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Sep 27, 2003
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Okay folks, I've gotten into torrents lately...

Side Rant: Just so everyone knows, I'm not really a fan of downloading movies, music and what not from the net if you don't plan on supporting those who produced it. Personally, I don't download movies (unless independant, hard to find), though I have. I don't download music... except for Pearl Jam, who I am obsessed with and have all the albums anyway (P.S. New album, May 2nd. Incredible!).

Having said that, I have no problem with those who do. What you do is your business and in it's own crazy free way, the downloading of files is awesome free promotion. Afterall, what we're downloading is art and art is mean't to be seen. Untimatly, those who create the art would agree, I believe :End of Side Rant.

... and decided to make one of all the Ghost Rider video clips and such that I have. It's not a lot but, it's a neat little addition to any GR fans collection.

The problem is, I have no real clue about making torrents and am unsure if what I did is working. Would anyone like to give it a shot and let me know?

Bitlord is a good client for those wondering. is a good place to search for torrents. If you do a search for Ghost Rider, mine is the only one of the results that doesn't relate to the Ghost Rider stunt bike guy (whom I dispise, by the way).
Definatly interested.

I'll probably do both. The way I see it, the more people that have the chance the see this this stuff, whatever way they want to get it, the better off the movie will be. Makes me feel sorta like an embassador to the flick or something.

I'll zip em up and email them to you, though you may have it all anyway...
Yeah, me too. Why hasn't Marvel sued him or something? He is making money off the name.
Marvel doesn't seem to sue people that often. God knows there's been chances. Remember that blind lawyer show from like 2 years ago? God he had hightened senses and everything...
MM, I send you those files via 'yousendit'. Hope you got the email.

So, anybody out there use bittorrents and wanna give mine a test run?
I can, I use torrents all the time...mostly for rare comics, and tv shows that arent on dvd yet, like the 90's spider-man and x-men ones
Awesome! I'd love to know if it's working or not. It seems to be but, I can't really tell. Want me to send the torrent or can you find it? It's posted on Just do a search for Ghost Rider... and thanks!!
Torrents are AWESOME for reading all the old classic comics. If it wasn't for torrents I wouldn't have read and completely loved the Preacher series.
I blind bought all the Preacher TPBs a few years back and absolutley love them...Ennis' and Dillon's best work...and I got the torrent, but it's not peers or seeds online :o
Well I most have gotten it like a year ago. Ever since I read them I dreamed of making my own fan film of Preacher. But too many things against me...haha.
MarvelMovies said:
I found the torrent on and downloaded the torrent, but doesn't seem to be downloading for me. Then again, 3 / 4 torrents on my computer aren't downloading right now... so it might just be me.

I did recieve the files via YouSentIt however, and will post the bundle soon in another format, other then .torrent

Hmmm, I thought it wasn't working that well. I think it may have something to do with my router but, I'm not absolutly certain. I do see that it's transferring to some people (at one point, I had 30+ people trying to get it from me. Thirst for GR infor much?) but it was only transferring at less than 1k/sec. Crazy.

Ah well, what can you do?
Spider - Man said:
Who r we talking about?

there's a stunt man who goes by the name Ghost Rider...he's like Eval Kenivel if he sucked and was into copyright infringement
Yay! You rock our socks off MM. Well, mine anyway.
MarvelMovies said:

You can now download FH's collection of Ghost Rider movies at the link above


Very cool indeed, man.
But this FileFront keeps asking for a lousy password.
I can´t download the files!:( :( :(
And i need only the video-game one, all the other i´ve got it.
I haven't even had time to grab this stuff yet. Thanks for puttin' it out there MM. You, as always, rock.

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