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Final Thoughts on Smallville

Great cast, very mediocre storylines. Very Hit and miss.

I feel like if you could do a DBZ and condense each season into the important episodes or 12 episodes it woudl feel a little better. Or if the show had 12 episode orders each season and was able to be tighter and better budget it wouldve been better.
even though they were never perfect. I still enjoyed the show alot and they did do alot of great stuff over the course of the run. I didnt think the finale was terrible at all. Sure i wanted more but was happy with it.
Admit it. On some deep down level, you guys enjoyed the show.

i've said before i like the superpowers aspect, but the rest of the bubblegum stuff was not for me. i just liked watching them use powers.
To sum the show up, it started out with hope and ended with bitter disappointment.
To sum up;

Was Smallville the perfect origin? Hell No!

Would I change anything if I had been in charge? Hell Yes!

Did I enjoy watching the show? Absolutely yes.

Do I wish it had went onto season 11? No, the show should have ended around the 6th season MAX, that being said I did enjoy the Zod, Doomsday & Darkseid storylines so..

Do I wish Smallville's origin became the so called "cannon" for the Superman mythos? Nope. But in saying this, much like I would with other Superman stories, I would take bits & pieces from what Smallville 'introduced' & blend it with others if I was designing an origin for Superman.

No origin story is ever going to please everyone 100%, heck my favourite origin story is probably Birthright & even so, I don't think it is perfect.

Great cast, very mediocre storylines. Very Hit and miss.

I couldn't have put it any better myself.

One week it would be hard to pick a thing wrong with the the episode/plot & then the next week you'd have a list as long as your arm.

Throughout the shows run the casting was top notch, there were very few instances that I was disappointed by a character because of the actor/actress playing him/her.

My biggest problem with the storylines wasn't the fact that they were all mediocre.. it was more the fact that half the story angles felt like they were left unfinished. It started in season 1, however got progressivly worse & worse as the show became more convoluted within itself.. not so much the core story of Superman growing up, moreso several other 'mini-plots' if you will.
Never really had a problem with the show maybe a few eps but overall I was pleased.
It wasn't perfect or terrible. I enjoyed watching the show. Would I have done some stories different? Absolutley. I thought the show was an interesting take on the character. That's why I continued to watch it.
Like I said a bunch of times. Ya the show was not perfect. No show ver did. But s,allville in my opinion did alot of good things. Plus we got to have a massive dcu in live action form. Would I have changed things ya, but overall the show turned out to be a fun ride and I enjoyed it these past ten yrs.
I enjoyed the series tremedously. I like the way it ended. I only wish we could get a series with Clark officially being Superman.
Well when ever the next live action adaption happens we will likely get that.
I would love if the movie were loosely spun off of Smallville.
I also wish we could see the adventures of this superman in a live action adaptation. It would be cool to get a movie down the road regardless if it were a direct to tv or big screen version.
would be great if we did get a dtv film for smallville. But with cast moving to other things, production/crew off to other things, and sets/costumes dismantled/removed and other productions moving into there old space its not a very likely deal at the moment. Plus with production about to start in a few months with the reboot film. I believe wb focus will be on fixing superman film standing. With all the still looming copyright issues that need to get settled out before 2013.
I'm very touched by all of the stories about Smallville helping people grow over the years and such...

Unfortunately, they ended the series in a terrible way, and made me angry I'd kept up with it...

Miles and Millar said "No tights, no flights"... And they adhered to that...

But fans wanted more...
I also wish we could see the adventures of this superman in a live action adaptation. It would be cool to get a movie down the road regardless if it were a direct to tv or big screen version.

TV? If only that jerk Welling would go for it...:oldrazz:

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