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DTL Season 5-Week 3 (Set 1)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 7 days. Days 1-3 (Friday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

Debates will open to everyone on Day 4 (Monday) once I post that they are open. On Day 6 (Wednesday) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Thursday) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Atlantis in the DC universe

Heroes of the New Age
Superman (Kingdom Come) (DU) -- Superman's regular powers - Speed,heat vision,super strength,freeze breath,x ray vision,fly faster than a bullet - but with added resistance to both magic and kryptonite.plus through age and experience his powers have increased ie his strength
Captain Britain (w/excalibur) (MU) -- Similar attributes to superman - speed,strength,flight plus extras magical shield which can withstand more damage than usual,immune to telepathy,can detect any magical shield/illusion/cloaking spell,wields excalibur which is an unstoppable blade which can cut through anything.
Batman (DR) -- highly skill in many forms of martial arts,top detective,intelligent and brilliant stratergist,makes full use of any surrounding hes placed in.
Spider-man (MR) -- wall crawler,has webbing,highly agile,good hand to hand combatant,spider sense
Captain America (MR) -- All american hero,brilliant leader,hand to hand combatant and stratergist,indestructible shield


Everbody In The Case Mare
Wonder Woman (JLA/Witchblade) (DU) -- Wonder Woman's normal super strentgh and superspeed + enhancements made by Witchblade, fire powers, telepathy, reanimation of dead matter
Warlock (Janie) (MU) -- superstrength, superspeed, force fields, teleportation, energy blasts, telepathy
Deadpool (MR) -- agility, healing factor, teleporter, image inducer
Kono (DR) -- Can shift mass between bodies/objects, a cross between Thunder and Shadowcat
Prometheus (DR) -- genius intelect, briliant strategist, fighting skills, paraphenelia: armor that can shoot projectiles, the Nightstick


(Owner - Fantomex)
Orion (DU)
Union (DU)
Johnny Sorrow (DM)
Wolverine (MR)
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) (MR)


The Nameless Wonders
Silver Surfer (MU)
Dark Flash (DU)
Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) (DM)
Traci Thirteen (DR)
Zauriel (DR)
I'm not sure who these Nameless Wonders fellows are, but my team is called Should I Even Bother?.

Heroes Of The New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Superman (Kingdom Come) (DU)
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur) (MU)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)
Spider-Man (MR)


Everybody In The Case Mare (Owner: LadyVader)

Wonder Woman (w/Witchblade) (DU)
Warlock (Janie) (MU)
Deadpool (MR)
Kono (DR)
Prometheus (DR)


Location – Poseidonis, Atlantis (DC Universe)

The Heroes walk the halls of Poseidonis waiting for the instructions of their Omnipotent master Nightwing. They talk amongst themselves as they wait, sitting around a large stone table. They are not in uniform and their identities can be seen by all. Bruce feeling uncomfortable in this guise keeps quiet. Steve and Brian start talking and catching up and Peter approaches Clark.

Peter – ‘So…how are you?...you know I’ve heard about you. The whole jumping in a phone box and changing into costume…’

They continue their conversations when it all starts kicking off in the hall. Peter vaults onto the wall as Clark stands and throws the table in his direction.

Peter – ‘Hey man calm down.’

Steve – ‘What’s going on here?’

Peter – ‘Nothing…I just asked him if everyone he knew was so dumb as to not realise he only gelled his hair,taken his glasses off and put on some blue tights. I didn’t know he’d be this sensitive.’

Bruce (to Steve) – ‘I suggest you shut him up’

Brian and Steve pull Peter off the wall and sit him down in a chair. Bruce calms Clark down and they all sit in silence.

Nightwing said:

Your opponents for this battle ground

Everybody In The Case Mare
Wonder Woman (JLA/Witchblade) (DU) -- Wonder Woman's normal super strength and super speed + enhancements made by Witchblade, fire powers, telepathy, reanimation of dead matter
Warlock (Janie) (MU) -- super strength, super speed, force fields, teleportation, energy blasts, telepathy
Deadpool (MR) -- agility, healing factor, teleporter, image inducer
Kono (DR) -- Can shift mass between bodies/objects, a cross between Thunder and Shadowcat
Prometheus (DR) -- genius intellect, brilliant strategist, fighting skills, paraphernalia: armour that can shoot projectiles, the Nightstick

You have 24 hours to prepare. Don’t disappoint me this time. Oh and put your bloody costumes on. You not gonna go into battle looking like that are you?

