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Post some ideas for how you would handle a sequel to SR:

My ideal sequel would feature Brainiac and Darkseid. (see JL episode "Twillight")

Its likely Brainiac will be hinted towards the end of SR like Joker was in Begins. He could be a supercomputer that landed on Earth in 78 from Vril Dox (around the same time as Clark). He merged with Milton Fine and over the past decades has been amassing knowledge....he can corrupt and assimilate technological and biological systems.

I want the movie to center around Superman's quest to rescue another Kryptonian when he realizes there may have been one more survived, frozen in stasis for 30 years. Darkseid has possession of this person on the wartorn Apokalips and as Superman plans to do whatever it takes to save his person, Darksied is planning a fullscale invasion of Apokolips' neighboring planet, New Genesis.

Brainiac takes over control of all of Lexcorp's weapons and arsenal; missles, mecha, assult tech etc and theres a war for the domination of Earth. Richard White (now Lois' husband) is killed when the Lexcorp building explodes, reminiscent of the WTC. Superman was in space piloting his ship in search of the other kryptonian (STAS style), tracing her signal and coming very close to locating her, during the attack and arrived too late. He learns a tragic lesson that as much as he wants to be there to save everyone, he cant...he has limitations.

Superman wants to be there for Lois and her son in this dark time and this may be the only chance for him to repair his relationship with her, but he knows he cant...the world needs him. Hes forced to face the reality that if he leaves her again, especially now, he'll never get another chance to be with her again.

In addition to trying to avert a massive war for domination of the human race (Brainiac), Superman must travel far into deep space to save this other survivor of Krypton from Darkseid's evil grasp. He must save the last daughter of Krypton, a young child (about 12) named Kara Zor-El, his biological cousin. She obviously doesnt become Supergirl in this movie (not for some years) but shes the element that Superman puts everything on the line to save, including his relationship with Lois and with humanity, .....and he doesnt even know if this Kryptonian girl really exists or a deception by Darkseid to lure him away from Earth..

But she exists....and is in great peril.

With the planet New Genesis (full of innocent lives) also on the verge of destruction at the hands of Darkseid's Apokolips....Superman must save 2 worlds; New Genesis (A utopia that reminds him of what Krypton would have been like) and Earth. Can he? Or will he have to make the ultimate decision between them of which to save at the expense of billions of innocent lives being lost. Will the outcome of this final act mirror the tragedy earlier in the movie where Superman couldnt save Richard and the people in the Lexcorp tower?

Is this mysterious Kryptonian child that Superman seeks the key to saving both worlds and unlocking the Kryptonian secrets to Superman's Birthright?

This idea humanizes Superman again, forcing him to make important choices (Singer style) and then adds an outworldy element that takes Superman out of the confines of Earth and into the endless reaches of deep space (my own vision). The story of the New Gods (Apokalips/New Genesis wars) could be told through a origins flashback introducing the backstory (similar to STAS who were succesfully able to deal with the New God story and Darkseid in a 2 part episode). This movie will feature Brainiac's first appearance, but not his last.......After Fine's body is destroyed, the Brainiac computer will leave a trace of itself in Lex (who will be unaware of it). This element of Brainiac will re-awaken in the next film. It may subtly control some of Lex's actions; driving him to attempt to attain a position of power over the humans (US presidency) where Brainiac could get access to all US military, tech and defense knowledge.

I'd cast Hugo Weaving (V for Vendetta) as Milton Fine and Micheal Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) as Darkseid (he has the voice).

I'm hoping for something like this:

Brainiac is the villain. He's a robot and they could maybe mix him abit with metallo and have his powersource be kryptonite?
He should also team-up with Luthor somehow.

My idea would be to have Luthor's company find him in a floating space-ship or something from Krypton and then take him back to Earth. Then Lex discovers his origin and tells him about Superman. They make a plan which Brainiac ultimately betrays. He tries to kill Luthor and goes after Supes himself. Luthor survives and since he is his usual arrogant self he can't stand somebody else killing Superman. Therefore he is forced to help Superman shut down Brainiac who has taken control of the worlds military through satellites.

