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DTL Season 5-Week 11 (Set 3)

DTL Commish

DTL Commisioner
Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
Due to the holiday, these threads will be in use for 10 days. Days 1-4 (Feb 5 - Feb 8) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help.

On Day 5 (Feb 9) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count. Look over the matchups and read the strategies, and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match. (Note: The length of a writeup the discretion of the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember to vote for all matches or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 9th day (Feb 12) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Imperial Gladitorial Ring (Planet Hulk)

Heroes of the New Age
Superman KC (DU) - speed,strength,great will power,heat vision,flight,xray vision
Martian Manhunter (DU) - telepathy,shapeshifter,phasing,strength,flight,spe ed,heat vision
Turtle (DM) - speed stealer
Batman (DR) - bat belt,agility,martial arts
Captain America (MR) - agility,indestructible shield,martial arts


Nameless Wonders*
Black Adam (DU)
Flash (Titans of Tomorrow) (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)


Chaos & Order
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (DU) - Wields a ring that creates hard light constructs limited only by imagination and willpower.
Exodus (MU) - Mutant with powerful psionic abilities.
Vision (MM) - Synthezoid with super strength, durability, flight, energy blasts, intangibility.
Proctor (MR) - Super strength, durability, teleportation, energy blasts, Ebony Blade.
Scarlet Spider (MR) - Super strength, durability, agility. Webbing, spidey-sense, crawl up walls.


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Quasar (MU) - Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Fernus (DU) - Superhuman strength, speed, durability, flight and longevity, telepathy, shape-shifting, Martian vision.
Kang (MM) - Genius-level intellect, master tactician and strategist, skilled armed/unarmed combatant, access to advanced technology.
Black Panther (MR) - Super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also genius and various other tech resources.
Animal Man (DR) - The ability to copy the powers of any animal in the universe.

Exodus: "Where are we now?"

Vision: "This...arena...reminds of the Colosseum in Rome."

Ben: "Wait, so we're back in ancient Rome? Where's Russell Crowe when you need a tour guide."

GL: "It's definitely not the Colosseum. I don't know where we are, but it's not Rome. Ring says it's not even Earth. Doesn't know where we are. Although it looks like it's got our opponent's information." Kyle projects the other team into the air. They start discussing what they know about them.

Proctor walks around the images with his hands clasped behind his back. "Looks to be a fairly even battle."

Ben: "For a change."

A green beam from Kyle's ring rotates around the entire arena. "Well, I've mapped this place out. And there's really nothing here."

Exodus: "What do you mean?"

GL: "I mean, it looks exactly like what it is. An arena."

Ben: "Ok, this is taking our battles a little too seriously."

Vision: "I detect no advanced technologies. No indication of useful weaponry."

GL: "Same here."

Proctor: "Very little room to hide or plan covert attacks."

GL: "Which means this is going to get ugly."

Exodus: "This Fernus is a dangerous as you claim?"

GL: "Yeah, you're the only one who'll be able to handle him. My ring can block some telepathy, but I'm going to have my hands full with Quasar. You can handle Fernus, right?"

Exodus: "Are you seriously asking that question?" he says, the expression on his face indicating he does not want an answer.

Ben: "Now lets wait one second. I mean, if we can pick the obvious match ups, so will they. Which means they're going to try and prevent the obvious match ups. And if they do that, then we're screwed."

Vision: "A logical conclusion. I will begin planning for multiple combinations."

Ben looks at Vision closely. "Funny, I don't see any points on your ears..."

This battle is fairly evenly matched. Above the stadium, where they are the most free to act, Kyle and Exodus will face off against Quasar and Furnus. Now, the most logical choice would be for Kyle and Quasar to fight while Furnus and Exodus keep each other busy. But Harl's team knows something mine doesn't, he's bands are programmed to make him immune to psionic control.

What does this mean for my team? Well, if it's just psionic control and not general telepathy, it doesn't mean anything. He still can't risk fighting Exodus and needs to take on Kyle. If it does block it, that means he can fight Exodus and Fernus can take on Kyle. But does this gain them anything? Lantern rings can provide some telepathic protection. And once Exodus realizes what's happening, he can teleport himself between Fernus and Kyle, and the fight continues as expected.

