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Arrow Episode 12: Vertigo Rate & Review Thread

Human Torch

Aug 27, 2012
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I guess I'll kick off the discussion this week.

I was trying pretty hard to stay enthusiastic for this one,but the soap stuff once again seemed to take over the main focus.I found it hard to take Thea willing to go to prison to prove a point to Moira.The Island stuff was about as dull as it has been since the first few weeks. I did like Vert-er I mean,The Count.(I'll bet I wasn't the only one to get a laugh out of the line "Do you know why they call him the Count?" Because he loves to count things!)Still,as is the way of this series,he didn't really do a whole lot.

I guess,I'll give it an 8/10
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Best episode so far. Starting to really hate Thea though
^ Agree...best episode yet! Loved every bit of it! Can't wait until next week!

...and holy Felicity Smoak! :wow:
I don't think this was as good as last weeks but it was still enjoyable. I hope we get to see more of the Count in the future.
I don't think this was as good as last weeks but it was still enjoyable. I hope we get to see more of the Count in the future.

We will for sure. They showed him still alive.

Anyone else wish that these Villians would actually put up a fight? Dark Archer is the only one who has really even threatened Oliver
This week was decent and The Count was pretty good with the time that he got. He along with Deadshot are villains I'd like to see back. After he got the taste of Vertigo toward the end it reminded me of when Bats turned the fear gas on Crane in BB. "Scare...crow."

I like Thea. I mean she's hot and all but again, more time is spent on her than the actual threat in an episode. It'll only continue once Roy is introduced, but this is my only minor complaint. Hopefully now that her and Moira made peace their back and forth with one another will end for a bit before the next "I hate you!"

Also, can we appreciate how freakin' awesome Deathstroke looks? Doesn't matter in what kind of scene he's used - the look of the costume as a whole comes off really well in live action. His fight scene tonight was boss.

And of course, last week's "twist" with Yao was only apart of something bigger. Nice to see more of Felicity at the end. More Felicity is always good. Bring on next week.
We will for sure. They showed him still alive.

Anyone else wish that these Villians would actually put up a fight? Dark Archer is the only one who has really even threatened Oliver
Oh for sure. I've been wanting that since Deadshot showed up. Sometimes the fights feel either too easy or too short. Although The Count really couldn't do much as he was just a drug dealer. But yeah, Dark Archer so far has been the only one to really take it to Ollie.
Pretty good episode. The Count was good as his own villain, but as a version of Count Vertigo, I was pretty underwhelmed, and hope they have a revision in mind so they can bring a more accurate version of him into the show at some point.
The only real problem I had was that the actor for The Count seemed to be trying too hard to be like Heath's Joker at times.
Last week focused on Diggle, this week focused on Oliver's sister Thea who was on trial for using the Vertigo drug. We also saw her working as an intern at Dinah's law offices and embraced her mother once again. Felicity is on the verge of being inside Oliver's circle when she exposed the truth about her mother at the end of the episode. Count Vertigo made his debut in the show and is the Green Arrow equivalent of Joker. Deathstroke was awesome in the flashbacks and I hope they bring him in to the present. Great episode.
The villain was awful. Over the top, and just awful.
Not a fan of what they did withe Count Vertigo. Instead of turning him into some Scarecrow rip off they shouldve found a better way to adapt the character. He shouldve been a suave foreign guy who knew his way around the law and who was an actual Count.
The drama stuff between Thea and Moira wouldn't be so bad if they just don't go extreme with it every single time. Subtlety goes a long way.
Another great episode, except for the count who was awful. He even talked like Ledger did as Joker.
I really love this show but it's time they step out of the shadow of the bat.
I am glad Oliver Is getting hint his mother Isn't who he thought she was.Considering It
was his father who was most likely targeted for death by group.

The Island flashbacks are almost a different show.It's going to be Intresting to see Oliver's ordeals on Island.

Untill such time they are ready to start Laurel's journey to Black Caarney I prefer to watch Thea.Although that may be starting when her mother shows up.

This show was modeled parlty on the Nolan batman so you should expect lot of Influences on show.
Another great episode, except for the count who was awful. He even talked like Ledger did as Joker.
I really love this show but it's time they step out of the shadow of the bat.
I didn't see much Ledger on him, he acted more like Gary Oldman in Leon.
I thought the episode was ok. Didn't really like the Count. Every time I heard the word said, I kept thinking of the Sesame Street character.