The Heroes got their costumes on and Batman headed towards the science department of the city to prepare himself.

Captain America studies the profiles on the opponents and his own team mates to formulate a strategy for the upcoming battle.

Steve – ‘Deadpool…Peter you think you can take your buddy out?’

Peter – ‘Where to? There aren’t any restaurants open.’ Thud! ‘Ow’ Peter clenched his shoulder after Brian gives him a little tap. ‘Ok ok I’ll take care of Wade’

Steve – ‘Warlock…now according to this she’s the exact of Adam Warlock however she isn’t completely invulnerable. Clark you want the job?’

Clark – ‘Who’s gonna take care of Diane?’

Steve – ‘Well considering she is endowed with magic I’m gonna give her to Brian. He has Excalibur which im sure will give Witchblade a run for its money. And considering you mentioned your somewhat more vulnerable to magic that Brian then I figured they’ll know this too and come after you first which could work out for us. Prometheus…

Bruce – ‘I think you can take care of him. He has the ability to upload the martial arts skills of the top 10 fighters of our universe including mine. Your skills however, will be unknown to him giving you the upper hand. Here…’

Bruce hands Steve a small disc.

Bruce – ‘When you get the chance put this disc into his helmet. The virus on it is powerful enough to remove the advantage he has with that. Once this is done he will be a lot more vulnerable.’

Steve – ‘Thanks…well I guess that leaves you with Kono. You know anything about her?’

Bruce – ‘Not much’

Steve – ‘Well if she is anything like Shadowcat like it says then she can phase’

Clark – ‘Like J’onn..’

Bruce – ‘Im sure I can come up with something for her.’

Steve – ‘Ok…we have a little under 12 hours to hone our skills more. If Bruce is willing I’d like to spar with him just in case Prometheus uses his fighting style against me. That way I’ll have something of an advantage in that department. The rest of you study your opponents and get to know their abilities. Plan out your battles if you can.

To be continued…

Heroes Of The New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Superman (Kingdom Come) (DU)
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur) (MU)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)
Spider-Man (MR)


Everybody In The Case Mare (Owner: LadyVader)

Wonder Woman (w/Witchblade) (DU)
Warlock (Janie) (MU)
Deadpool (MR)
Kono (DR)
Prometheus (DR)


Location – Poseidonis, Atlantis (DC Universe)

Nightwing said:
Your 24 hours is up. Go battle

The Heroes make their way out of the main hall. Brian and Clark take to the skies. Batman heads for the building tops, Captain America heads towards the main centre and Spiderman swings off in a separate direction to Bruce.

Spider-Man vs. Deadpool

The first to be encountered is Deadpool. Spiderman’s spider sense goes off as Wade teleports in front of him.

Deadpool – ‘Spidey! Thought I’d run into you.’

Spiderman – ‘Wade…how’s it going? Sucks that we gotta fight huh?’

Deadpool – ‘Are you kiddin’ I’ve wanted to kick your annoying bug ass for years. And I got something real special to show ya too.’

Spiderman braces himself as Wade reaches around his back and pulls something out…

Captain America vs. Prometheus

As Cap heads to the centre of Poseidonis he stands beneath a large statue of Aquaman. He isn’t after the element of surprise for this battle. He wants this to be over with quickly.

Prometheus emerges from the shadows and face Cap.

Prometheus – ‘I thought you would’ve sent Batman to face me. I was looking forward to a rematch, especially after I beat him with his own skills last time

Prometheus inserts a disc into his helmet and closes his eyes as in a millisecond the fighting styles of DC’s greatest fighters is uploaded into his mind. His muscles prepare for what is going to be a tough work out.

Prometheus makes the first move. He runs at Cap and executes a perfect aerial kick only to connect with Caps shield. Prometheus flips back and lands.