Down in the pit, two groups of fights are going on. Vision fights the Panther while Kang is forced to fight Proctor. One would think it might be better for Vision and Kang to fight, seeing as how Kang relies so heavily on technology. But that's exactly why they can't fight. Chaos & Order cann't afford to have Kang do something to Vision with his advanced tech. And Proctor has enough variety of power to keep Kang busy. So they don't give the other side a choice. Vision phases up and directly attacks the Panther while Proctor telports in Kang's path and forces the issue.

Plus, Vision's has extensive knowledge of the Panther. Of course that knowledge cuts both ways. And the reason these two groups aren't fighting as one is because, as much as Vision would rather not work with Proctor, Kang and the Panther would get along far worse. At least Vision could logically reason that working with an adversary is the best course. And, while T'challa and Kang might reason the same thing, it's going to be hard for them to work together as a team as efficiently. So for all four characters, it's best to fight apart, at least for now.

Swinging his way through the seating area is Ben, with Buddy following close behind. The team figured that, with his agility and spidey-sense, fighting in the close confines of the balconies would give Ben an edge. Unfortunately, Buddy can just tap into strong animals and rip through any egotistical in his way, or just take to the air and fly at Ben. Of course Ben has the skill to avoid these attacks, and more weapons in his arsenal. But things get really interesting when Buddy decides to also mimic the powers of a spider. Including some nifty organic web shooters and his own type of 'danger-sense.'

More to come...
Will hopefully get my write up done on the weekend....

Looking forward to Harl's and Weig's....looks like a very even matched set of line ups....
I'll try to at least get prep-time up tonight, but probably won't have anything until tomorrow.

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Superman KC (DU)
Martian Manhunter (DU)
Turtle (DM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


Nameless Wonders*

Black Adam (DU)
Flash (Titans of Tomorrow) (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)

Location – Imperial Gladiatorial Ring (Planet Hulk)


Ok so the way this battle pans out to begin with, neither team has an advantage as far as battleground goes. The only thing really is that they have more room to really let loose without the risk of hurting innocents so Superman KC won’t have any need to hold back.

Captain America maybe the only one who knows anything about this location as he is the only Marvel on the field, but again that won’t actually help me in anyway so its just basically down to line ups and strategies.

To Be Continued….

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Superman KC (DU)
Martian Manhunter (DU)
Turtle (DM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


Nameless Wonders*

Black Adam (DU)
Flash (Titans of Tomorrow) (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)

Location – Imperial Gladiatorial Ring (Planet Hulk)


Ok so when it comes down to it, the biggest threat to most of my team from the Nameless Wonders is Zauriel.

Superman KC Vs Black Adam

Superman and Black Adam is a given to be a match up and the outcome of this will be one similar to that of the Captain Marvel/Superman fight seen in Kingdom Come. Black Adam, whilst having magic on his side, is going up against a stronger more resistant Superman who can use a similar tactic of having Black Adam getting caught in his own lightening, stripping him of his power, and to prevent any chance of his changing back, a swift slap to the now mortals head can render him unconscious.

Flash (Titans of Tomorrow) Vs The Turtle and Martian Manhunter

Flash is an evil one and one that is no doubt unaware of Turtle’s powers and history with the regular Flash, either way it will just require Turtles abilities to manipulate the speed in Flash’s body to either send him crashing into a wall or break his bones internally whilst Flash struggles to keep up. Add the telepathic attacks sent by J’onn and Flash is soon out of the equation.

This leaves a full rostered HOTNA taking on a medium and two regulars. Again like I mentioned Zauriel is the biggest threat here as not only can he use his magics to take on Superman but his sword can affect an intangible Martian Manhunter…but more to that later.

Blue Beetle Vs Martian Manhunter and Batman

A main advantage in this battle is the fact that Jamie refuses to use lethal force or use his suit to its full potential, add that to the fact that he’s fighting two of his companions makes manipulating this situation all the easier. Another advantage that J’onn can sift from Jamie’s mind is the pain caused by the suit when it retracts into his spine. He will be able to gather from his mind that when no threat is posed then the suit retracts and almost cripples the wearer.

Upon entering the ring the suit will fire up and be in place for battle, J’onn and Batman can easily talk Jamie into thinking no battle is to take place resulting in the suit retracting and temporarily making Jamie defenceless and as such giving them a window to strike. This is one option to take Jamie out swiftly and without too much of a fight.

