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Flamer: the Series


Jan 10, 2004
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Into every generation a Flamer is born.She alone must stand against the spammers,the trolls,and the forces of dorkness.She is the Flamer.


Fade in to a dark parking lot, the remains of one of Peacekeeper’s threads. A young woman struggles to find her car keys when a man approaches.

Strike hard: Need some help?

Twylight: No,thank you I’m fine.

Strike hard: Relax.I’m not a black.*raises his hands* See?No weapons or fried chicken.You’re
pretty much same with me.

Twylight: Oh…God.*frantically searches her pockets*

Strike hard: You know what I’m sick of hearing of in the news?Innocent little white girls being killed by minorities.But,then again...*his face changes into a distorted,demonic shape*
I’m a sucker for racial tension

Twylight: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Fray: Hey,you.

Strike hard: Huh?*turns around*Get out of here.

Fray: Are you guys fighting?Cause,you know, fighting’s not cool.

Twylight: Run!!Get help!!

Strike-hard: No,she can stay.I could use an appetizer.

Fray: And I could use some back-breaking sex,but I don’t you see you delivering.

Strike hard: heh.I’ll have to prove you wrong on that one.

Fray: And I’ll have to get rid of you,so lets get it over with.

Strike hard: *advances* Alright,quickie it is…

Strike hard leaps out at as Fray delivers a hard kick to the abdomen.

Strike hard: *wincing* You shouldn’t be here girly.

Fray: Neither should you,but I guess your parents made a big "oops" on that one.

Strike hard:Whoa.The chick has claws.Did watching all those Spice Girls videos give you a sense of empowerment.*gives her a hard left hook*

Fray: *stumbles back* No.Did watching all that gay porn,give you penis envy?

Strike hard: Why…cause I’m asian?

Fray: No,cause you’re a d**khead.

Strike hard: Says the chick who lurks around without posting.

Fray: That would hurt,if it wasn’t coming from a loser who has nothing better to do than to stir up trouble on this board.

Strike hard: Well,are you jealous of my popularity?

Fray: *takes out her pointed weapon* Hmm,30 post a day,and every thread you’ve made has been closed.Yeah,real popular.

Strike hard: …*PWND*

The demonic spammer burns and disintegrates into a smelly meat substitute.

Fray: That was almost dangerous.*turns to the woman* Are you okay?

Twylight: I’m fine.*nods stunned*

Fray: Then you should get home.*walks away*

Twylight How’d you do that?

Fray: It’s what I do.

Twylight: But,…you’re just a newb.

Fray: That’s what I keep saying.

Fade to black, and cut to opening credits.

Fray Ok
Herr Logan



Written and created by: Abaddon
Nice. One thing, that black line about the fired chicken and no gun I found racist and offensive.
Well,I don't mean to offend at all,but that was done purposely.Strike hard usually makes comments like that.Don't take it personal.
Episode 1: Welcome to the SHHellmouth

Fray: Choices.Life seems to be full of them.Whether we choose to join a club,or post in thread,is up to us.But destiny?There’s no choice there.No running.How do I know this?You’ll see…

The bell rings and Fray walks into her class.

Fray: Spider-Man Comics 101..My first class here at Hype High.Guess what just made the top of my list of things I don’t want to talk about.

LarryLegend: Welcome,Ms.Ok.It’s nice to see you found the class alright.Please take a seat.

Fray: :yay:

Larrylegend: Class,please welcome our new student,Fray Ok.

Fray: Oh,great.Point out the fact that I’m new.That’s a great way to start my day.


The class breaks out in light laughter.Fray goes and takes a seat in the back of the classroom.

Fray: *mutters under her breath* jackass.

Larrylegend: That’s enough class.Now,lets get on with the lesson.everyone open your Marvel Handbooks to chapter 7.Yesterday we got into a lively discussion on why JMS might have used Gwen Stacy to further his Sins Past arc.

Venom Drool: Because he felt the need to ruin her character in order to further his plot.

Fray: She wasn’t a character.

The class turns around and stares at her.

LarryLegend: Would you care to elaborate on that?

Fray: Well what I mean is,she wasn’t a character in the Sins Past Arc. She was just a means to an end.

Larrylegend: And what was that end?*crosses his arms*

Fray: Like she said,to further his plot.he wanted to change the way Spider-man,and the readers as well view his world.He managed to take some guilt off of Peter’s shoulders for her death,and to make a sacred character something entirely different.She wasn’t Gwen.Her entire history was changed for his plot purposes.Both she and Norman Osborn together were keys to completing his plot device.A giant machine of incongruity,and deception.