I find myself more interested in the story of Ollie's time on the island than what's currently happening (except for Felicity).
I loved this episode, Oliver's investigation into Vertigo was well done and the scenes with Oliver, his Mom and Thea really moved those characters along, especially Thea.

I knew last weeks "shock" ending would be a swerve, interested to see how that continues next week given the pics posted for the ep.

Was anyone else expecting some kind of reveal on the CI for Ollie's hot cop friend at the end?

I liked that Vertigo was a total loony psycho, it was a nice over the top comic booky performance.

Edit* Also glad Ollie will now start looking into his Mom and progress that bigger plot.
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I liked most of what the episode had to offer except for The Count. He kinda sucked
The Count was too over the top for my liking but other than that, it was a pretty good episode.
I liked the action in this episode much better than previous Eps because it seemed more clear that Ollie's heart was in it. The background of how the Count was corrupting Thea, and was a totally despicable drug dealer, it just made me root for Ollie even more because this one isn't just business as usual, He's not just hunting a name on a list for dear old pops.

What I didn't understand was the totally inexplicable lies to the police. I mean, its one thing to tell Felicity that he ran out of Gatorade bottles, but to tell the cops that, "no really, I was just there to MEET the renowned drug dealer so I can tell you what he looks like, not buy drugs from him, I swear!" , It makes me think Detective Lance is going to start putting 2 and 2 and 2 together. Ollie was also interested in that Firefly, right? and remember that suspicious clothing grab, allegedly to go meet a woman who Ollie can't seem to relocate? Oliver just has a bad smelling excuse in every episode and every time the Archer makes an appearance the cops know about it.

I predict Oliver is going to use Smoak to cover for him from Lance in the next couple episodes, probably by tampering with something in an illegal way, and that's when he will have to bring her into the fold finally.
First of all I have to start with a negative just to get it out the way but ThebCount was way too hammy and it seemed out of place with this show. Whoever was directing this should have told him to tone it down, I was really excited to see him so this was a rather disappointing aspect. Hopefully he can come back and be less hammy.

Once again the island flashbacks were unbelievable, Deathstroke was so badass. I knew that Yao Fei hadn't turned on Ollie.

I thought it was very cool that the Vertigo drug disorientated Oliver. They did a very good job of making it do what Count Vertigo's super power does in the comics by having it be a long lasting after effect if the over dose. It was an awesome visual seeing Ollie fight the effects of the drug whilst kicking ass.

Great ending, Ollie knows his what his Mothers been up to. Cannot freakin' wait until next week.

Hammy villain aside this episode was fantastic not quite as good as last weeks but gets a very high 8 out of 10.
Wrote it elsewhere but I loved the Count.

So far the villains on Arrow have fallen into those who had bad things happen (Firefly), and those doing it for profit (Deadshot) or usually both (royal flush/Ted/Merlyn).

The Count doesn't fall into this. Yes he profits, but when he killed that henchman, he was just evil/insane. Completely different kind of villain added a completely different dimension to the show? Was it too unrealistic? Perhaps, but there are some bad people out there, and it makes logical sense that Arrow would want to stop people like him.

As for the end, it opens a lot of scope for the Count. Will he have powers? He will certainly be crazier/more unpredictable we would assume? I don't think we'll be seeing him again soon, but given the unusual acting style and the fact he seemed more out of a movie than a tv show, perhaps he'll get his own long arc in the future.

I liked the episode and character. Deathstroke fight scene was great too, as was most of the island. 9/10.
I think that this was a great place to start for the Count. Sort of a Joker/Scarecrow melding. I especially liked how he compared Vertigo to wine ("56 people died to perfect this high").

Here's what I'd like to see for his return:

Instead of making him crazier, what if his Vertigo exposure, the drug makes him somewhat "passively" insane. I'd like to think that the high gave him this "epiphany" and now he's a smooth, business savvy drug lord who views Vertigo as a kind of "enlightenment".

Anyone following me on this?
The Count was really poorly done, the hammyness didn't work in this world. The reason it worked in the Dark Knight was the fact that the Joker was not only insane but colourful. He wore a purple suit and makeup. Whereas the Count was just some hammy drug dealer, it was too clear he was putting on an impersonation of the Joker here. He should've been far more serious. I imagined the Count to be a well dressed man. Who yes is crazy but not with the way he acts by his actions, I.e. Killing someone without a moments thought. I really think they dropped the ball with the Count.

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