Should this fail however then the other option is an all out assault. Batman using long range attacks, blocked by the wings but also covering Jamie’s vision meaning J’onn can sneak up and either assault with mind blast or his intangibility. However, with the energy blasts and technology that gets emitted from this suit Batman isn’t as equip with abilities as J’onn to dodge or resist these attacks and could end up falling to Blue Beetle moments before he himself falls.

Captain America Vs Traci Thirteen

Traci’s powers come mainly from cities, be it the buildings or inhabitants that is unclear, what is clear however is that her powers will be greatly weakened by the location alone.

Whilst she may have the ability to fire energy projectiles at Cap or to manipulate the gravity on his shield for her own purposes, Cap is too skilled and experienced to avoid such traps. If anyone tries to launch his shield back at him can easily get in a position to catch and secure his weapon without any harm done to him. He can also dodge any blasts sent his way either by his nimble athleticism or by cover of his shield.

Traci also has an array of shields and teleports to use to her advantage but this is nothing out of the ordinary for Cap to judge and get through. It may take longer than the standard fist fight but Cap will eventually bring the weaker powered teen down.

Zauriel Vs Turtle, Superman KC, Martian Manhunter and Captain America

Zauriel is a very tough opponent, people complain about Atom being tough, but this guy is multi-skilled and a worthy opponent for both my Ubers alone. The guy can fly, has an unstoppable mystic blade, a crippling sonic scream and a healing factor to boot, not to mention the armour that protects him and his staff.

Needless to say this guy is a tough cookie and I could see there being only one real way to take this guy out on this battle field.

Firstly his sonic scream could out right take everyone out without hesitation so that needs neutralizing. Turtle could do that by removing the speed from his throat preventing any sound waves from carrying, although this would take a great deal of concentration from the medium as Zauriel will be moving and will stop Turtle being able to perform any other task.

The next big thing is the sword, this sword can cut and harm all again, however, more so it can affect Supes and MM in a big way, so that would need to go next. Whilst Zauriel has the ability to fly Supes can fly a lot faster and disarm him as best he can as quickly as possible. He may receive a cut in the process but it’s a cost I’m willing to pay. MM would be fearful of the swords flames and if Supes is unsuccessful of removing it, the very least he can do is extinguish his flames.

The healing factor can’t be avoided; neither can the armour be removed so the next plan is to just take the guy down. MM and Supes can perform aerial assaults on Zauriel at high speed to try and take him out of the sky; this could and probably would result in Superman falling to the mystical blade or spear. Martian Manhunter can try and assault his mind but Zauriel’s link to the heavens might make this difficult and therefore J’onn will try a shape shifting approach and try to grapple with the angel. Cap can use his shield to launch long range attacks but that will be in effective. Zauriel will just need to fly at Cap and drop him from a height to take him out but with him being held by MM, Cap is still in the running.

The last assault that could hopefully take out Zauriel and render him unconscious would be to use the very arena itself. MM and Cap need to get Zauriel near to the wall. Once there MM can cut a section out with his heat vision and a well placed shot from Caps shield will bring the wall down atop of Zauriel and MM. If timed right MM can phase and avoid being crushed.

Turtle can finally release his hold on the vocal chords and HOTNA, with the 3 remaining warriors, remain victorious


Well, what can I say? We’ve got quite a team here. Two villains, three heroes. Fortunately, both villains are also geniuses. Although Fernus would find working alongside the good guys despicable, he’s not insane: he’ll work with his team to defeat the opposing team, especially when he learns that he gets to face a Green Lantern. And in case you’re wondering, he’d be smart enough to know Quasar isn’t a GL, and thus not a part of his grudge.

Now, Kang too, has no real problems working alongside people that he would normally consider adversaries. This tournament is perfectly suited to his personality. Honour and victory are the most important things to him. On the good guy side, both Quasar and Black Panther have experience in working with their foes towards a common goal, so this shouldn’t be too hard for them either. Animal Man has worked alongside Quasar and BP before, so he’ll fall in line. So yes, this team might not work together perfectly, but they’ll work together nonetheless.

None of the Squadders might recognize the location, but they’re all fairly familiar with gladiatorial combat. The nature of the field, as the team would recognize, is pretty much going to lead to quick direct combat. Sneaking around and subterfuge won’t do very well in this setting. Real teamwork will only come into play when the team members’ respective opponents are defeated.

