DTL Season 5-Week 4 (Set 1)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 7 days. Days 1-3 (Tuesday-Thursday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

Debates will open to everyone on Day 4 (Friday) once I post that they are open. On Day 6 (Sunday) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day (Monday) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: The Blue Area of the Moon

Last Chancers
Johnny Sorrow (DU) - Ability to kill anyone that directly views his face,intangibility,teleportation,energy manipulation,psionic powers.
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (DU) - Green Lantern Power Ring
Wolverine (MR) - Regenerative healing factor,superhuman senses,adamantium-laced skeletal structure with retractable claws,resistance to telepathy
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) (MR) - strength, ability to ride along any surface, penance stare.
Wild Child (MR) - strenght, senses, healing factor, razor sharp claws and fangs, olympic level gymnast.

Heroes of the New Age
Juggernaut (MU)
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur)
Cosmic King (DM)
Captain America (MR)
Batman (DR)


Bye Week

In Jesus' Name
Thanos (MU)
Captain Marvel (Genis x2) (MU)
Mount Joy (MM)
Multiple Man (MR)
Northstar (MR)
i provided links in the update thread to my characters that couldve been cut and paste to my lineup in here.but ill add this for my opponents sake

Heroes of the New Age

Juggernaut (MU) - Powered by the Cytorrak Crystal,unstoppable,super strength,cant die,immune to telepathy.
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur) - Super speed,flight,magical shield,immune to telepathy,super strength,wields excalibur - sword magically protected by merlin which can cut through anything
Cosmic King (DM) - can manipulate any element in the periodic table
Captain America (MR) - all american hero,brilliant stratergist and martial artist,indestructible shield.
Batman (DR) - high level intelligence,brilliant detective,strategist and martial artist,instills fear,not to be under estimated.
Ok...be gentle on the critisiscm, its my first battle, i'm still not quite sure how it goes.

The Last Chancers

Johnny Sorrow - A man half-bred with another dimension, due to an accident whilst fighting the Justice Society. He has he power of intangibilty, teleportation, energy manipulation, psionic powers, and if he removes the mask that floats where his face should be, he can kill anyone that directly veiws his face.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Perhaps the most notable Green Lantern in history, and wielder of a Green Lantern Power Ring.
Across the years, the power ring has been shown capable of accomplishing virtually anything within the imagination of the one wearing it; the greater the user's willpower, the more effective the ring. No hard upper limit to the power ring's capabilities has yet been demonstrated and it is often referred to as "the most powerful weapon in the universe".

Wolverine - Often regarded as the Marvel Universes tagline character, Wolverine is the most viscious, and morally ambiguos of the X-Men. He has his trade-mark adimantium laced bones, healing factor, and extended senses.

Wild Child - A member of the Weapon X family of mutates, Wild Child is similar to Sabretooth and Wolverine in many aspects. He has the heightened senses and healing factor, but instead has hard bone claws and teeth instead of adimantium lacing. He is equally viscious as Wolverine, if not more, being slightly more feral.

Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) - In many ways more powerful than his long lost brother Johhny Blze, Danny Ketch seems to have bonded with his demon Noble Kale. Danny has the Penance Stare, can ride on any surface, and project fire along with many other abilities.

Prep Time

When they are teleported onto the Moon, the people from each Universe will be familiar with each other. Wolverine and Wild Child were both part of the Weapon X program, and Wolverine would at least recognise the form of the Ghost Rider, if not Danny Ketch himself. Wild Child and Danny would not be as familiar. Hal Jordan would know Johhny Sorrow, having fought him alongisde the Justice Society plenty of times.

Wolverine would know who Juggernaut was, having spent half his life fighting him with the X-Men, so he knows to try and get his helmet off, and then pummel his with psychic attacks from Johnny Sorrow. He'd also know Captain America, having served alongside him during World War II. This would mean he'd know to just attack him with one of the lesser powered people, as his only great advantage is the shield. Finally Wolverine would know Captain Britain through his ties with Excalibur, specifically the X-Men in the group. He should be able to tell the other Uber heroes what their best hope is.