Meanwhile Lois is on a search for Luthor to track down his location aswell as trying to be a mother to the kid. I would like to have Richard get killed in Returns so that we have a happy ending with Superman, Lois and the kid (no matter if he's Richard's, adopted or Superman's). In the end Lois finally thinks she has Luthor, but when he helps Superman defeat Brainiac he also manages to set himself up as a "hero" and he becomes untouchable.
If Richard gets killed in Returns, the ending to Returns would be pretty depressing and dark. Lois, Clark and the Kid (Jason) will all be depressed and mournful of the loss.
Crisis Superman said:
If Richard gets killed in Returns, the ending to Returns would be pretty depressing and dark. Lois, Clark and the Kid (Jason) will all be depressed and mournful of the loss.

Yeah, but if the kid is his and Lois', which it seems to be, then that's the only thing I can see happen if they're going to reunite Lois and Superman. Of course if the kid is his from another marriage or Superman's it wouldn't be as big of a problem.

He doesn't have to die a "tragic" death either. He could do something heroic to save Lois or Superman and die because of that. You couldn't restart Superman and Lois relationship directly after that of course, but him getting killed doesn't automatically mean the movie should have a depressing/dark ending.

I'm just hoping that they somehow end the movie with a happy reunion and restart of the relationship between Lois and Superman. With or without the kid.

A Superman movie should have a happy ending.
If Richard dies, I think it would be too soon for Superman to move in. Honestly Superman Returns should end with a resolution where Superman and Lois finally put the past behind them. Superman, seeing how happy Lois is with her new family, lets her be and says he'll always be there for her, but they wont be together. In the sequel, upon Richard's death, he would try to be there for her in that dark time...

I dont think they should officially get back together till the third movie, where some time has passed. I dont believe the kid is Supermans anyways, it seems more like Lois and Richard's biological child.
Twlight worked as an episode because Brainiac and Darkseid's character were already introduced in STAS, in a movie it wouldn't work because it take too much time to introduce to major characters like Brainiac and Darksied in the same movie.
Well like I said. Brainiac is hinted in Returns and fully introduced in the sequel...but not fully resolved, he could return in the next film. (About as much focus as Scarecrow in Begins)

Darkseid is introduced in this also, his backstory told through a similar flashback sequence as done in 'Apokalips Now' (about as much focus as Ducard/Ras A Gual in Begins).

It could work and I personally want Brainiac to continue in future films (in his different forms) which is why Id rather not have an entire film focus on him and end it. I'd rather have him grow as a greater and greater treat overtime and evolve.
yeah i like the idea with aliens coming to town and wreaking havoc with brainiac in the backround with some big master plan and luthors his little helper. finale is a super battle with aliens.
Crisis Superman said:
Well like I said. Brainiac is hinted in Returns and fully introduced in the sequel...but not fully resolved, he could return in the next film. (About as much focus as Scarecrow in Begins)

Darkseid is introduced in this also, his backstory told through a similar flashback sequence as done in 'Apokalips Now' (about as much focus as Ducard/Ras A Gual in Begins).

It could work and I personally want Brainiac to continue in future films (in his different forms) which is why Id rather not have an entire film focus on him and end it. I'd rather have him grow as a greater and greater treat overtime and evolve.

Darkseid should have his own movie, he deserves that much. Please frankly I think its insulting to Darkseid to reduce him to a mere Superman rogue, he should a group threat, a JLA level villain at least. Again both brainiac and Darkseid are epic threats, putting two epic threats in one movie would not work there wouldn't be enough time to develop both of them.
This is Darkseid's movie though. Brainiac is just a side villian (like Scarecrow in Begins) but he doesnt end in this movie. He returns in the next, in a new form....thats why it isnt necessary to give him complete and total focus here. He may not even be revealed as Brainiac yet, its more of a setup. The power goes out, Lexcorps weapon systems out of control, armegeddon and an unknown mysterious cause at the root of it all.