Let’s move onto the opposing team. Fernus is going to want to face Green Lantern. Fernus’ eagerness in that would make most of the team uncomfortable, but tactically it is also the best choice, as Kang would point out. Sending the telepathy-immune Quasar against Exodus is the soundest decision in this. Kang will naturally take on Vision, Animal Man fights the Scarlet Spider, leaving Proctor to the Black Panther.

Like I already said, this should be a pretty straight forward battle. There’s no real tactical advantage in the location, but I’d say my team starts off a little better strategically. Kang and the Panther should have just about every contingency mapped out.

So what happens?

Fernus is going to go for Green Lantern right off the bat, and he’s not going to do it gently. Rayner might be telepathically shielded for a bit by his ring and Exodus, but that still leaves a whole batch of powers in Fernus’ arsenal. Mix invisibility with phasing, add a little superspeed, and Fernus is on Green Lantern in seconds. If GL wants to survive that, he’s going to have to pull out all the stops.

While Exodus might try to aid Rayner initially, he’ll quickly have his hands full with Quasar. To Exodus’ surprise, unlike GL’s, Quasar’s shields do provide full telepathic protection. Exodus is going to have to fight this battle on with just his other, although still potent, powers. Like GL though, he’s going to have his hands full with Quasar, so stepping out to help anyone else is out of the question.

The Vision and Kang might be inclined more to stealth and subterfuge, but they’ll go for one another as well. Both are unable to avoid each other sensors, and would eventually end up in combat. Kang’s a little hindered by the lack of technology in the location, but he’s still got enough stuff on him to make this a worthwhile battle. Of course, Vision’s technology is all internalized, and it’s going to have to work at 200% in this fight.

Animal Man and Scarlet Spider will be more hesitant in going for each other. Most of the others are either hotheads or evil, so they’re more naturally inclined for quick head-to-head combat. Of course, these two end up face to face anyway. Why? Because both characters have an admirable knowledge of their own limitations. They’re not going to involve themselves in the powerhouse battles, and will be sticking to fighting people of their own power levels.

That leaves Proctor and Black Panther. There is no gain for Proctor in joining in the powerhouse battles. The sheer energy output between the fighting ubers would keep him at bay. A stray blast could well end up hitting him the wrong way. So it is up to him to take care of the regulars, and I think he’d take a certain pride in facing the Black Panther. Proctor has an advantage in this, being able to teleport.

Let’s go deeper into those battles:
Fernus the Burning vs. Green Lantern
When Fernus appeared in JLA, he handled them their asses without much trouble. Among the Leaguers at that time was also John Stewart, Green Lantern. He was, as I recall, one of the first to fall. By applying all of his powers, Fernus was able to overwhelm Stewart and just plain took him down. Fernus had one helpful advantage in that: the element of surprise. Even then, it was pretty quickly established to be a Martian attack, and John had no defence.

So what’s Rayner going to do? He’s prepared, but he’s only got limited psi protection. He has some experience with Martians, but not a Burning Martian like Fernus. No weakness to fire, and absolutely no desire to play around. Fernus is going to go for the kill.

Now, GL is certainly able of holding off Fernus physically for a while, but eventually, Fernus is going to burn right into Green Lantern’s mind. Rayner starts to slip up, his will is starting to weaken. Fernus proceeds to up his own power output: Invisibility, phasing, Martian vision, etc. A veritable onslaught of powers. Rayner’s shields start to break left and right. He can’t pull of another good shot. Fernus starts to laugh, he’s closing in on him.

Then, suddenly, <SNAP!>, Fernus has snuck up and broken the Lantern&#8217;s neck.

&#8220;Oan dog,&#8221; Fernus remarks, a horrible grin upon his face.

Quasar vs. Exodus
Meanwhile, Quasar has engaged Exodus in battle. This is in some ways, a mirror of the Fernus/Green Lantern fight. Where you&#8217;d normally give Exodus the advantage because of his psionic powers, he&#8217;s at a distinct disadvantage here, because Quasar can block those powers. Lest we forget, Quasar&#8217;s shields can stand up to Moondragon and Overmind, two of the most powerful telepaths on Earth/in the universe.

