
The Earth Kami
North Kaio
A model for the CGI King Emma
A model for the CGI Saibamen
And a bunch of extra's (possibly including the farmer)
Plus, if they did an opening scene featuring Goku's orgin they would need an actor for Bardock.

And don't even get me started on the Furiza saga. I guess less improtant characters can be cut out (Choatzu is useless by the time Z begins, someone else could get the sword instead of Yajirobe) for the Saiya-jin saga, and god knows how many could be removed from the Furiza saga (can you say Dodoria?)
Originally posted by Psycho Hulk
*Has horrible flashbacks of the Streetfighter movie*

The Pain...the Agony....
The Streetfighter movie or Power Ranger movie, is exactly what this hunk of 'Dragon Ball Z' junk is going to be, if they are stupid enough to put it on screen. Hell, not even the Pokemon fans supported its movie. MORE MINDLESS ACTION. It's a flop waiting to happen.

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