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Ellen Page And Cillian Murphy Ready For Peacock!


Mar 13, 2005
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According to Variety, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy have signed up to star in psychological thriller Peacock. Ellen Page just can’t stop getting interesting roles. We told you last week that Ellen had signed up to star in horror Drag Me To Hell, which will be directed by Sam Raimi, and now she has got herself another interesting movie. Peacock is a psychological thriller that evolves around Murphy’s character who has a split personality. He fools the town into believing his two alter egos are man and wife. Page plays a struggling young mother who holds the key to his past and sparks a battle between the personalities.
“‘Peacock’ stunned me as a script from start to finish,” Murphy said. “It offers an incredible challenge to an actor — one I couldn’t turn down.” Page added, “This is one of the boldest screenplays I’ve come across in my albeit short career; it’s a character and story I can throw myself into and exactly the type of movie I love to be a part of.”
Cillian Murphy is best known for his roles in 28 Days Later, Batman Begins and Sunshine. Having seen him in all three, I cannot wait to see what he does in Peacock. I always like a psychological thriller to get the old cogs in my head turning.
Peacock will be directed by newcomer Michael Lander, who co-wrote the script with another newcomer Ryan Roy. However, the fact that they have been able to get these two young talented actors on board speaks volumes.
Damn, Page is getting paid. She'll moving out of that little apartment in Brooklyn.
Cillian Murphy is solid... I got to see Sunshine... a very average film but he did manage to stand out the most in an ensemble cast... this is a decent combo... Page and Raimi sounds more interesting though.... depends on who's directing this film before I'd pick one over the other though.
I love both of them, so I'm pretty much sold already.
Source: Variety
February 15, 2008

Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy will star in the psychological thriller Peacock for Mandate Pictures, according to Variety.

The title is derived from tiny Peacock, Neb., where Murphy's character, a split personality, fools the town into believing his two alter egos are man and wife. Page plays a struggling young mother who holds the key to his past and sparks a battle between the personalities.

Shooting starts in May. Michael Lander will direct from a script he co-wrote with Ryan Roy. Peacock marks the first film from Lander and Roy.

Page has booked three films in the span of a month. She will next star in Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell and then segue to Peacock before taking on the starring role in Whip It, Drew Barrymore's directorial

I like both of these actors and i think it sounds very promising.
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Looks interesting but I can't believe that these people wouldn't realize that the wife is just Cillain Murphy in a dress. He's not even disguised that well. Is Peacock a suburb of Metropolis?
This was nothing like I expected it to be, for starters I didn't know it was a period piece, not sure what the actual mystery is going to be but the trailer made me interested enough that I'll check it out.
Judging by this trailer, I really could've seen this become something of a sleeper hit. They could've just ran with the whole psychological thriller theme. Stupid studios (grumbles)...
I went to high school with her:awesome: almost took her to prom too. if only i knew...
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the trailer looks good

cillian murphy is such a creepy looking guy, like the type of guy that would kill you without hesitation within seconds but he's awesome :D

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