So Exodus will have to fall back on his other powers. These are still quite impressive, but a little out of their league against Quasar&#8217;s. Quasar is top dog when it comes to energy manipulation, and Exodus&#8217; blasts should prove no exception. That leaves Exodus with just his telekinetic skills, and such an assault is easily blocked. Exodus has one single advantage left, and that&#8217;s teleportation, but with a simple Quantum bubble around him, Quasar should be safe from any attack. From what I&#8217;ve read, teleportation also isn&#8217;t a power that Exodus often uses anyway.

Even then, Quasar can send out highly sophisticated constructs that can track Exodus wherever he goes. Exodus is going to be forced to go on the defensive. Now, he&#8217;s strong, but he can&#8217;t withstand the kind of power Quasar can throw up. Eventually, his blasts will break through Exodus&#8217; shields and then it&#8217;s just a matter of applying enough force to knock Exodus out.

Quasar stands victorious, but he&#8217;s not exactly happy about it.

Of course, that&#8217;s when he notices the brutal murder of GL, and he&#8217;s going to engage Fernus, his own teammate.

The ubers are essentially out of the game.

Kang the Conqueror vs. the Vision
Another interesting match, although I&#8217;d venture to say Vision&#8217;s a little outclassed here. Kang has taken on Vision and the Avengers before, and emerged victorious quite a few times. Without any real preparation at Avengers Mansion, Vision is going to find it hard to counteract Kang&#8217;s tech in a meaningful way. After all, Kang would&#8217;ve had a better chance to prepare himself, working alongside Black Panther. Both are known for their contingency plans, even for allies. Give them 24 hours, and they should be able to adapt Kang&#8217;s tech to take on Vision.

So how does the battle go down? The two will circle each other initially, but Vision will quickly go over to attack. He can&#8217;t afford to let a powerhouse like Kang to stay standing for too long. The battle that follows is pretty spectacular. It involves a lot of dodging and phasing, with both characters relatively unscathed at the end of it. Vision decides he&#8217;ll have to step his game up somewhat, and goes for his patented &#8216;phase hand into enemy&#8217;s body&#8217; tactic.

It&#8217;s a tactic that Kang should be prepared for, and of course, he is. Vision&#8217;s attack involves the partial solidifying of his body, and that&#8217;s when Kang strikes with a good old localized EMP. It&#8217;s detrimental to both characters, yes, with Kang also hurting. That&#8217;s where Kang&#8217;s own will power figures in. Withstanding the pain, he snaps his fingers, and his trusty sword appears.


Kang decapitates his foe.

Using his standard healing technology, Kang fixes himself up. Naturally, Kang acknowledges the Vision&#8217;s fighting prowess, and then proceeds to separate his android body further, so that he may not recover any time soon.

Kang the Conqueror stands victorious again.

Animal Man vs. Scarlet Spider
This is actually a fun match. What powers does the Scarlet Spider possess? The proportionate strength and speed of a spider. You know the drill. Now, what can Animal Man do? Take the powers of every known animal in the universe, including, obviously, the spider. If he wants, these two can be quite evenly matched.

Of course, Animal Man isn&#8217;t an idiot. He&#8217;s not going to stick to spider powers. He&#8217;s going to use the speed of the cheetah, the strength and endurance of a rhino, and eventually, a scorpion&#8217;s sting. All powers that the Spider will be familiar with, but not in this manner. Consistently switching up the powers to maximum effect, Animal Man is going to be able to overwhelm the Spider pretty handily.

Scarlet Spider still has a trick up his sleeve of course, his webbing, which should hold off Animal Man for a bit, but he can just slip out of it by mimicking a slippery eel or a snake. It&#8217;s then that Animal Man&#8217;s numerous advantages come to the fore. He&#8217;s faster, stronger and can take more damage. He can also fly.

The only reason the Scarlet Spider should be standing for any length of time is Animal Man&#8217;s good nature. He&#8217;s not one to go for the quick take down. He&#8217;s also not a ruthless person. These factors don&#8217;t hinder Buddy too much though. He still has the advantage in this match, and he&#8217;ll push it.

The finish on this match is relatively straight forward: Animal Man wins by knock-out.