Hal would know that to fight Batman, it would be easiest to fix him with a super power, as he has none of his own. He would also tell the team not to under-estimate him.

Ghost Rider would scout out the surface of the Moon on his own, finding a good place to defend within the Skrull ruins. He would then go back and direct the team how to get there.

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Juggernaut (MU)
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur) (MU)
Cosmic King (DM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


The Last Chancers (Owner: Catman_prb)

Johnny Sorrow (DU)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (DU)
Wolverine (MR)
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) (MR)
Wild Child (MR)


Location – Blue Area of the Moon

Five heroes spawn in a dome, on the Blue Area of the Moon.

Nightwing said:
Your opponents will be arriving in 24 hours. Get to know them, their strengths and if you know them…their weaknesses. Team work is of the essence.

Johnny Sorrow - Ability to kill anyone that directly views his face, intangibility, teleportation, energy manipulation, psionic powers.
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Green Lantern Power Ring
Wolverine - Regenerative healing factor, superhuman senses, adamantium-laced skeletal structure with retractable claws, resistance to telepathy
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) - strength, ability to ride along any surface, penance stare.
Wild Child - Strength, senses, healing factor, razor sharp claws and fangs, Olympic level gymnast.

Captain America – ‘So Bruce who do you know from the list?’

Batman – ‘Hal Jordan is probably the toughest Green Lantern you could face. While he isn’t artistic and creative like Rayner is has the strongest will power of all the Corps. He can create anything he wants with his energy ring. It does have a weakness to yellow but he hasn’t let that stop him before. His shields he erects are near impenetrable.’

Captain Britain – ‘I can handle him. My sword can cut through anything. And im sure I can stay one step ahead of him in the battle.’

Batman – ‘Johnny Sorrow I can see as being the biggest threat to us all.’

Captain America – ‘Why’s that?’

Batman – ‘When he removes his mask all it takes is one glance of his face and you die instantly.’

Captain America – ‘Ghost Rider has something similar to that with his penance stare.’

Captain Britain – ‘Juggernaut can handle Sorrow.’

Batman – ‘Laevar would be best handling Ghost Rider…he could use the very atmosphere around him to his advantage.’

Cosmic King – ‘Nice of you to think so highly of me.’

Batman ignores the comment.

Captain America – ‘Wolverine and I have fought along side before I think I can get the upper hand on him, especially with my shield being tougher than his adamantium.

Batman – ‘That leaves me with ‘Wild Child’.

Captain America – ‘Looks a bit like a poor mans Wolverine. Im guessing your agility is on a par with his?’

Batman – ‘It is however I may need some help with this one as he has speed and strength levels above my own. I can only hold him for so long.’

Captain America – ‘Very well. Once I take care of Logan I will assist as best I can.’

For the next few hours talk of previous battles with and against their opponents took place, Batman checked his utility belt for anything he might find useful to give him the edge in his battle. The rest was left for waiting.

To be continued…..

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Juggernaut (MU)
Captain Britain (w/Excalibur) (MU)
Cosmic King (DM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


The Last Chancers (Owner: Catman_prb)

Johnny Sorrow (DU)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (DU)
Wolverine (MR)
Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) (MR)
Wild Child (MR)


Location – Blue Area of the Moon

The battles begin. The Last Chancers spawn on the planet. Juggernaut makes his run. He ploughs through buildings and debris in an unstoppable path to his opponent, Johnny Sorrow.

Juggernaut Vs. Johnny Sorrow.

Seeing the Juggernaut bounding towards him Johnny teleports out of harms way. Juggernaut spins 180 degrees and makes towards Johnny. As he approaches Sorrow fires a blast of energy to try and split Juggernaut in half but the blast just bounces off like water off a ducks back.

Juggernaut reaches for Johnny only to pass right through his phased body.