Prometheus – ‘Very good. I see you’re quite skilled yourself. Reckon I could learn a lot from you’

Captain America – ‘I reckon you could too’

Cap makes the next move. He launches his shield at Prometheus and runs using the shield as a distraction. As Prometheus blocks the shield he is met by a fist. Even through his helmet he feels the blow. The two trade swings and blows as they try to out match the other. Cap using his aerobatics more than anything to try and confuse his opponent. Prometheus’s muscles dance from one fighting style to the other. Every now and again Cap notices a few trade mark moves of Batman’s. He decides to use this to his advantage. Going off what he had learned from Bruce he dodges kicks and punches until he sees the fighting style shift. As Prometheus starts to use the Dark Knights fighting ability Cap lunges himself under Prometheus’ leg during a round house kick. When he lands his foot onto the floor he can’t see Cap who has managed to duck behind him. He quickly removes the disc from the helmet and inserts the disc provided by Batman. Prometheus falls to the floor as the virus takes effect. Prometheus draws the Nightstick only to have it knocked out of his hand by Caps shield.

Captain America – ‘I guess you have learnt something from me. Always watch your blind spot. Only experience can teach you that.’

Cap swings the shield again across the face of the helmet. A large chunk falls off as Prometheus falls unconscious. Steve then makes his way back to the direction of the hall…although on his way he comes across a peculiar sight.

Spider-Man vs. Deadpool

Spiderman – ‘….wow…no way!...let me see that again’

Deadpool flicks through a selection of photos as Spiderman hangs upside down beside him.

Spiderman – ‘So you’re telling me that you took all these pics without them knowing?

Deadpool – ‘Yep…got a camera in the shower. Diana doesn’t know a thing so don’t tell her.’

Spiderman – ‘You know with that one it’s easier to make out upside down’

Deadpool flips the photo

Deadpool – ‘Oh yeah…say? is that mole…?’

Captain America – ‘Hey!’

Spiderman and Deadpool look up.

Captain America – ‘Don’t you have a job to do?’

Spiderman looks at Deadpool.

Deadpool – ‘Ok let’s get this over with….oh hang on’

As Deadpool puts the photos in his pocket Spiderman gets a cheap shot in and punches him in the face knocking him out.

Spiderman – ‘Ok Cap I’m coming…sheesh. Can’t a guy have some fun anymore?

The two former avengers make their way to the aid of the others.

Batman vs. Kono

Batman leaps from roof top to roof top knowing full well that before long his opponent will show. He sees Diana flying past covered in something unknown to him. As hes observing Wonder Woman, Kono phases up in front of him. He tries to jump over her but the density on his cape has been increased and it pulls him back down. He unlatches his cape and takes his leap. Swinging with both a high kick and a swift punch he hits nothing but air as Kono phases back into the ground. He pulls a pellet from his belt discreetly and releases it as Kono solidifies. She sees this attack and phases again until the gas has cleared. When it has she notices Batman is out of sight. She looks around staying in her phased state to prevent any surprise attacks. Diana had given her all the info she could on Batman. Kono was a little wary of facing him in the first place. She made her way over the roof tops in search of Batman. She saw his cape moving slowly in the shadows. Here she phased into the floor and tried to creep up on Bruce. As she phased up she solidified her arm into the back of the cape. It was at this point that Batman made his move. He struck from the left with great timing as he slammed a small electronic charge on her arm. Before she could phase the electric coursed through her body solidifying the rest of it. She fell unable to move. Batman put his cape back on and dived off the roof tops.

Superman vs. Warlock (Janie)

The ground shuddered and rippled as Superman launches himself full speed at Warlock. She had seen his assault coming and thrown herself in his direction. They both rise, barely a scratch on either. Warlock tries to use her speed to an advantage only to be countered by Clark’s greater speed. Warlock having a better hand to hand combat manage to land some powerful blows on Clark knocking him great distances. As he sores through the air she follows at greats speed to add to his impact with the ground. They tussle on both land and air as one tries to connect a finishing blow on the other. Warlock launches cosmic energy from her hands to try and render Clark unconscious but he counters it mid-air with his heat vision. As the blasts continue they move closer to each other, swinging again at each other, then without warning Clark’s anger sets in. An anger he’s struggled to control as he’s aged. His punches start coming down harder and faster. His heat vision starts to burn hotter. He moves faster than normal, dodging punches and laying his own down on Janie. He grabs her face and launches her across Poseidonis only to meet her before impact at the other side, where he grabs her and launches her with all his strength straight into the floor. She hits hard into the concrete. The entire dome shakes from the impact. Steve and Bruce almost loose their footing from the tremor caused. Clark then continues his attacks again. Repeating the process over and over until Janie physically can’t take anymore. It’s at this point she breaks. Her body feeling weaker than it has before. She falls, not unconscious but exhausted and injured. Knowing she is unable to continue the fight.