Black Panther vs. Proctor
Normally, I&#8217;d give this match to Proctor in a heartbeat. The teleportation, mixed in with a sword that can cut through anything, is just devastating. Luckily, the Panther has an adequate defence, namely, the same sword as Proctor. That means we&#8217;ve got one hell of a sword fight coming up.

Of course, Proctor still has an advantage. His ability to teleport is still incredibly handy, but BP&#8217;s reflexes should help him out here for a while. In fact, this battle isn&#8217;t really about defeating Proctor, but about staying alive long enough for someone like Kang to step in. Still, Proctor is going to get in quite a few good hits.

Although he&#8217;d like the battle, before long, Proctor is just going to get fed up and go for a killing blow.

Being the evil bastard he is, Proctor simply teleports behind Panther, and before T&#8217;Challa can properly react, Proctor impales him. Panther staggers forward, while Proctor turns and takes the Panther&#8217;s blade from him. With another swipe, Panther&#8217;s head is rolling along the arena floor.

Proctor smiles as he holds the two blades in his hands.

Kang vs. Proctor
&#8220;Proctor?&#8221; Kang asks, standing ready to do battle.
&#8220;Kang&#8230;&#8221; Proctor replies with a smile as he turns.

Both fighters have their blades at the ready.

Proctor charges.

Kang smiles and brings out his really large gun.


Proctor takes the blast full into the face, and is knocked to the floor.

Proctor stands up again, grumbling, and is faced by Kang before him. Proctor strikes with his sword. Kang fades away: a hologram. Angered, Proctor teleports around, trying to find his adversary. Proctor notes Quasar and Fernus fighting a short distance away, and that he&#8217;s the only left of his own team.

Kang suddenly appears, engaging him from the front. Proctor successfully deflects the sword strike, destroying the blade in the progress. Proctor smiles, thinking he&#8217;s got an advantage, and lunges forward. Kang unleashes with a powerful concussive blast. Proctor absorbs the blast using the blade.

Still, Proctor decides to go for a sneak attack, and teleports behind Kang. Just before he can strike, Kang lets loose with a powerful electric charge, knocking Proctor back. The brunt of the attack is taken by the blade. Of course, Kang is angered by this cowardly attack from behind, and turns to fire more of his blasts.

Proctor is hit by a few before he can teleport away again.

Proctor stays away now, for a bit, to recuperate and formulate a new plan of attack. Kang doesn&#8217;t give him the opportunity though, tracing Proctor&#8217;s energy signature to follow him. Continuing his previous assault, Kang lets loose with a variety of energy attacks, directed entirely at Proctor. Unable to absorb it all (the blade can only absorb what it&#8217;s hit by, and Kang&#8217;s attack would focus on more than just the blade), Proctor has to take an incredible punishment.

Proctor is burned, bloodied and broken.

With a grim smile, Kang ends Proctor's life.

Battle-Time Part 2

In the air, the fight continues with no one getting a clear advantage. Fernus and Exodus are more than a match for each other, while Kyle's imagination holds up against Quasar's raw power. No clear winner yet.

Panther will be hard pressed to lay a hand or weapon on Vision because of his intangibility. He could avoid many of Vision's attacks, his vibranium absorbing most of the rest, but it's only a matter of time. The battlefield's lack of technology should impede T'Challa, although he might still have made something able to hurt an intangible Vision with Kang's tech. But Vision's scanners would give him warning about such devices. The Panther's will have no choice but get Kang's help. He calls for Kang on a communicator. Now they just need to get to each other somehow.

If Kang's armor can protect his brain, Proctor will have to rely on his other weapons. If not, Kang will quickly fall to Proctor scrambling his minds. If it's a more conventional fight, Kang's weapon are going to be deadly. Fortunately, Proctor can teleport around attacks, deflect attacks with his sword (right back onto Kang), and fire blasts of his own. And he has his greatest asset: the Ebony Blade. It cuts through anything, including forcefields. He can teleport right next to Kang and slice and dice.

It's possible that, once T'Challa's call goes out, Kang will act (after taking a moment to think about letting Panther fall). With all his skill and technology, maybe he could do some serious damage to Proctor like fry him with a lucky shot or something, then help the Panther. But something Kang wouldn't know about is that whoever holds the Ebony Blade is immortal. Proctor would just rise up and surprise both Kang and T'Challa by teleporting into the middle of their fight with Vision. At this point, Proctor can scramble the Panther's brain, or give Vision the chance to phase through him. Kang will eventually fall to these two, even if Vision has to sacrifice himself and create an EMP or something to shut Kang's tech down and give Proctor the win.

