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Favorite Homunculus

Genesis 1.0

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Aug 29, 2005
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Heh, this is for the Full Metal Alchemist fans out there, so if you look at the list and don't understand the options, then that's a good sign that you need to pick up the series. I've been watching since the first episode, I can even say I like the Dub, but I want to know which of the Homunculi you enjoy the most i.e. the coolest.

I welcome debate and even fan boys.
Well to get things rolling, I chose Greed. Now I know he wasn't on that long compared to the rest, but from the little I actually did get to see the guy was badass to the core. So much so that he'd rebelled and even the others despised him, not even to mention the entire Ultimate Shield, I think that was quite unique when compared to the rest of them.

Greed had a depth, a charisma, and quite honestly, he gave Ed the worst beating of the entire run, even vulnerable he put paid any thought Ed had to an easy win. Compared to the rest, he actually makes a very relatable sense, even gathering followers which the others disdain to do. If I had to choose a second, I'd probably go for Envy, dude's the definition of sadistic.

EDIT: Damn Greed's up by 4, but I'd appreciate thoughts with the votes.
Greed hands down. Just wished he had a run in with Scar. Would've been an awesome battle :(
Greed was cool. And he actually turned out to be a decent guy in the end, even though he was Greed.

He was really the only "good" homunculus.
Heh, looks like Greed's the all-around favorite, but I expected Envy or maybe Lust to get some votes.

Of all the ones I've seen so far, only Pride comes close to being unique ala power/ability. All the others are kinda what you'd expect from an animated villian, but Greed was not only cool, he put together a killer squad of chimeras. Too bad he didn't kill off Tucker before he got whacked.
Eh, Greed rocks and all, but I just love the whole Pride character. The scene with Marta or whatever she was called was chilling.:)
I thought that his particular power, the fact that he maintains a family, and his laid back manner make him a good villan. A drop of normality just heightens the corruption of the rest.
I'm only halfway through the series, so I've yet to see Wrath and Pride
I think im gonna have to go with Greed aswell. I wasnt sure about him at first but he did turn out to be a great homunculus.
I'll go with Envy :up: He's so jacked up :p But not remembering who you looked to begin with has got to be wierd.


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