Eric Bana originally wanted lead in Ghost Rider

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Nov 17, 2005
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before Arad persuaded him to do The Hulk. I was just searching for some old Hulk news to find out what other directors were considered for the original film and found this. I never knew this...maybe you did. This is old news but it's interesting to imagine Bana as Blaze too.

Head of Marvel Studios, Avi Arad, recently spoke to Empire Australia Magazine about a handful of Marvel Comics-based films in or near production.

As previously reported, Arad says in the interview that Eric Bana was initially interested in playing the lead in Ghost Rider and that Bana and Arad hit it off immediately. Arad eventually persuaded Bana to pursue the role of Bruce Banner in The Hulk as opposed to Ghost Rider. The reason behind this is because Arad had his eyes set on Nicolas Cage for the Vengeance Spirit-possessed motorcyclist. "Ghost Rider to me was always Nic Cage", says Arad "because he has the eyes." Arad called Ghost Rider "one of the greatest morality tales" and mentions that they are about to start work on the film. Additionally, Cage recently made appearances on The MTV Movie Awards, The Late Show with David Letterman, and other shows wearing a black leather biker jacket. While that alone may conjure images of Cage as Johnny Blaze, reportedly the most interesting part of the jacket was the image of a flaming skull on the back. Perhaps we may still see Cage in the role, despite the film going through a number of changes.

The Hulk is currently filming, under the direction of Ang Lee, while
I don't know about anyone else but, I defiantly did not see this news before nor talk about it with anyone. Great find AD!

Bana as Blaze eh? I'm not sure if that would have looked right to me. Dan perhaps. Would have been pretty freakin' neat to see though as Eric is a brilliant actor, in my opinion.

What I find most interesting about it all is that he was interested in playing the lead in Ghost Rider, which probably means he's a fan of the comic... perhaps.
I'm gonna e-mail clint@moviehole right now and see what Eric Bana has to say now. The last thing Eric said was "Nobody's talking about Hulk 2".

Now what? LOL
Why are you emailing this clint guy again? I'm confused a little.

As for Bana and Hulk 2, if he's not the Banner, then I don't wanna see it.
^ Clint is friends with Bana and talks to him on a regular basis. I suggest you e-mail clint too and ask him to get an update for all of us fans. I did.
Oh... I see. I'd love to know if he is a fan of GR or not...

Methinks an email is awaiting to be conjured up...
I never knew that. I wouldn't have had a problem with Eric Bana as Blaze. He's a solid enough actor to pull anything off well.

However, I feel it wouldn't have been right to give the role to someone else, considering how closely Nic Cage has been involved with the project. He's been a driving force behind it for years. He earned his spot in the saddle.

I rather see someone as dedicated to the character as Nic Cage is as the star, but it would be interesting to see how Eric Bana would play the same role.
Bana would have made an excellent Dan Ketch.
This seems old to me. Because I know I have heard it before.
Yeah, it's definatly old news but, new to a lot of us.
RedIsNotBlue said:
This seems old to me. Because I know I have heard it before.

Of course it's old news. I wrote that in my post....but I never heard that before and now since Hulk has come and gone and Ghost Rider has completed filming it's interesting to look at this bit of "old" news. When it was written Ghost Rider didn't have anyone attached to it and it was in development hell, and Hulk was not even out yet.

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