Ben and Buddy's fight could easily go on for a long time. If webbed up, Buddy could mimic an animal to shred or burst through the webs. If hit with stingers, Animal Man could mimic something with the stamina to keep going. But once Proctor, and possibly Vision, come to help, Buddy will be overwelmed. Energy blasts, and intangible foe, and a blade that cuts through anything Buddy might mimic will just be too much.

Back in the sky, the battle gets nowhere fast. So Exodus takes a gamble. Mentally communicating with Kyle the maneuver themselves into position. At the right moment, Exodus puts his life on the line and slams Quasar with a massive psionic blast. The blast takes Quasar out for a few moments, but gives Fernus the opening to take Exodus down. Of course, once he tries that, Kyle can also attack Fernus using the construct of a tidal wave to flood the burning martian (his main weakness). He can then slam the stunned Fernus into the ground and pound on him. With Fernus and Exodus out, Kyle tackles Quasar again. But by this time, his backup should arrive in the form of Ben, Proctor, and Vision. That combo should be enough to take care of Quasar. Kyle could keep him busy while Vision phases through him, or Proctor attacks his mind, or Proctor just slices right through his constructs and takes Quasar out the hard way, with a Blade through his heart.

Despite how the fight actually starts, and goes down, or how even the teams appear, the members of Chaos & Order have more versatility in this match. And that versatility is what will give them the win.
Tough choice in Wieg and Harl's match. I'm not sure if Kang could stop Proctor's mind-scrambling or not. I've said before, and I'll repeat, if you're going to use Proctor's ability to scramble brains it should be listed in his description. It seems like one of his primary attacks (at least you use it often.) So Kang should at least know about it and be able to try to plan for it.

The fact that the blade makes him immortal is fine to leave out of the description, but I'd think Kang would know this anyway, because Black Panther actually has the Ebony Blade in recent appearances (as Harl notes), and moreover he probably knows about its history from the Black Knight. So I'm not sure that I buy Kang losing due to the surprise factor.

If Kang can get past Proctor, I think he'd beat the rest of Wieg's regs/meds. So that leaves the ubers to their own devices. If the battles are Quasar vs. Exodus and Fernus vs. Kyle, it's clear Harl's team has the advantage. If the battles go the other way, it's pretty much even. So I'd think that eventually Harl's team could manage to switch off opponents and get the more favorable matchups.

I vote Team Alpha Wolf Squadron

Obviously Heroes of the New Age win against the ownerless team. Black Adam vs. Superman seems pretty even, but Martian Manhunter should trounce Flash with his telepathy. Flash's only real shot is to take Jonn out with speed before he can get at his mind, and Turtle's presence makes a win by speed that much more unlikely.

Regarding Zauriel, he might pose some trouble for the regs, but I would have assumed that Superman is fast and strong enough to just pound him into submission. If Zauriel is fast enough to avoid Superman's attacks, or durable enough to withstand his blows, then he shouldn't be ranked as a regular. I don't know him that well, so some clarification from those who know the character better would be nice.
i did some research into Zauriel on wiki and i checked out his Helm of Fate one off special and in that he seemed pretty much invulnerable to attacks....someone shot his wings and it didnt affect him....a leech woman thing bit his neck, which wouldve turned him into a zombie thing but again no affect....

also on wiki he has magical armour,a magical unstoppable sword and a magical spear which is more powerful than the sword....Superman would have trouble against these due to them being full on magic....

also he is meant to be able to fly a quite some speed and ill be honest i was under the impression that he should be Medium and this character (who is now on my team) i would be happy to bump up....
Firstly can Animal Man use more than one powerset at a time or does he have to keep switching?And does he actually take form of the creature or just have its traits similar to Vixen?

Also how many unstoppable blades are in this tournament?

Proctor has the Ebony Blade
Black Panther has the Ebony Blade
Brian Braddock has Excalibur
Zauriel has the Flaming Sword and the Trident of Lucifer

Theres a fair few weapons in circulation....