Juggernaut – ‘Face the Juggernaut. Let me have some fun’

Johnny solidifies and tries to pummel Juggernaut with mind blasts. Nothing happens.

Juggernaut – ‘No mind can get through my helmet.’

Johnny – ‘Not very intelligent are you? Telling me your weakness or flaws’

Johnny phases through Juggernaut, solidifying to remove the helmet and hurl mind blasts at Cain. Again nothing happens. Juggernaut laughs and taps the skull cap protecting his head.

Juggernaut – ‘Not as dumb as you think huh?’

He grabs Sorrow and rips the mask off his face. Normally this would have brought the attacker instant death but it is ineffective against Cain. Cain hammers Sorrow in the face with a swift punch taking him out of the battle; he gathers his helmet up and makes his way towards his team mates.

Cosmic King Vs. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider drives towards Cosmic King with the intention to take him out with his bike. Laevar sees the approaching flames and uses his manipulation to create a ramp of the ground in front of him to alter Ghost Riders path. Ghost Rider jumps off his bike and whips his chain around Cosmic King. At first the flames start to burn before quickly extinguishing. Then the chain begins to melt and fall away. A wall of flame appears in front of Ghost Rider as he summons it and creeps it towards Laevar. Again the flames extinguish. The area where the flames once stood begin to grow into a thick sheet of metal. The metal starts to creep around as Danny notices his bike is being remoulded into a prison. The metal starts to close up forming a box around him. Ketch is left to attack a prison of metal from his own bike as Laevar walks away.

Captain America Vs. Wolverine

Wolverine uses his speed and samurai training to try and out class and out match Captain America but it seems hopeless. Every blow is met by Caps shield, the one thing his claws can’t cut through and the one thing he was hoping he wouldn’t have to face in this battle.

As each blow is parried, his skull is met with a strike from Caps shield. He tries to block the attacks, which to some extent he is successful with, but Captain America is more agile and aerobatic for Logan to keep up with. Cap using his speed and strength, given to him by the Super Soldier serum, is able to stay only a fraction of a step ahead as Wolverines animal instincts almost catch him off guard. However with a quick scan of the surroundings and calculation of physics he is able to release his shield, causing it to ricochet of a nearby wall and strike Wolverine in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious. Cap grabs his shield and heads to help out an over powered Batman.

Batman and Captain America Vs. Wild Child

Batman hits the floor hard, blood dripping from his mouth. He hasn’t been able to get an advantage over Wild Child yet. His animal like movements is too difficult to predict which leaves him out in the open for attacks.

He rises to his feet, reaching into his utility belt. A small handful of pellets is released at Weapon Omega. The gas which would normally take out a small elephant is dodged. Kyle executes a complex move as he rolls away from the smoke and using his legs throws himself into some form of aerial roll. He launches himself with great speed and lands his foot hard into Bruce’s chest. Bracing for the impact he takes the full brunt of it, but manages to back flip onto his feet and thrust forward and land a blow or two hard into Kyle’s face. Kyle grabs Bruce’s throat and begins to squeeze. He can feel his voice box start to crush.

Kyle – ‘They made me stay in silence. I’m gonna make you do the same.’

Kyle’s grip was broken, as was his wrist, as Caps shield hits him with pin point accuracy. Batman falls to the floor clutching his neck.

Kyle holds his wrist. He may have one less limb but he still has three that he can use extremely well. He launches at Cap, fangs exposed. Cap is weapon less as his shield still hasn’t returned from its boomerang arc of travel. Kyle aims for Steve’s exposed forearm ready to bite through bone and flesh. As he nears, in almost milliseconds, Cap manages to catch his shield and forced it into Kyle’s jaw. The bone of his jaw shatters as the fangs are smashed out. Cap punches him in the face. Kyle stumbles back and turns away from Steve in a bid to heal his wounds. His mouth wide open and bleeding, is exposed to another attack from Batman. Throwing a precision aimed pellet containing a small amount of liquid nitrogen, it lands in the top half of his throat before freezing. As his throat freezes it closes up blocking his airway. Kyle passes out shortly after.

