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Final Fantasy XIII-2

huh? they said Versus was still being worked on. it's just their silence made people nervous don't worry it'll still come. but you can always blame and kill "Hope" for this.

The game will probably be about Lightning trying to save whats her face again. More Time Travel will be needed though
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I don't mind XIII bringing the focus back to Lightning, but I still want Versus news.......lol
yeah well I'll put that up when they speak on it . lol I don't control them. they speak on those things when they feel like it.
hehe like I said Havok and Nathan will head down there and end it for them. Boon dock saint's style. lol
I really like Lightning but I feel she was shafted in both of the 13 games. Vanille and Fang were basically the main characters in that and then in 13-2 it was Noel and Serah.

Lightning is a great character stuck in a questionable set of games.

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