Id prefer him returning in a new form in the following movie and growing as a greater threat over time, thats his nature.

And Darkseid was introduced as a regular Superman villian in 'Apokalips Now' so we know its still interesting if he goes head to head with the Man of Steel. It doesnt need to be a JLA movie to use him, I doubt we'll ever even seen one at the rate were going.

Despite that Superman (Brandon Routh) needs to interact with the following pivitol comic book characters before the franchaise is dead;

- Luthor (done)

- Brainiac

- Batman (WF movie someday hopefully)

- Darkseid

Theyre all the most intergrated superheros/villians to the Superman.
Some good ideas posted. I really like the idea of Michael Clarke Duncan as Darkseid. That would be inspired casting.

A few thoughts...I think it would be cool if Richard White lived, and that really forced Lois to make a choice between him and Clark/Supes. And Supes would have to deal with the prospect of his personal desires competing with his personal sense of honor and decency. Is he really ready to break up a family? Can he really let Lois walk out of his life or be with another man?

I think the mysterious absence, and gap between Superman 2 and Superman Returns could perhaps be a way to work Darkseid in there. Perhaps Superman was called away to deal with an intergalactic threat. Either Darkseid or Mongul. I'm leaning toward Darkseid though.

Kandor is more than a city in this version. It is a colony, the survivors of a long lost Kryptonian expedition. In reality, they were attacked and enslaved by Darkseid. When they eventually rebel and send out a signal for other Kryptonians to help, Superman gets the signal and leaves for Apokolips.

After helping the lost Kryptonians and helping them settle on a new planet he returns to Earth. Superman was a little deceptive about how he gained his powers. He doesn't want the others to come to Earth or be tempted to. But he does spend some time with them, learning what he can.

He also meets his "cousin", a distant relation Kara Zor-El. Once he is sure the Kryptonians/Kandor can defend itself against Darkseid, Superman returns to Earth. As a gift, the Kryptonians give him Brainiac-well, a part of the AI system that they had used to educate their children before Darkseid. At the time it won't have a name. They were able to recover it when they rebelled and Superman helped them.

Darkseid has corrupted the program though. It is now programmed to study organic life in terms to learn how to defeat and eradicate it. It believes organic life is an impediment. Maybe Darkseid has also programmed it to connect with Kryptonian/Kandor defense, navigation, etc. networks to weaken them or have them turn against the people and help him enslave them again, or get revenge.

Superman takes the AI cube back to Earth and places it in his Fortress of Solitude. It begins to slowly take over the computer systems there, where it learns about the destruction of Krypton, which it blames on the Kryptonians. It also learns about Earth and its pollution, population, and other problems. It begins to slowly spread its tentacles into Earth's other computers. It also contacts Darkseid. He plans for an Apokolips invasion that will be in the third movie.

Second movie...Starts with Superman taking out Titano. Luthor hires and helps build Metallo, with a kryptonite heart-to take out the Man of Steel. Metallo combines cruelty, cunning, and bionic strength to push Superman to his limits. He almost succeeds in defeating him when JaxOr and Mala intervene. They are not as strong as Superman, but the three of them help take him out.

JaxOr, Mala, and several others from Kandor have followed Superman, after becoming curious about where he goes. Only wanted to sate curiosity, help him, etc. Really, JaxOr, etc. are on the run from the Kandor authorities. As their powers increase they realize that Supes has been holding out on them. They also have designs on taking over Earth. So, my Supes Returns 2 would be similar to Superman II, with some STAS thrown in.

Supes Returns 3 would deal with Darkseid and Brainiac teaming up to take out Earth and Supes with an invasion from Apokolips. They are even able to take over Superman's body or mind for a moment. It pits Kara Zor-El against Supes.