Captain America – ‘You ok?’

Batman – ‘….ne…I’ll be ….fine.’

Captain Britain Vs. Hal Jordan

Hal and Brian race across the skyline of the buildings. Hal one step ahead. As he has a comfortable lead he halts and turns, pulling up a large shield. Brian draws Excalibur and slices through the shield effortlessly and tackles Hal to the ground.

Hal’s body covers in a green suit of armour complete with sword. He swings for Brian only for his sword to be broken and vanish. Brian moves at a great speed and brings his fist into Hal’s body. His concentration is broken and his armour is dropped. Hal remains on his knees before Brian. He erects a large mace and drags it upwards towards Cap B’s face. Brian feels a third of what the impact should’ve been as his shield protects him from the brunt of the blow.

Hal throws everything and more that he can from his ring at Brian only to be blocked, broken or dodged. Brian continues to hammer his body to a state of unconsciousness bringing the Last Chancers last warrior to his defeat and giving victory to Heroes of the New Age.
It's been decided by the team that:

Johnny Sorrow will fight Captain Britain
Hal Jordan will fight Juggernaut
Ghost Rider will fight Batman
Wolverine and Wild Child will team up on Captain America
Cosmic King will be dealt with by whoever is left standing

Johnny Sorrow vs Captain Britain

Cap Britain may have a sword that can cut through anything, but I bet it wouldn't be able to cut through a man that can go intangible. Or rather it would go straight through him, seeing as Johnny is as good as thin air when intangible. So I think that Johnny would play with Cap for a few minutes, seeing if he can take him out without killing him outright. He'd throw a few psionic blasts Caps way, but im sure his magical sheild would take care of them. Any blows Cap threw would be easily doodged, by teleporting out of the way. After a few minutes he'd just pull off his mask and kill Captain Britain. Seeing as he doesn't have any morals, being an evil bugger, he'd have no problem with it.
One point to the Last Chancers

Hal Jordan vs Juggernaut

Juggernaut would whip Hal's ass in this. All Hal could try and do is put up as many strong barriers as he could, to slow Caine down. He may try and knock Juggernauts helmet off, to try and get a clear shot at his head, but even if he did, I doubt that any of his ring powers would do much damage to him. At first Hal would stay off the ground so Juggernaut can't hit him, but over time his power ring would run down, and he'd end up at floor level. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he'd get trampled into oblivion by Juggernaut.
One point to the Heroes of the New Age

Ghost Rider vs Batman

Hal Jordan would've informed Danny of what little he knew about Batman. All you can tell is that he is obviously a very troubled individual. Using this knowledge he would try and get as close to Batman as possible early on. As soon as he was near enough, he would make eye contact with Bruce, and use the penance stare on him. This would be especially effective on Batman, seeing as his whole origin is based on the loss of his parents. He'd be left curled up on the floor like a baby, emotionally crippled. If Bruce knew about Ghost Riders penance stare in advance, and closed his eyes, Danny would either beat the hell out of him, while Bruce couldn't look, or use enchanted flame, and burn him. The burning would probably leave him alive, seeing as Danny wouldnt want to ideally kill a hero.
One point to the Last Chancers

Wolverine and Wild Child vs Captain America

This isn't really a hard one. Wild Child is basically a feral animal, so Wolverine could drill it into his head during prep time, to take any of Caps shield shots, instead of Wolverine himself getting hit. This tactic, while ruthless, would work. The shield would rip Wild Child up, but he'd have time to regenerate himself, while Wolverine jumped in on Cap and ripped him up with his claws. Wolverine has less morals than Cap does, so he wouldn't be afraid to fight dirty. With an animal on one side, and a skilled fighter with better weapons than him on the other, Cap's strength wouldn't last long against the two Weapon X team-mates. At very worst the sheild will hurt Wild Child so bad that he can't regenerate himself quick enough, and he dies. But thats no big loss.
One point to both Last Chancers and the Heroes of the New Age (assuming Wild Child is beaten)