Captain Britain, Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America vs. Wonder Woman (w/Witchblade)

Brian sees Wonder Woman flying towards him. He expects her to stop but she just keeps going. She grabs him and pins him up against the side of the dome. Her arm morphs into some form of blade. As she lunges it towards him she’s thrown back as Brian slams his hands into her shoulders. Still wielding her blade, Brian draws his own…Excalibur. They swing the blades at each other, but only one cuts through. Part of the Witchblade is cut off. It reacts in a bad way to this and Diana in a rage punches at Brian. The force field supposedly protecting him takes a massive amount of damage. Bullets and bombshells do less compared to what he’s facing. Before long the blows are affecting him. He counters this with blocks and punches of his own. The Witchblade moves around Diana’s body to protect her from the blows. Brian continues his attack only to be halted by the Witchblade’s movements again. He almost swings for Wonder Woman when her whole body is encased in spikes. She flies at Brian trying to impale him on the spikes only to land on Excalibur. The blade cuts with ease through her body. She grabs his arm and forces the blade through further. She grins as he pushes her off it. The hole where the blade entered quickly seals itself. As she’s about to lunge again she is pulled back by webbing.

Spiderman – ‘Hey lady! I’ve seen what’s under that suit.’

The fact that a man has referred to her as ‘Lady’ annoys her, but now there are four men surrounding her every cut off point and she isn’t planning on going down quietly. Her arm morphs into a chain and she swings it at Spiderman as he clings onto his web. The chain wraps around him and she tosses him aside before snapping through the webbing with ease. Brian swings for her connecting to her face. He knocks her off balance as a wave of explosive batarangs connects with the Witchblade armour. She counters this attack with a wave of fire blasts from her hand taking Bruce out of the battle. Spiderman has gathered to his feet and began an assault of webbing balls to get her attention. It is at this point that both Captains’ see their opening. Cap A launches his shield connecting with the left side of her face, the only part of her body not covered by the armour. She takes the blow hard falling to her right to be met by Cap B’s fist. He hits her hard on the right. Her jaw snapping under his hand. The armour tries to move to her face to heal but the damage she faces after this by Cap B is too much for her to take. He smashes her in the same place hard and fast knocking her to her knees. The fight is then over with another release of Cap A’s shield to the back of her head.

The Heroes face a loss of a fighter but a victory in Poseidonis.
Hey Nighty, i don't mean to be a tight a$$ but that information about the character's powers is given to you the writer, not to the characters. The characters don't receive ANY information except for the names of the people they're facing. So they wouldn't know that Kono has phasing powers. That's just for you.
Sorry, LV, but that's the whole point of those descriptions. This way your team can at least plan a little for complete unknowns.
I see only half of the teams have lineups + descriptions. Do we all do it or what?
yeah the rule now set is that all teams have to provide it otherwise its an illegal line up and they revert to the previous weeks team.
I'm afraid I won't be able to do a write-up until 18 hours from now. I'm going to post it anyway, even if it's overdue. Feel free to not to take it into consideration when you vote guys, since I'm not interested in the least bit in winning this weeks match. I just want to write something funny and entertaining .But that can't happen if I rush it and I have to work on a project tonight. Sorry.
yeah post anyway cos im looking forward to reading...kinda why i chose most of my characters anyway.

also let me know what you think of mine...
Should I Even Bother?

