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Sequels Doc Ock

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The Joker_1000

Jul 29, 2007
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Should Doc Ock return? I think so, he's a great villain & Alfred Molina was just plain awesome in the role. Hopefully he returns in SM-4 if there is a SM-4 but if he returns he shouldn't be the only villain.
The only way he should return is if there was the Sinister Six in a Spidey film, but other than that, no.
I would have loved to have seen him in another film, but no. I think they screwed up killing him off. I would have been much happier with Ock being incarcerated and being able to come back.

But now that he's gone, don't mess up his noble/heroic death and bring him back.
But he went out that way, and I wouldn't want them to change it.

Ock's not always evil but, like I said, I would have preferred him in jail, possibly plotting his revenge.
He could easily come back. Many characters have came back from what it seemed like was their "death".
But these are the movies, not the comics. No one comes back in Marvel movies.

Well, except Jean...and Xavier...and Whistler...and Elektra.


What was I talking about?
Well, I think that Ock should come back. It'd be a shame if he only got one movie. If he doesn't return in this franchise he should definitely be in a few movies of the newest Spider-Man franchise.
He ain't dead.

Already a thread about possible return of either Ock or GG
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