Larrylegend: Well,Ms. Ok.I think you’ll like it here just fine.J

Cut to the SM2 boards

Odin’s Lapdog: The girl is here.

Daisy: Are you sure?

Odin: Yes,she’s arrived.You should go and find her.

Daisy: Like that’ll be easy.:rolleyes:
She ran away from the last Viewer who informed her of her destiny.

Odin: She’ll relate to you.Use your female kinship,she’ll come around.

Daisy: *sighs* If you say so.

Odin: Good.I’ll inform the Viewers Council.

Daisy: Right,she should be in Hype High School.*turns to leave*

Odin: Oh and Daisy--

Daisy: Forget it Odin.We’re over.You’re just going to have to accept that we’re not together anymore.

Odin: Actually I was gonna tell you,this girls our last hope.

Daisy: Oh..*she nods in agreement,trying to hold back her embarassment*

the bell rings and and Everyone leaves the class.Fray is met by awkward looks,and her notes are knocked to the ground as a poster pushing her out of his way.

Fray: Jerk.*bends down trying to gather her notes*

Elijya: Oh,didn’t see you there.Maybe people would notice you,if you actually
had an avatar.

Elijya and a group of posters laugh as he approaches them.They each wear sashes with the words “Shadaloo Pwns You”

Twylight: Here,let me help.*kneels down* Don’t mind them.They make a sport out of making newbs feel worthless.*she looks up at her* Hey…I know you.

Fray: Do you?*grabs her notes and stands*

Twylight: yeah.You’re that girl from the other night,right?

Fray: Um…yea.*smiles nervously*

Twylight: *standing*You saved me from that idiot.

Fray: Yeah,well.I have no tolerance for those.*starts walking* Though usually hybrids give more trouble

Twylight: *follows* He was like some sort of monster.How’d you….get rid of him.

Fray: I just used some wit,wisdom.There the strongest weapons you’ll ever carry.With them,any idiot like him can be defeated.

Twylight: He burst into flames.

Fray: Well,that happens occasionally.

Twylight: I’ve never seen anything like that.I mean people flame all the time here, but that--it was amazing…like something out of a comic boo--

Fray: Look,it wasn’t anything special.I appreciate the thanks,but you don’t owe me anything.I’m just a normal girl alright?!!:mad:

Twylight: fine.:confused:

Twylight stops and watches Fray leave.Fray turns around a corner and bumps into Gunblade as she walks with her friend Kritic.

Gunblade: ****! Watch it newb.

Fray: You were in my way.

Gunblade: No,newbie.You bumped into me.

Fray: yes,I did….because you were in my way,now move.

Gunblade: *scoffs* Don’t get all big and bad with me,sweety.You shouldn’t even be talking to me.Now go run along to your little Batforums,or wherever the hell you belong.

Fray: Eat me.

Gunblade: Excuse me?

Fray: You heard me.

Kritic: Ladies, please.Can’t you both take this to a mud pit somewhere?

Gunny\Fray: Shutup.

Gunblade: I’m about 3 seconds away from taking you out,so I suggest you leave NOW.

Fray: Or what,you’ll bull***** me to death?

Gunblade: One…two….

Doc Ock: Three.All three of you head to the Principles office NOW!

Kritic: huh?

Doc Ock: I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in the hallways.Go.

Kritic: Oh please,I wasn’t even a part of this.

Ock extends his tentacles and grabs the the three of them by the waist

Doc Ock: Tell it to Principal Kipobe.*tosses the three of them into the principals office*

That's awesome dude :D
wow, hey, I finally got mentioned in one of these things. Took ****ing long enough. thanks abaddon :up:
funny hype thread and tapirs on tv at once? life is good.
Kipobe’s office

Principal Kipobe: Welcome,welcome.Why are you here?

Gunblade: Doc Ock was being an ass.

Principal Kipobe: Bite your tongue.:mad: He’s my beer guy.:)

Kritic: Can I leave?I don’t even belong here.

Principal Kipobe: I’m sure your mother thinks so as well.Haha brilliant!:confused::up:


Principal Kipobe: Now,why did he bring you into my office?

Fray: Well sh--

Gunblade: I was just escorting this new student to class.Isn’t that right….*leans over and
looks at Frays notes* Gwen Stac? *nudges her*

Fray: My name is Fray.

Gunblade: Whatever.Just doing a good deed that’s all,Principal Kipobe.

Principal Kipobe: Please,just call me Kipobe.