Preptime - Logistics and Team Dynamics

The team:

Silver Surfer - Energy manipulation, matter manipulation, invulnerability, ultra-fast flight, enhanced endurance, enhanced senses
Dark Flash - Super-speed
Blue Beetle III - Flight, energy powers, enhanced physical powers, and weaponry via alien armor
Traci Thirteen - Minor spellcaster, access to vast mystical data and equipment
Zauriel- Flight, enhanced physical abilities, sonic scream, ability to sense magic, ability to sense good and evil, divine armor, divine sword capable of cutting through anything

A team consisting entirely of heroes, Silver Surfer's team are best friends in no time. Focusing on their foes, it becomes clear that Johnny Sorrow is the immediate threat, followed by Union and Orion. Surfer's team high-fives.

The Fight

Moving together through Atlantis because they aren't stupid, Should I Even Bother? spots their enemies a half-mile away. Both teams move. Orion charges first, followed closely by Union. Wolverine hops on Ghost Rider's bike and the two of them take off after their teammates. Johnny Sorrow floats forward after them. On Surfer side, Dark Flash is already gone as Surfer rushes forward. Zauriel and Blue Beetle fly together as Tracy flows at a slower pace, already casting a spell.

As Johnny Sorrow realizes that unless he uses his trump card now he may not get a chance at all and reaches for his mask, Flash climbs a ramp materialzed by Silver Surfer and launches himself at Union. Surfer exchanges fire with Orion. Beetle fires a blast of energy at Ghost Rider, knocking both he and Wolverine off his bike. Tracy Thirteen finishes her spell.

An opaque magical barrier appears around Johnny Sorrow's head, nullifying the effect seeing him would have and, worse, preventing him from replacing his mask, trapping him in a tangibile state. Meanwhile, before Union has any chance to react, the Flash has already leapt at him, grabbed hold of the jewel in his chest and vibrated it away, rendering him powerless. Surfer and Orion remain locked in combat. Zauriel swoops down at Ghost Rider as Blue Beetle unleashes on Wolverine, knowing he doesn't need to hold back. Tracy Thirteen prepares another spell.

Dark Flash knocks Union unconscious. Tracy Thirteen's spell knocks the usless Johnny Sorrow unconscious. Zauriel, as an angel, resists Ghost Rider's penance stare and slashes with his Heavenly sword, delivering crippling blows to the demon. Wolverine is helpless against Blue Beetle. Surfer's Power Cosmic and Orion's Astro-Force seem almost deadlocked until Surfer maneuveres Orion into a position for Dark Flash to steal his Astro-Harness.

Tracy Thirteen joins Zauriel against Ghost Rider and their superior magical might quickly overtakes him. Beetle continues to hold Wolverine at bay. Having taken the the Harness across the entire city, Dark Flash finds that his prize is already making its way back to its owner. Orion, however, is now at a severe disadvantage and falls before his Harness returns. A quick spell puts Wolverine to sleep. Should I Even Bother? wins. They high-five.
Prep time for Everybody in the Casa Mare

Near the bottom of the ocean, where no man dare wander
There is magical place, of mystery and wonder
Under a dome and hidden away
It's the city where all tourists come to say:
"DAYUMN! Look at those dolphins f@#ing!"
That is, if you're into that kind of thing...

It is what it is, where are heroes must go
They awaken with a zap and panic from the get-go
Janie Warlock: Where are we, where could we be?
Deadpool: I don't know but it don't look like Disney
Wonder Woman draws breath and pauses for emphasis
I'm not entirely sure, but I think we're in Poseidonis
Once upon a time, Arthur took me here
I know this place well, so have no fear.
The names of their openents echo clearly in their heads
Except for Deadpool. He thinks about salad spreads.
Wonder Woman: MEN! ALL MEN! With their evil penises of death!
Prometheus: Hey, I have a penis, and it don't bring death!
Deadpool: I have a penis too. Mine's even erect.
Wonder Woman: Quiet you fool. You... I can tolerate.
But they are my oponents, which I loathe, and despise, and hate!
Deadpool: *ponders* Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Wonder WomanSilence, i've had enough of you clown!
Janie: Sorry to disturb you, from your witty banter
But shouldn't we talk before we go further?
Wonder Woman: The girl speaks the truth, as females often do
You will now hear from me and I from you.
I know of Superman and Batman, foul creatures they are.
Prometheus: I know them too, we used to spar.
Deadpool: I know Captain America, old war buddy of mine.
Janie: No he's not. Deadpool: But I do know him, fine!?
Janie: Fine. I know Brian Braddock. I recognise his name.
From the information and knowledge downloaded in my brain.

