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Dwayne Johnson is Like Cage?

I could so dig Dwayne Johnson as Luke Cage. I just know that it probably won't happen. I still want him as Black Adam in a Captain Marvel film. I know that ain't happening either.

Too much negativity.

>Like Cage

And no. Bruh is too light skin I'm sorry. I didn't even know he was black until a couple weeks ago.
While that image looks pretty cool and I have been a Rock fan for years, I too feel he is not "black" enough.

Terry Crews has more of the look I am thinking of...
Count me in as a fan who would like to see Dwayne Johnson/The Rock as Luke Cage. Yes, I know he's only half Black, but he was cast as Roadblock in G.I.Joe 2 and he did a good job with it. Terry Crews is a good candidate as well, but The Rock's screen presence as Cage would be better. I hope Feige was sincere about casting The Rock in the MCU, because a star of his caliber would be an asset to the Marvel franchises.
Along with what I said earlier, he just doesn't embody Cage to me. He's way too, uh, not urban. He doesn't convince me as a guy who grew up on the streets and I just don't see them transforming him into that either.
what does a guy who grew up on the streets look like lol

woody allen was born and raised in brooklyn btw
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I didn't say look, I said he doesn't embody it to me and I don't see them being able to convince me of it either. He just doesn't.

And please don't compare Woody Allen to Luke Cage that's ridiculous and irrelevant.
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Lol get Erik King

surprise mother****er
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Dwayne is just responding to an earlier interview where Feige said he'd love to get The Rock into the MCU. There's nothing concrete about any kind of sit-down talks or negotiations or even just spitballing.

Like others have said, I'd prefer someone who can generate a more streetwise vibe for the character; but if Dwayne wants the job, and Marvel wants him for the job, I sure as hell wouldn't argue with the marquee value it would bring.

The only thing I *wouldn't* want is what's shown on that fan poster above: SHIELD?!? Good god, no ---- that fanwankery comes from a total disregard for everything the character stands for. Cage is an independent, a free spirit. Heroes for Hire (mercenary/private eye) or nothing.
i'd rather get a hemsworth kind of person (in the sense of a young up and comer with a great audition, not one of thros brothers lol)

like a Michael B Jordan if the F4 rumor goes nowhere
I was actually thinking if Jordan the other day. Bulk him up and I think he works.

That being said, I would definitely be down with The Rock.
I just joined, so I'm still getting the hang of this. :p Hello everybody!

Anyways, on topic: I would love to see The Rock tackle Luke Cage!
He's not chocolate skinned, I object :o

Hi Peter
For the longest time, I didn't know he was half black either. When I eventually found out he was Samoan, I was like "Ooooh! I can totally see that.". Then I found out he is half black too, but he always looked more Samoan than black to me.
He does. If you've watched the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, james Bond's physical adversary, the stocky, well built driver he puts down is the Rock's maternal grandfather, peter Maivia. Dwayne looks just like him Samoan granddad and less like his dad.
Great choice. He black enough. Ask someone what the rock is; theyll say black. Hes black. And hed be perfect as Luke Cage. Hes actually a great actor and is getting better and better as he proved in Snitch which is a good showing of how he would be perfect for this film. So people stop complaining, everyone should be excited if he really has been chosen as Luke Cage.
My only problem is that Luke cage would tower over thor, and would probably be significantly bigger than him too...which is weird

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