But anyway my vote goes to

Chaos & Order vs Team Alpha Wolf Squadron

I think Harl's choice of the obvious battles worked better than Weig's working around them
Firstly can Animal Man use more than one powerset at a time or does he have to keep switching?And does he actually take form of the creature or just have its traits similar to Vixen?
Just their abilities, same as Vixen. I'm not sure about multiple powers at once.
I don't think he can do multiple at once. Been a while since I read AM though.
Animal Man can't do multiple powers, but he can switch in the blink of an eye.
I'll read the rest of Harl's later, but just off the bat, my team knows that it can't afford to have Kyle take on Fernus, or Vision to take on Kang. My team has the power to force which battles take place, and there's not much that Harl's team can do about it.

Exodus can teleport between Fernus and Kyle, forcing the fight with the Martian (who wouldn't be able to avoid/ignore the mental attacks anyway). And, if necessary, Vision can travel underground intangibly and spring up against Panther while Proctor teleports to force the fight with Kang.

AM and Ben fighting works fine. Neither would likely fair well against other opponents. Maybe Ben against the Panther, but that would probably be a stalemate more than anything.
Tough choice in Wieg and Harl's match. I'm not sure if Kang could stop Proctor's mind-scrambling or not. I've said before, and I'll repeat, if you're going to use Proctor's ability to scramble brains it should be listed in his description. It seems like one of his primary attacks (at least you use it often.) So Kang should at least know about it and be able to try to plan for it.

The fact that the blade makes him immortal is fine to leave out of the description, but I'd think Kang would know this anyway, because Black Panther actually has the Ebony Blade in recent appearances (as Harl notes), and moreover he probably knows about its history from the Black Knight. So I'm not sure that I buy Kang losing due to the surprise factor.

If Kang can get past Proctor, I think he'd beat the rest of Wieg's regs/meds. So that leaves the ubers to their own devices. If the battles are Quasar vs. Exodus and Fernus vs. Kyle, it's clear Harl's team has the advantage. If the battles go the other way, it's pretty much even. So I'd think that eventually Harl's team could manage to switch off opponents and get the more favorable matchups.

How recently has BP had the Ebony Blade? Since before the start of the season?
wiegeabo said:
How recently has BP had the Ebony Blade? Since before the start of the season?
Actually, I have no idea. I only found out he had it by reading it on wikipedia (and was reminded of it because Harl mentioned it). I'm pretty sure it's fairly recent.

EDIT: Apparently, it's from 2005, so definitely before the season. See here.
Incidentally I'd also think "Ebony Blade" should be listed in Black Panther's description. A magical sword that can cut through anything can't really be lumped under "various other tech resources"
Is it really necessary to list everything a character has can do? (I'll agree with the Blade since I list it.) Because at some point it becomes full disclosure (or close enough), and one of the things lineups should be based on is picking characters that know their opponents. If they don't, that's the price you pay for picking those characters.
No, not EVERYTHING a character can do or carries with them, but some basic ideas of what's going to happen are nice.
I wouldn't say everything they can do, but I'd say at least all their significant offensive powers. I'm not going to tell your characters that Magus is ultra-resistant to telepathy, but I am going to tell you he has energy blasts and the Soul Gem. I wouldn't include details, though. E.g., Cyclops has "energy blasts", but the fact that they're strong enough to KO Apocalypse (on at least one occasion), or the fact that they're concussive rather than producing heat, or the fact that they're powered by his absorption of solar energy, or the fact that they can be blocked by ruby-quartz aren't going to be included.

What constitutes a significant offensive power I guess is a matter of opinion, but I think it's dictated by how you use the guy. You used Proctor's brain scrambling as a key attack against Turtle (I think it was Turtle) when you fought Nightwing last week, and now you use it as his first option against Kang. If it's something you're pulling out that often, I think it should be listed. As for Black Panther, I wouldn't expect Harl to list all his equipment (saying "high-tech equipment" seems fine), but a sword that can cut through anything seems pretty noteworthy.

To be clear, I didn't vote against anyone on the basis of them leaving out info in their descriptions, I was just mentioning that I thought those particular bits of info were noteworthy enough to be included.

My vote was mostly based on the fact that the ubers are either an even match or favor Harl, depending on how they're paired, but no pairing seems to favor your team. And also I thought Kang would be hard for your guys to deal with, especially if he operates like Harl wrote and used holograms and such to keep your guys from knowing where he is.

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