Kritic: Alright,Kipobe can we leave?

Principal Kipobe: It’s Principal Kipobe.Didn’t your mother teach you manners?I’ll have to slap the b**ch when I get home.*laughs and slaps his knee*

the students exhange blank stares

Principal Kipobe: What?Don’t you kids have a sense of humor?:confused:

Kritic: Not when youre making stupid jokes at our expense.

Principal Kipobe: Actually,it’s just at your expense.

Fray: I think we’re late for class.

Principal Kipobe: Right,then we should get to it.Now why are you three here?

Gunblade: Um….wrong room.

Principal Kipobe: What?You distracted me from doing nothing for nothing?Get out of here!

The three stand and leave the room, while the principal stares at his palm

Principal Kipobe: Hey,I think a line moved.Haha brilliant!

Fray: Well that was pointless.

Gunblade: Whatever.

Gunblade and kritic walk past Fray and up a staircase.Fray wanders around the halls for a bit,before stopping by a door where violent sounds are heard.

Fray: what the hell is that?*peeks through the window,where she sees a long staircase leading to the basement* Should I even bother?Ah,,whatever.

She opens the door and walks slowly down the dark staircase.As she descends she struck by the smell of burning plastic and spam.

Fray: Hello?Is everything okay down there?

She reaches the landing and walks around the dank area.She turns then and see’s a door.On the window is written “Welcome to Room 666”.

Fray: This should be fun.:rolleyes: *opens the door*

Just then a a tall,masked man opens the door.He looks at Fray curiously.

Spawn: *tilting his head* New blood.

Fray: excuse me?

Spawn: You’re the next.

Fray: The next what?

Spawn: Not as bright as the last one.

Fray: *backs away and pulls out her weapon* Who are you?

Spawn: Unimpressed. *hands her a booklet* Find and flame.

Fray:*looks at him apprehensively* What is this?*takes the booklet*

Spawn: Find and flame.Now go someone upstairs waiting for you.

Fray: *moves towards the staircase*

Spawn: Go!

Fray: *runs up the stairs quickly*

Spawn: *shakes head* Newbs.

As Fray reaches the top of the stairs and opens the door to find a woman standing in front of her

Daisy: Hi.

Fray: Ahh!! *moves to stab with her pointed weapon*

Daisy: *catches Frays wrist in her hand* I see you’re well prepared.Lets go.

Fray: Are you with him?

Daisy: With who?

Fray: The man downstairs.The room 666 guy.

Daisy: Um..there’s no room down there.

Fray: What are you talking about?

Daisy: I’m sure there’s no room down there.We have to leave now.

Fray: But--

Daisy: You can explain to me later.*pulls her by the wrist*
Your destiny awaits.
Elijya said:
wow, hey, I finally got mentioned in one of these things. Took ****ing long enough. thanks abaddon :up:

No problem,boss.:up:

Besides I owed you for unboring me.:confused:

Apologies for any spelling errors. I don't do much proofreading.:o:o
Nice story and I'm in it. Thanks Abaddon.

*Note to self Abaddon goes in my next piece.*
The Hype School Library
Daisy pushes through the doors and walks over to the desk

Fray:Look,just go away. I don’t want to be a part of this.

Daisy: This is your--

Fray: Destiny. Yeah, I know. You keep saying it like it means something. I don’t have a destiny!!!

Daisy: Wrong.What it means is this: into every generation a Flamer is born. One girl with the strength and skill to ward off the--

Fray: spammers, trolls, and flying monkeys. I’ve heard the story. That’s not me. I don’t want any part of it.

Daisy: You don’t have to want it. Its your calling, and you must see it through.

Fray: Says who? The Viewers Council?Some group of wealthy posters who suddenly have ownership over my rights? This is my choice. I choose not to be the Flamer. Go find some other girl.

Daisy: There is no other girl, you are the chosen one. You are no different than any of the
Flamers that came before you.

Fray: Please,there are plenty of others who can do the same job.

Daisy: Its your duty.

Fray: God,why can’t you people just leave me alone?!I’m just a normal poster,I didn’t ask for any of this.

Daisy: So,what then? Youre going to pretend like this isn’t your responsibility? There are dark forces gathering as we speak. If you shirk your duties than this message board, and the entire Net will be thrown into turmoil. Are you willing to let that happen?

the bell rings

Fray: *sighs* Right now,all I’m worried about is what to put in my sig, and how long it’ll take for me to get an avatar.*storms out of the library*

Daisy: Wait…*follows*

Fray: If your going to tell me any more about my sworn duties, than save your breath. Its over, I quit.