Supes Returns 4 would deal with Cadmus. Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett, or CCH Pounder) team up with recently released Luthor to develop contingency plans against the Man of Steel. Chief among them is Doomsday. Luthor betrays Cadmus and awakens, releases the creature early. A great deal of the movie would deal with Supes trying everything to take Doomsday out. Cadmus tries to help and even Luthor realizes what a mistake it was.
Sounds pretty good, maybe you should make a fan film. It won't be as spectaculiar as other Super hero movies, but it could be cool to see.
In the 2nd movie, it is revealed that there are many survivors of Krypton, including Zod and Klax-Ur. The two of them are released by Lex Luthor when he releases a missile into space, and it accidentally hits the Phantom Zone. Richard and Jason leave Lois and Metropolis, when he realizes she still has feelings for Clark. Lois is depressed about this, and Clark tries to be the good friend. Lex finds out about the aliens, but this time, he doesn’t want to join with them. He wants to destroy them, so the world will see him as the hero. The kryptonians take Lois to the FOS, along with Lex again. He has a gun with him, with six kryptonite bullets in it. After an array of superpowers, the battle of the three kryptonians has almost come to an end, when Jax-Or throws Clark into the red sun ray chamber. Before the process is done, Lex fires at the 2 baddies, killing them. He also aims for Superman. He is about to shoot him when he realizes something. Lex Luthor saved the world, he saved Superman. He puts the gun down, and tells Superman he is on his side. Superman is hesitant, but believes him a little bit. Superman takes Lex back to Metropolis, and tells him he’s watching him. Back at the FOS, Clark and Lois have a long talk. She wants to be with him, but knows there is a risk. Clark tells her he doesn’t love her, so she will forget about him. The next day, the headline reads:
“Lex Luthor saves the Man of Steel form aliens” “Lex Luthor saves the world” and so on. Clark and Lois are upset by this, and Clark walks over to talk to Lois about it, but she walks away. At the end, Lex is looking at a crystal, and it is speaking to him. “I am Vril Dox, and I need your help” “If I help you, you must help me as well” “Anything”
“I want to be the one who kills Superman, but I want it to look like he is an alien who wants to destroy the world” “Sure thing” Clark is at the FOS, and ponders his life. He has flashbacks of him and Lois at the DP, at the FOS, in her apartment,etc.
He then looks at the chamber. He steps into it, and it closes. Fade out.
I'd like Brainiac to be like in the cartoon and be a reason for the destruction of Krypton. He'd be going from planet to planet doing a Galactus type thing, like in STAS, and eventually come to Earth, where his crashed ship is intercepted by Lex and he tries using it to his advantage. Brainiac is basically let lose on the city stealing technology to rebuild his ship. Eventually, SUperman would destroy Brainiac, and Brainiac would bond himself with Lex like in JLU. Then the ultimate showdown. Like the final Neo vs. Smith except with a less confusing ending.
Seriously, someone should make a fan-film. And not like thatone I saw a few months ago where Batman was fat, and Clark was too bulk. With special effects, we could do pretty good. None of us are millionaires, I don't think, but we should be able to make something cool.
it can be done... actually there are some kids that made a BB sequal that was not bad.... i give them props
i do have my own story, but it's not SR related...
part 1

Well, In my storyline, There are hundreds of universes, and after Superman's earth from the comics exploded from an unknown reason, Superman becomes obligated to find out what caused it to happen. During his search, he finds a small group of Kryptonian scientists who didn't believe in the same issues that rest of Krypton did. As a result, they were banned from Krypton. They found a new planet and created a "new Krypton" so to speak. Kal-el learns from them and also learns about the many universes. At an attempt to find out what destroyed his earth, he travlels from universe to universe to learn what happened. In his travels, he gains knowledge as well as power. By the time he gets to our universe, his quest for knowledge has made him forget about his adopted world's destruction. After seeing so many universes and different Supermen, Kal-El expected good things from our universe. Turns out he was wrong...

In our universe, Krypton did not explode, but survived the green death. In the aftermath, our Krypton became self indulgent, arrogant, and down right snobby of themselves. Kal-El turns his back to this Krypton and makes his way towards our Earth. Picking up radio and television signals on his way towards Earth, Kal-El becomes saddened, and decides to pick someone from our Earth to become Superman.

