first look at eddie brock?



hopefully i don't get slammed for this post but i found it interesting.theres a rumor that on the series final of that 70's show,i think may 11 that ashton kutcher and topher grace will make an'll be interesting to see what topher looks like.
What? The show is ending. I loved that show. Well, it has been a long time since it started. 1998-2006. Even the re-runs are funny on FX and UPN. Fox has the new episodes that air Thursdays.
Topher left last season to make SM3 and they wrote his character off... Sending him to africa 0.o and Kutcher has been in a handful of episodes this season.
I can't believe the show has even been on this long.
I´m not surprised the show´s been cancelled this season. It´s not nearly as cool as it was the first few seasons - it lost almost all references to the seventies except for dressing and haircuts - and it was stupid of the producers to try and keep it going without Topher´s character, he was the protagonist of the show.
well for sure a 7 minute preview of X-Men is going to be shown during the show. cant wait!
i seen a thread on imbd that someone attended the final taping of that 70's show.said it was taped on feb. 17, topher wasn't there but filmed his scenes the week before.if thats true then i guess he wouldn't really look that different.speaking of x-men i've seen several trailors today during the nfl draft.7 min though is awesome.
oh crap I thought it got cancelled already.
Grace did leave the show, but i think you're right, i think he'll be back. Maybe we'll see him there.
the same day as the 70s show. i forgot the date though. its like at 8:35.
Wouldn`t the episode have been recorded before his training though?
...and this is important why?

If you people want to talk about That 70`s Show there is probably lots and lots of websites where you can post, which is what the posts so far has been about. Stop posting stupid things like "Our first look at Eddie Brock" unless it is an actual picture of Topher as Eddie.There are several threads about Topher, Eddie and Venom already.
Well Topher Grace is related to the Spider-man movie and seeing him will give us an idea of what he will look like in the movie (size wise) so I can see the relevence
Nebins, yes too se that relevence, but have a look at the first page of this forum. There are two thread in which this could have been posted; Anybody have the most recent pics of Topher Grace? and How Venom will look like in Spider-man 3! could both have been used to post this minor information.
Make sure someone takes some pics from the Tv so we can see what he looks like

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