Ghost Rider and Wolverine vs Cosmic King

This would be the hardest fight I think. Cosmic King could basically turn the air into poision around Ghost Rider and Wolverine. However with Ghost Rider having a flaming skull for a head, I don't think that many natural poisions could hurt him. Sure, if Cosmic King could make some kind of chemical that could harm supernatural creatures, he may be in with a chance, but I can't think of any, except Holy Water, and that isnt an element. Wolverine could survive most punishment for a while, but some of the more dangerous stuff could eventually wear him down. However i think that would be after Wolverine and Ghost Rider kicked his ass. If he turned all the oxygen in the atmosphere into lead, that would be Wolverine out, but Ghost Rider could carry on, in his half demon state, as he isn't actually human when he's like that. Again, Danny just has to get close enough to administer the penance stare, and Cosmic King would be out of it. Danny would have no problem with that seeing as Cosmic King is a villain. He'd just do what Cosmic Kings soul deserved.
One point to Last Chancers.

Johnny Sorrow vs Juggernaut

This would be quite hard to tell. Juggernaut can run through anything, yet Johnny can turn intangible. I think that the only way Johnny could win, is if he went intangible inside Juggernaut, then turned solid inside him. That wouldnt kill him, seeing as he can't die, but it would probably hurt enough to knock him out. Even if Johnny just took his mask off, it couldn't kill Juggernaut. But it ought to have some effect, just knock him out maybe? However if Johnny turned tangible, where Juggernaut could get him, then he'd be flattened. It would be a close match, but I think Johnny could just pull it off, if he played really dirty. But that's what villains do anyway.
One point to Last Chancers

5-2 to Last Chancers. Last Chancers win.
A few points to add to my teams strategy and line up choices.

Most of Catman's team can be countered in some way by my team which automatically gives me an edge.

Hal can erect shields which Excalibur can cut through, Brian also has a mystical shield which can protect him from Telepathic attacks from Sorrow and take most of the blow from physical attacks from any of the other Chancers.

Wolverines claws can cut anything except for Caps shield which mixed with Caps strength and speed will put him in the advantage point.

Cosmic King can attack Ghost Rider from a safe distance from his penance stare and can manipulate the flames and the matel projectiles fired at him.

Juggernaut is unstoppable and unkillable. Since neither the telepathic attacks or the energy attacks can affect Marko then Sorrow would have to rely on his killing stare which, in this instance wouldnt work seen as Cain is unkillable. He could try and wear Marko out but he suffers no ailements or fatigue so that wouldnt work.

Wild Child is like a poor man's Wolverine and whilst his animal like appearance and movement can be unpredictable he cant heal as fast as Sabretooth or Wolverine and has got Adamantium bones leaving him vulnerable to a down right good kicking.

Juggernaut would be the biggest problem for the Chancers. Had this been in an open top battleground then a quick push into the atmosphere would make it over quickly however Catman's misfortune placed us in a sealed dome. Even if the combine efforts of all the Chancers to take on Juggernaut it would require the removing of a helmet and skull cap to get Sorrows telepathy to work...and they would also have to have gotten through the other HOTNA fighters.

In Last Chancers defense.

Batman would probably be my weakest link in this match having no super strength/speed or regenerative properties. therefore any one of the Chancers couldve taken him out. Wild Child wouldve struggled most with this task i think but without outside interference from Cap A this battle couldve gone in the direction of Wild Child.

Ghost Rider would probably be able to take out alot of my team had he got a chance of stopping King. However with long range attacks against Ghost Rider he cant perform is vital Penance Stare.

