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Dead Space Casting Thread(movie)

the last son

Aug 23, 2012
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I would love to see this game turned into a movie. Make it like the 1982 tThe Thing on a spaceship and with just a tad bit more action. But, make it more suspenseful than action. A real struggle to watching Issac survive.

Issac Clarke. My first thought of who I pictured playing him was Christian Bale but a friend told me he did not like this choice. My second choice would have to be James Franco.

Just wondering if you all also think this game would make a great sci-fi/horror/action movie and what it should be about and who should be cast.
I think it would make a great film because it pretty much already has been. Take one part Aliens and one part The Thing and boom, ya have Dead Space. That was actually my criticism of the first game. It felt like I had seen it and done it all before.
The actor who plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead looks quite a bit like Issac.
I think both Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick) or James Franco are really good choices. Franco has that sort of every man charm about him that comes across a lot in Dead Space 2.
I would love to see a Dead Space movie. I'm not sure who would direct, perhaps Guillermo Del Toro? I think Ben Foster would make for a good Isaac Clarke as well.

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