And away they went plotting and planning
Wonder Woman and Prometheus doing the driving.
Suddenly Deadpool sat upright:
Hey, isn't there something weird about how we talk?
4 pairs of eyes stared at him, or rather they gawked.
Kono: Like what?
Deadpool: I don't know, must be in my head. Now let's get this over with, I need my bed.

- Given that write-ups are closed at the time I am posting this, you will NOT take it into consideration when voting. But since I wrote it, damnit I'm gonna post it!

‘Twas the night before the slaughter,
And all through the town
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a Thanagarian snare beast

Out of the dark comes a girl, with blue hair and blue eyes,
She's scoping the ground, she's scoping the skies.
Kono:"Come out, come out, my color-blind friend,
You're not scared enough to hide, let's not pretend."
The man in the shadows waits to make his move
Unaware that the girl is totally feeling his groove
It's through her friend Janie, that she can sense other minds
So Kono is simply just biding her time
"You who loves sneaking around the most,
Can sneak all you want now that you are a ghost!"
Just as the Bat took a swing at her pretty little head,
He felt all his mass and weight and did I mention mass? spread
Kono had made him light as a feather
And see-through and intangible,

"I'm that good. It's unebelievable!
You'll now fall through the Earth. Fall, fall and how
When you reach China, you should try the Kung Pow!"

The girl soon rushed a couple of blocks away
Where her boy Prometheus attemtped to slay
A boy scout with a shield and quite a physique
Kono:"What am I supposed to do? Oh yeah, wait a tick"
Prometheus was no match for Captain America
Until his fists weighed as much as Costa RIca
Kono had shifted some mass around
So Prometheus suckered punch the cap... and knocked him down.

One lucky punch is all it took.
Now let's go check on that other mook.

By mook I mean Deadpool, Wade Wilson if you prefer
Who over yonder columns is fighting Spiderman, aka Peter Parker
Deadpool:"I say, old chap..." Spiderman:"Wait, you're british now?"
Deadpool:"I am for this match, we can't all be low brow"
Spiderman:"Low brow?" Deadpool"Why yes, as in the Spiderman franchise..."
Spiderman: "Not this again" DeadpooL:"Of course you realise...
It will haunt you forever, Maguire's pretty doe eyes"
Spiderman:"Don't blinkitty-blink at me, it's creepy as hell"
Deadpool: "Don't be so stiff monsieur, or should I say madmoiselle?"
And so they went on, one-liner after one-liner
The spider and the merc with a mouth, piehole if you prefer
Deadpool landed some blows but it was all for naught
That Spidey was wirey
and slippery
and his muscles were taut...
So Deadpool, who wasn't the best sport,
Had to resort
to some shifty maneuvers, like in the middle of jump
He unhooked his belt, you'd think what a chump!
A chump he was not, but rather he was cagey
He gave Spiderman a hug not so friendly
Hooked the teleporter around Spidey's heiny
And teleported him out of the dum-dum-dome thingy.

Outside in the water, Spiderman nearly drowned
But, boys and girls, turn that frown upside down
It's not that kind of story, we love a happy end
So Spiderman was swallowed by a giant fish named Steve...nd.

So much for this small stuff, let's get to the ubers
Superman and Wonder Woman, forget the other losers
"Ah my, wife! Cries Superman. How are you my dear?"
Wonder Woman: "I'm not your filthy concubine, so kiss my rear!"
Superman: "What? You mean you don't love me, Dianikins!?"
Wonder Woman:"I will wipe that smirk off your chinny-chin-chins!"
Superman dodged some tendrils and nearly got crushed
By the weight of her bosom, when right in she rushed
There was crimson on his sleeve, which he was surprised to see
But he kicked Captain Marvel's ass. This b@#ch is history!
They fought. A lot. A lot they fought.
Oh how the city shook and trembled in its spot
Every nook and cranny felt it, every relic
Needless to say, it was pretty epic.
She let her armor fade and Superman took the shot
He laser-visioned the hell out of her, or so he fought
He approached the fallen woman, thinking it was over
When the wound healed itself,
to take him by surprise, and have him skewered.

