Does anyone elses 360 make weird beep noises?


Sep 11, 2001
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I'm not sure when my 360 started doing this. I half think that I probably installed something from the Mass Effect extras disc that makes this stupid beeping noise, but kinda doubt thats where it came from.

But yeah, my 360 now makes this weird musical beeping noise that is barely audible, but much more audible when the volume is high. Today I was watching a dvd, and during the quiet scenes I could just hear the weird musical beeping. What the **** is it?
I have no idea. I've never experienced a weird beep noise while playing the system... however... I don't have Mass Effect (yet) either.
I have Mass Effect, i have downloaded picture pack and Theme, and don´t have any idea on that beeping sound you mention...
Oh man its so irritating.

There must be someone else thats had this problem and knows how to make it go away. :csad:
Are you sure it's the 360? As far as I know it doesn't even have internal speakers.
Are you sure it's the 360? As far as I know it doesn't even have internal speakers.

I dunno what else it could be. I've had the same noise on two seperate tvs. Both times with the 360.
Funny you mention that, I can hear radio play from the circuit boards in the multimedia closet.

That's like when radio-waves would deflect off the fillings in people's teeth and they could hear voices. Back when fillings were still processed mercury, at least. :csad:
Now I'm not so sure its the 360 and thinking it might be the tv. I'll have to bring it down stairs to the other tv to double check.
TVs made weird beeps all the time. Especially the old clunkers.
This is a brand new HD TV. I'm 90% sure the sound is only made when the 360 is on.
Even so, the sound is not likely coming from the 360 itself. The connection may be disrupted at the very most. But the sound physically shouldn't be coming from the 360. It's near impossible.
블라스;13435117 said:

HaHa! It reminds me of that Robot Chicken episode with the Admiral Ackbar cereal.

But back on topic, no, my 360 hasnt made any beeping noises, or had any problems yet, though i only recently got it. Maybe its not the 360 causing the problem.
mine makes a beep noise when turn it off sometimes, but i just thought that was normal
Your 360 is going to explode the next time you turn it on. The beeps must be punished!
Your 360 can't make beeps. It's the TV.
anyone else have slow sign in after downloading the new patch??
don't worry, your 360's fine... you probably just have brain cancer, if you're hearing things.

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