Overall - Heroes Of The New Age would pretty much walk this battle with the exception of the odd battle.
Thats why i chose my fights to counter that :woot:
I noticed in your Cap A vs. Wolverine/Wild Child battle you had Wild Child heal quickly. If im not mistaken Wild Child wouldnt heal that fast considering he cant heal at the same rate as Sabretooth and Wolverine. Also the shield is made of Adamantium and vibranium which is tougher than Wolverines claws, Wild Child is made of bone. A powerful blow to the head would render him unconscious whether it cut him or not. That would take him out of the battle easily leaving Cap to square off with Wolverine who wouldnt be able to match Cap's fighting style or penetrate the shield.
You seem to be over-rating Caps fighting skill compared to Wolverine. Cap was frozen in a block of ice since 1945, and Logan spent all of that time wandering around the world, picking up a load of fighting skills on the way. Cap couldn't have learnt much since his WWII days in the ways of fighting, but Wolverine has. Cap may be stronger than Logan due to the serum, but that doesn't garuntee a win. Plus if I have Wild Child blocking all the sheild attacks, and tbh getting the crap knocked out of him, then Wolverines got an open target. If Cap did knock Wild Child out, i assume the motion of the blow would carry him down, exposing at least some part of his body to Wolverine, who would then exploit that.
Yes im aware of Wolverine's fighting skills.But you're underestimating Cap.He is a very skilled fighter not only after being frozen but before as well.The serum give him an added edge in fitness,strength and speed. Even if he takes out Wild Child he is smart enough and experienced enough to not leave his body open. All he would need to do in a single swift movement is a sweeping kick to take Wild Child's legs out and keeping at bay for a few seconds whilst he knocks Wolverine back, then once Wolverine is at a safe distance (dont forget Cap has long range and medium range attack where as Wolverine only has close range) he can spin with his shield to knock out the grounded Wild Child and still maintain composure and stance to face a charging Wolverine which he could quite easily take out with his shield either from a distance or up close.
I think I prefer Nightwing's matchups, but not his reasoning.

JUGGERNAUT VS. JOHNNY SORROW--Juggernaut isn't unkillable, he's ALMOST unkillable. Just like he's not actually unstoppable, he's ALMOST unstoppable (I'm sure we all remember that crappily-drawn cover, "WHO STOPPED JUGGERNAUT?" or whatever.) Therefore, Juggernaut goes down like a little ***** to Johnny Sorrow when he rips that mask off--if Johnny doesn't kill-stare him even earlier.

COSMIC KING VS. GHOST RIDER--How does Laevar extinguish supernatural flames? He works on a chemical level, not a mystical one. I don't buy that fight at all. Ghost Rider gets Cosmic King in close and penance-stares him all the way to Sunday. This was the one matchup Nightwing did that I didn't like. Ghost Rider should have gone against Batman--I see that being a little more even, and then Cosmic King takes on Wolverine. I think Cosmic King could have some fun with that adamantium Wolverine's got on him.

CAP VS. WOLVERINE--Yeah, much as I hate to admit it, Cap takes this one from Wolverine.

BATMAN/CAP VS. WILD CHILD--I actually think this fight would go even MORE in favor of Batman/Cap. Wild Child is desperately outmatched.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN VS. HAL JORDAN--I think you underwrite Hal here, Nightwing. Hal seems very uncreative. If the ring constructs aren't working, he'll manipulate the environment. He'll rip up a building and throw that. ****, he'll throw dirty in Cap's face and THEN hit him with something. Hal takes this fight because he's faster (that ring can carry him a LONG way REAL quick) and he can, at the very least, keep Cap occupied until someone else comes along. I'm more likely to believe that GL takes it on his own.

So this leaves us with Johnny Sorrow, Ghost Rider, and Green Lantern against Captain America, Batman, and MAYBE Captain Britain. I don't think it's hard to see how that fight turns out. So although Nightwing's matchups were better than Catman's, I'm inclined to vote Catman. I'll leave that open in case Nightwing convinces me otherwise before voting's over.
Juggernaut if im not mistaken has had the very flesh and muscle ripped of his bones and the Cytorrak Crystal kept him not only alive and moving but still powerful. All of Johnny's attacks would be useless against Juggernaut's shield (which if you check Wiki he does have), Johnny wouldnt be able to phase through Juggernaut and explode him from the inside and he wouldnt be able to take him out with the stare. Ok so it may knock him out but it wouldnt kill him.