Eventually, Kal-El finds out that it was the Anti Monitor that destroyed his home, and all the Supermen that he meets travel to our Krypton, which is where he was festering... in the hearts, minds, and planet of Krypton. All the Supermen fight and give their lives, and at the end it's the original Superman, Kal-El, now more powerful than Superman Prime versus the Anti-Monitor, the biggest fight of all the universes. The fight ends with one huge explosive bang with our Krypton finally exploding with another Kal-El being sent to Earth. The universes collide around the pod and a new universe and Earth is born as the last Kal-El heads to our Earth, as the Kal-El from the comics returns to his universe and his reformed earth.

By the way, it was the Anti-Monitor that destroyed his Earth. When the Anti-Monitor was destroyed, Everything restarted, and all the destruction that the Anti-Monitor caused was repaired.
I'm confused by reading it. It just started over? Was our earth destroyed, because it says it blew up, and then he returns to it. And a second Kal-El comes to Earth, with the current one from our Earth returning as well?
in the story, our earth remains and the new born Kal-El is finally launched from Krypton, as history says it should of. The presence of the Anti-Monitror in our time was not only messing with the DC Comic Superman's universe, but ours as well. Since The Anti-Monitor now existed in our universe, our Earth (not really ours, just a universe without a Superman) is more dark, more dangerous, and hope is something not seen much on the Earth. I tried to tie in the phrase "Truth, Justice, and Hope" into my story because IMO it has more meaning and truth than "American Way".

Our Earth still remains, because all of history begins with Earth and ends with it. Superman from the DC universe returns to his Earth because now it has been restored to the way it was before it was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. During his search for knowledge, he meets a being that had the power to start the universe over again. Superman was able to make a deal with the being because the being saw that Superman's intentions were pure.
My idea would be to have Brainiac and Lex Luthor team up.Brainiac breaks Lex out of jail wishing to use his brain and other assets to help create a computer virus to send the world back into the Dark Ages and then we come to find out Brainiac saved the man who becomes Metallo and made him who he is known to be,a cyborg.Brainiac uses this technology from Metallo to create a huge cyborg army which he will use after the virus is sent out to take over the world.
Lex is all for this plan,but mentions that they must deal with Superman before they could do this.Brainiac listens to this and tries to recreate Kryptonite,but it turns out as Red Kryptonite(in the comics this synthetic stuff takes away his powers).They send out Metallo to draw out Superman,and Superman chase Metallo all over Metropolis as he exploit's Superman's weakness for humans.Eventually they end up on a city street and fight.Metallo pulls ot the Red Kryptonite and punches Superman with it,Superman loses his powers and gets destroyed by Metallo and he disappears presumed dead by Lex and Brainiac .
Now Superman hangs up the cape and attempts to live as a human being.If Lois didn't know Clark's secret in SR she will be told by him in this one and they get engaged setting up their wedding in a later sequel.They take a jet to Smallville to tell his mom the news;while going there Metallo rips apart the jet searching for a top notch computer scientist Brainiac and Lex need to finish the virus.He finds the scientist and leaves letting the jet crash.Clark awakes banged up and finds Lois barely alive.After he is checked out by 911 and Lois is put in intensive care.Clark now notices something when he was the only one on the jet not injured.He learns he has his powers back and that the Red Kryptonite 's effects were only temporary.
The virus is now activated as Superman returns to Metropolis and fights Metallo and Brainiac defeating them,but Lex slips away.I hope you'll liked this.I hope to be a screenwriter and director someday and dream of having my own Superman franchise.If this isn't used in the sequel I'll use it for my dream films(which is what it was made for)if I can ever make it.But please give feedback.
I want more violent fights-- more giant monsters like maybe Metallo has some kind of growth power, or some other giant death-machines.. there should be a lot more things that get blown up, melted, ripped to pieces, etc.

Lex becomes a secondary villain to others like brainiac, Zod, parasite, Darkseid.

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