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Do you believe in an "End of the World"


The Night He Came Home...
Dec 16, 2007
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Well with the Mayan dates officially have passed, I've been thinking about this topic. A lot of preaching seems to be going on based on the Pope stepping down as being some major sign. As a Christian who has a few differing beliefs, I'm sort of torn on the Biblical apocalypse, especially as Revelation is generally the most disputed book of the Bible as its more or less all speculation and such. of course other religions also have beliefs regarding this so there are those options.

This doesn't necessarily mean religion either. I honestly could see an asteroid blowing us away in a number of years, nuclear war taking us out, or a mass extinction via disease etc. Thoughts?
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Well, I believe the Sun is still set to go off, in a few billion years.

Between nuclear weapons, the advent of super intelligent machines, genetic engineering, anti-matter, and the high possibility of alien life, there are so many ways we could be wiped out.

You really don't have to look to Bronze Age mythology.
Yes the world will end eventually. Humanity will end eventually, probably by our own hand.

That's all I know.
I feel every species has its pre determined time on this planet. Does it mean that Humanity develops means to space travel and tera forms on distant planets when the worlds end is near? Who knows.

All I know is I hope Im long dead before we hit that wall :D
Sooner or later the world is going to end. I think humanity could live on if we colonize other planets.
I think our species will die off long before the "end of the world".
Everything will end eventually. I dunno how long the Earth itself has until we suck it dry of all its resources, but it'll most assuredly be before the sun goes supernova.
Our sun won't "go supernova." It simply isn't large enough.
My thought is when it happens, it happens. I'm too busy living to worry about it.
The world will end billions of years from now when the sun burns out. And it will be as if there was never an earth, or humans for that matter. Stardust to stardust.
Yes. Not in our lifetimes or our children's lifetimes or the lifetimes of their children but one day the planet, or at least the human race, will end when the sun burns out, we run out of resources or we just get wiped out in a freak accident like the dinosaurs, knowing the modern age everyone will be too busy tweeting to run.
I think that when/if the world does finally end, we'll all be dead way before it happens anyway.
I believe in the fall of civilizations due to humans.
Everything comes to an end eventually.
Nothing lasts forever.
Even a diamond will eventually degrade (though it takes millions of years).

So, yes, one day the End of the World will come. Will humanity still be around? Maybe. We certainly don't seem to be making any progress into spreading into space. All our eggs are still in basket Earth.

Will we be the cause of the death of our planet? Possibly, we could still blow it to smithereens, but that seems less likely than it once did.

Will the planet continue it's existence long after the end of humanity? Probably, at this point we're poisoning our air, soil and water so much that cancer and lung problems are common causes of death and illness. This being the case it's disappointing more money isn't being spent on cleaning up this world of ours.
I think by the time the end of the world comes along humans wouldn't have been here for a very long time, IMO we'd of ventured out into the stars having exhausted all this planets resources.
After watching videos of the meteor crash in Chelyabinsk, Russia, this morning, and the "City-Killer" asteroid just hours from our planet right now, I'm gonna hedge my bets.

Good night, and good luck. :woot::csad:
You know I really should have named this "How do you believe the world will end?" instead. Can a mod make this changE?

And yeah, those meteor videos are scary as hell.
You know I really should have named this "How do you believe the world will end?" instead. Can a mod make this changE?

And yeah, those meteor videos are scary as hell.

That needs further specification. Do you mean the planet not existing anymore? The planet no longer habitable for life? Or no more human life?
I think we would make the Earth unlivable long before an asteroid killed us. We continue to toxify the atmosphere and devour resources.
I believe that humankind's reign as the dominant species on Earth is destined to end, one way or another. Odds are by its own doing.

As for the end of the planet itself, well, I'm more inclined to think that'll happen when the sun finally burns out.
Our sun won't "go supernova." It simply isn't large enough.

It will expand to a gas giant and pretty much toast the earth millions of years from now

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