I was contemplating having Cosmic King take out Wolverine but unfortunately Wolverine's adamantium doesnt quite have a spot on the periodic table so for Laevar to manipulate it wouldve been impossible. The flames that Ghost Rider in my mind werent mystical.The one on his head maybe, and ok so the chain ones may have been as well but i was going out on a limb. It didnt say in any bio I read of his that his flames couldnt be extinguished. And anyway Bolto only manipulated the oxygen in the air to extinguish it. As for taking him out i didnt actually have him taken out unconscious wise just trapped and unable to continue his fight.

Batman was only out matched in his battle because A, Wild Child is somewhat tougher bone structure wise and his movements are unpredictable. Once Cap A turned up Wild Child didnt have a chance which is how I wrote that battle.

I didnt underestimate Hal in the slightest. Cap B when entering this fight knew what to expect but anything that Hal could throw would and could easily be dodged, blocked and cut through but Brian. A, he has a sword that could do more damage to Hal's light constructs that any yellow object could, B,he can move at the speed of sound, C,his shield is powerful enough to take tank shells so any blow from slightly distracted Hal wouldnt affect him much. Hal needs to concentrate to erect powerful shields and if theyre being cut through or he's being winded,punched or generally struggling to keep up with Brian its going to be hard to focus. If he was to throw things in Brian's face it wouldnt affect him. He has a shield up which dirt wouldnt get through.

And if the battles werre to go in the direction of your predicted out come and Brian was still in there then Brian could take out Sorrow as he would have been told not to make eye contact with his face so whilst Sorrow is removing the mask Brian could move at Mach speeds and take him out, again the outcome I spoke of with Hal and Brian would already come into play and Hal would be out leaving Cap,Bats and Cap B to take on Ghost Rider. Long range attacks from Cap A and Batman would work to keep him occupied whilst Brian goes to work taking him out. The chains/spikes could be cut with Excalibur and they would all know to keep their distance from GR to prevent the penance stare being used. And it would just take a powerful blow from Brian to take him out.
Had a big post all written out about why I still disagreed, and of course it really hinges on Hal beating Cap B, which I still think he does, but the Hype! ate my damn post. So here's a low-grade substitute: I'm voting Catman.
For the record there, Ari, you're not supposed to debate. Just to vote. What you did was okay, but it'd be against the rules, as I understand them at least, to debate further on that. It's not your job to convince people in this case, it's Catman's.
Oh, I thought feedback was supposed to happen?
There's a difference between feedback and actively debating for or against a write-up.
Heroes of the New Age

First off, two tips for the Last Chancers: Give your characters some more credit - Hal Jordan could handle the Juggernaut. Ditch Wildchild. He's a pretty useless regular. Your write-up was pretty solid and you debated well enough. Good first effort.

Now, NW, I dig the nobility, but don't point out your own weaknesses. Also, last I checked, the Blue Area isn't a dome. At least, not all of it. Attilan would be, but the ruins, nope. I didn't agree with your Juggernaut strategy, but you defended yourself well enough in the debate. Captain America and Batman are too much for Wolverine and Wildchild, and Johnny Sorrow can easily be dealt with once you know his weakness.
Harl - cheers. Appreciate the feedback.

The Juggernaut strategy I was actually quite pleased with. After Sorrow uses most of his attacks then it wouldnt leave much for him to do other than the death stare. And with both characters out of different universes its kind of difficult to say what would affect one person and not another...

but again thanks.
Last Chancers

'Wing's was good, but I think Johnny could effect Juggernaut, and Cosmic King would have a hard time with GR. Catman's put up a good first effort.
Gotta go with Catman. I liked his matchups better, and he did pretty decent in the actual debating. Very good first time. Still, I do agree with whoever said to ditch Wild Child. He's pretty worthless.

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