This **** is a long read. I'm feeling sorry for you.

Last we have a brit too legit to quit
and an all-powerful asian chick
Excalibur can cut through anything, except
Warlock's force fields, that you must accept
Janie could see in the mind of the man she faced

"Damn he's fine! Janie, you're getting off base"
Just when he thought of lunging, she was prepared
With a fistful of cosmic energy for a very close shave

Knocks him out, doesn't finish the job
cause she's pretty decent, and he's VERY hot!
And that's the end, kaput finish
They all died except Spiderman, who's still in that fish.
And Batman, who's still falling through the muck.
Yes, i know, my rhymes do suck. :(

- On the matter of who gets the jump on whom. Warlock can pinpoint the enemy using her telepathy (she can only read minds, not control them) and teleport everybody to their respective targets.
- Makes sense for Wonder Woman to attack Superman because she knows him and she knows the witchblade can HURT him.
ha ha that is class.very well done and the tactics all work too....class.

any qualms with my battle?
Not really, just that you didn't mention Warlock's other abilities, like telepathy and teleportation, but I sorta side-stepped Spiderman's spider sense myself so we're even.

Other than that it's a pretty solid read. I guess it could be argued that you didn't use team work so much (neither did I for that matter), except for the very end, but I appreciate the idea that it would take the entire team to take Wonder Woman down. :D
yeah she is a tough opponent.but notice i didnt use superman for that fight cos then it wouldve been unfair.

did you like my Deadpool/Spiderman battle?
Heroes of the New Age - just because I do not think the Superman of Kingdom Come would go down so easily but I must say the write up was very entertaining

The Nameless Wonders
Heroes of the New Age
Should I Even Bother
Hey Nighty, i don't mean to be a tight a$$ but that information about the character's powers is given to you the writer, not to the characters. The characters don't receive ANY information except for the names of the people they're facing. So they wouldn't know that Kono has phasing powers. That's just for you.
As people mentioned above, this isn't actually true anymore. Let me clarify how the rules have changed this season:

The teams are all provided with basic descriptions of the opposing characters. This is in part so you don't have some super-obscure or alternate universe character having an unfair advantage because no one he's likely to face will have a clue what he can do.

Basically, the team gets a list of powers, but not detailed descriptions of how those powers work, or any knowledge of weaknesses, or anything like that. For that information, they have to rely on what they already know.

E.g.: "Superman -- super-strength/speed/durability, heat vision"
It doesn't need to list every minor power like X-Ray vision. It doesn't need to tell you how strong or fast he is (for instance, Spidey's description would also list super strength). It doesn't need to tell you he's powered by solar energy, or that his weakness is kryptonite.

We're supposed to be submitting these with our lineups, or at the very least posting them at the start of the battle. That way we can choose how much info to give out on our team (within the guidelines I described above). If you don't submit one for your own team, you can't blame your opponent for assuming his characters have more knowledge than you intended to give them.

Of course, we still have to give our opponent as much info as they want -- but only the brief descriptions get passed on to their characters. The rest is just so they can portray your characters accurately in their writeup.
By the way, Wieg has said it's fine if our writeups are occasionally a few hours late. So far as I know the deadline is just to get people to post in a reasonably timely fashion so that there's still time for debate. It's not an iron clad cutoff.

So people really should still consider both writeups fully before voting.

My votes will be up as soon as I finish reading LV's.
Should I Even Bother -- Some clever strategies (like the barrier to keep Sorrow's mask off). Pretty good writeup considering you knew your opponent was a no show.

As for the other match . . . I loved LV's poem! Really funny stuff. But of course we're supposed to vote on content, not style . . .

Hmm, tought decision. I thought both were pretty good. Maybe Warlock was a little underpowered in Nightwing's, maybe Superman went down a little too easy in LV's . . . but nothing too major. I liked LV's point about Warlock being able to dictate the matchups, and I agree that the Witchblade could give Superman some problems . . . so on the strength of those arguments, I'll give this match to Everybody in the Casa Mare.

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