does anyone besides me have no faith?


Dec 1, 2007
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I dont know aobut you but ever since that neither Christian Bale nor Brandon Routh would be involved in the film i lost all faith in it. I mean i really expect people to say "hey thats not batman" when they dont see Christian in it. And its not just that, i just feel overall there trying to cash in on the success of other movies to push this one.
im slowly losing faith in this movie...
I say i got 40% faith left on this film, but if we dont get anything in the next few weeks or what not then it will drop to 0%. Yes i would have liked if wb waited to after third batfilm and another superman and maybe get gl, flash, or ww solo film out first before going with teamup film.
I have to wait to see footage before I lose faith. The actors rumored for the major roles don't inspire confidence but there isn't too much to go on at this point. It could be very good.
I'm Slowing loosing my faith in this movie [2]
I wasn't a fan of a JLA vehicle at this time from the jump, but what little faith I had started to wane when some of the rumored casting names began to surface. What I read of the script review wasn't bad, but the actors and demographic that WB seems to want to target with this film don't do anything for me. The lack of official news doesn't help either.
I have no faith in this movie. The names I have heard auditioning and attached to these roles are pitiful. WB and George Miller sux if these actors get officially cast. :down

With the way it's shaping up, I will never pay for this film, bootleg all the way!
i want to have faith in it...i really do, lol.
I don't have any faith in it at all. It's been poorly planned out since the beginning.

No one seems to be addressing how WB expects a JL film to feature JOHN STEWART as Green Lantern, and then a spin-off movie starring HAL JORDAN. If WB's whole point that JL is supposed to be the starting point for individual franchises for characters like GL, why the hell would they use Stewart for JL and then turn it to Hal Jordan for GL? What if people like John Stewart? What if people complain how that's racist after they establish a black superhero in the movie then turn it into a white guy for his own movie?
I've never liked the idea of a Justice League film from the start, it should have only ever been a fanboy dream, the characters WB have at their disposal have enough rich history and depth to warrant solo films, Justice League is the easy option, it's lazy.
I'm not betting on it winning any oscars. But it's also too early to write it off as the next Batman & Robin. There is a good director attached, along with what seems to be a decent script so far. And anyone who thinks the idea of Justice league as a film doesn't work is just wrong. It's the super bowl of comic book films (at least in theory).

The cast is my only problem with the film so far, I would have liked Bale and Routh to be included, but they won't be and life goes on, and I'm over it now. I'm nervous about the actors I've heard rumored for some parts, but nothing is official, and I haven't seen enough of thier work to really say for sure if they're right for the part or not. (btw Height and weight are really quite irrelevant (especially to the extent we're talking about with certain casting rumors), it's hollywood - has no one on these boards seen LOTR?)

I agree that solo films would have been the way to go, but you have to let it go at some point. It's not gonna happen. So I'm hoping for the best.
Ya I just don't understand why they would go with a young cast? Wouldn't the JLA have been formed years into these heroes careers, I mean wtf!
well the thing is we dont know right now how old the characters are going to be in the film.
I have no faith in this movie. The names I have heard auditioning and attached to these roles are pitiful. WB and George Miller sux if these actors get officially cast. :down

Pretty much what this guy said. This movie's just laughable garbage to me right now but I do like the Justice League property so I'm curious to see how this turns out...Not liking the lack of credible actors so far though. I mean come on. One A-lister? Please? For me? :csad:
whait a minute? people dont like the actors ?

wasnt there a time when fans were happy with Miller because tehy knew 100% that he will castTOP actors?
I dont know aobut you but ever since that neither Christian Bale nor Brandon Routh would be involved in the film i lost all faith in it. I mean i really expect people to say "hey thats not batman" when they dont see Christian in it. And its not just that, i just feel overall there trying to cash in on the success of other movies to push this one.

I feel the same way.

However I won't give out my final judgment until I have a finished product in front of me.

My Dream Cast is pretty much gone.

There was an AOL poll thingy where the writer was pretty much begging Jessica Biel to do Wonder Woman.

and while I havn't heard anything from Ryan Reynolds I can surely assume he doesn't fall under the "younger Cast" the studio is looking for. :(

Edit- I suppose a good director and the right script can do some serious damage control. I need hard proof though. :p
My faith is slipping. Mostly because WB is not announcing anything. I feel lack of respect for me as a fan. But I'm probably just full of myself :D
it'll either be really good or really really bad but it definitely won't be anywhere in the middle.
I have no faith in this at all with getting someone else for both Superman & Batman. Not to mention make them a lot younger. I mean a 21 yrs. for Batman?!? They're going to screw it up. It will only make money because of it name. But that don't mean it will make money because it good. More like people are curious or whatever.
I don't really have any faith in this either. I agree that they're just looking to cash in on the success of the new Batman series and Superman series (it's kind of like how a new cartoon comes out every time a movie is successful).

I think they're going to do major harm to the concept of a GOOD JLA movie by putting out some junk now.
First of all it likes to be said that I have been following the Justice League threads on this board for four months now, but abstained from posting something myself due to my lack of knowledge regarding the english language. However, in regard of the crap some found themselves fit to spread around here, certain things can no longer be kept to myself.
Yes, I am talking about all those JL bashers like FlawlessVictory and many more, who seem to have nothing better to do, then rant on *everything* regarding this movie. You do not want to watch this movie, you think it is going to be horrible, even though *nothing* has been edged into stone so far but the fact, that Warner Bros. is planing to do it. Well fine. Don't watch it. Tell others, how you are not going to watch it, if you have to. But what about them twenty postings per day, where you do nothing else, than telling everybody, wheter they like to hear it or not, how incredibly horrifying Justice League is going to be and that you do not want to watch it? I think EVERYBODY got it by now, so for heaven's sake stop it already!
How blinded are you to think, that you know what the "average movie-goer" is going to think about this or that decision better than the suits over at WB or in the movie's production itself, who do these things for a living? Have you ever thought about that the way, you would handle things does only feel right, for it is *your* way, and not, because it is the general genuine one? One can not please everybody and this movie will neither, so deal with it.
You have a problem with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh probably not revisiting their respective roles from the single movies. Fine, but do you truly belive, that just because those two played Batman respectively Superman last, no one else can!? there are so many ways to interpret these characters and just becauce Bale and Routh where right for Nolans and Singers versions of Batman and Superman dosn't mean they would be for Millers too. Further more, you see your precious Superman Returns and Batman by Chris Nolan Vol. 3 endangered, though it has been abnegated by Warner Bros. *several* times, so you shut yourselves away from potentially liking the Justice League movie and jump on every bandwagon of news bit, telling it might yet not come to be, hoping, that those, who actually *want* to see it do not get their wishes granted.
It seems to be out of question, that Superman Returns was not for everyone the movie, he had been waiting for for twenty years. Also, there might be some fans, who might not identify themselves fully with Nolan's take on the Batworld, and do not worship Batman Begins - no matter how good it might have been - just because it took the franchise back into a more serious direction after Joel Schumacher brutally raped it with a smile on his face that would make The Joker gasp in awe.
Anyway, it is but positive that those movies were what you wanted them to be, but why have there to be countless sequels before others get, what *they* are hoping for? I for once prefer to see Batman and Superman when interacting with the JLA. Besides that, there have been countless Superman- and Batman movies by now. Isn't it past time, that guys like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (okay, less guyish), Aquaman or Flash get their spot on the big screen? Not only does Justice League give us all of the above combined and at once, it also opens the possibility for future single adventures, like X-Men did for Wolverine over at that M place. But of course, the average fanboy who shudders to think of a Justice League movie without Bale or Ruth, believes, that those movies had to be made *before* the team flick, why ever that might be. Lack of imagination, one options to think. The thought, that GL, Flash or Aquaman might be successfully sold when appearing side by side with the well-established Superman of Batman is of course absolutely wrong.
Yet, there are said to be fans who have been waiting for *years* to watch both those heroes, and the Justice League combined in live action adventure. Now, WB has a shooting script, that was able to convince the Powers that be. Now, an a-list director could be attached to the project. Not to mention a top-notch crew. In the end, *now* is the once in a lifetime opportunity to *finally* get this thing going and make way for several connected flicks in the future. So why the hell should this chance not be taken? Because of Christian Bale or Chris Nolan? LOL!
Oh, right. There are still the actors, whose talents one feels free to judge by looking at their age, stature and experience. Stupid thought to maybe go and see how they are doing, instead of wishing them to hell before the cameras have even begun to roll. However, it is somewhat clear, that should this movie be made, and gain a certain amount of success, half the bashers around here are going to turn with the wind, while the rest will keep to their negative opinions in defiance. In the end, it is to be said, that those peoble are not worth the trouble, and thankfully, Warner Bros. seems to agree.
Wasn't it established that Bruce Wayne was still traveling the world at 21? :huh:
yea if hammer is bats he is 21 yrs old but they can always say he is a few yrs old.
This movie is going to be pretty lame, im even more pissed off that Routh wont be superman again, i thought he was an awesome superman eventhough the movie was kinda lame
well luke you should be to pissed right now cause we dont have any dam official word from warners about anything.

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