Daisy: You can’t quit. Lives are depending on you.

Fray: And did you or the others ever stop to think about what I want? Or what I need? This not the kind of life I asked for.All I wanted to do was to find a place to fit in, where people will read my comments and grow to respect me for being a good poster. Not for being the Flamer.

Posters exit their classes and walk through the hallways.Some sop and stare as the drama unfolds

Daisy: Too many posters are counting on you, I can’t let you leave.

Fray: *throws the handbook on the ground* Well, then they're just going to have to be disappointed. We’re done here.*walks away*

Daisy:*to herself* Yep. She came around alright

Daisy watches as she leaves with a defeated expression on her face.she bends down to pick up the handbook. Twylight peeks out of library

Cut to Shadaloo Headquarters.The Shadaloo army gathers and kneels before the base of a large statue where a small altar is formed.

Shadaloo members: All hail Lord Bison. Our great leader, wise poster, and sexy beast.

A figure then approaches the group from behind them

: And well hung.You forgot the most important part.*sighs* Why is it so difficult to find good help these days.Elijya!!!!

Elijya: yes sir.

: How are our plans going?

Elijya: Very well sir. SHHdale will be ours in a matter of days,and no one is the wiser.

: excellent.Once the final stages of my grand plan are put into place chaos destroy the Hype,and I will reign supreme.No will be able to stop us.MWAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!
super saiyan runs down to where Bison stands,breathing heavily

Super saiyan: Sir,I have bad news.

: I didn’t save any money on my car insurance by switching to Geico?

Elijya: Those lying bastards.

Super Saiyan: No.I just came from the High school *pants* There’s a new student.

: Why should I care,I graduated high school.

Elijya: Actually you dropped out,sir.

: Tomayto,tomahtoe.

Super saiyan: You don’t understand. This new girl’s The Flamer.


Elijya: Are you sure?

Super Saiyan: Yes. I heard her arguing with that hot librarian.

: I thought the Flamer was dead.

Elijya: Well,according to our records, each time a Flamer croaks another one is chosen.

Well,that’s a b**ch.
Super saiyan: Well she didn’t seem as tough as the last.She said something about quitting.

: That’s good news.

Elijya: She could still be a thorn in our sides.We can’t take any chances.

: yes yes, you’re right,Elijya.SS.send a team to eliminate this new Flamer.

Super saiyan: Of course sir.

:We’ll have her flame doused before she ever thinks of getting in the way. Heh. Flame.
Doused. I think I made a funny.

Elijya: Not really sir.

: Well..laugh anyway. AHAHAhAHAHA!!!!!!

Elijya: *sighs and laughs half-heartedly* AHAhahAHHAA!!!

Shadaloo members: AHAhAHAHAHAHAHAhA!!!!!
i am still enjoying this. almost makes up for TomWelling4Supes leaving and abandoning the Hype comic.
I like the way my ability to not make any sense was truly captured while remaining true to the spirit that is/was KPB.

Well done. I have no idea what's going one here. :up:
Thanks.I don't think I'd ever compare this to Tom's,but the comments are much appreciated.:)
Back at Hype High School Fray sits on the steps of the third floor staircase. A few doors down political discussions can be heard. Twylight approaches Fray quietly.

Twylight: Hey, are you okay?

Fray: What are you doing here?

Twylight I came to see how you were.I heard the argument you had back there.

Fray: I’m fine, its just….you wouldn’t understand.

Twylight: *sits besides her* You mean because you’re a Flamer?

Fray: *arches a brow* What?:confused:

Twylight: I'm so sorry, that's not pc is it?:O I was in the library, looking for some books and I overheard your conversation. That and you were pretty loud in the hallway. But, just so you know, I'm not homophobic or anything. Though, some of the stuff you mentioned didn't make much sense to me. I'm not too familiar with that particular lifestyle.

Fray: I'm not gay.

Twylight: oh...well, right. We don't even need to use labels.

Fray: No, I mean I'm not a lesbian. I'm not attracted to women.

Twylight: Oh, then....erm. sorry.

Fray: yeah...

Twylight: So, you meant you're a flamer in message board terms?:o

Fray: Sort of. A few months ago I was told I was granted with some special abilities, and that I was chosen to seek out and destroy trolls and such. It's my destiny, is what they keep saying.

Twylight: Ah....now it all makes sense. Much more sense than what I thought you and Daisy were talking about, oddly enough.

Fray: Oh great*sighs*.Daisy?That’s the new Viewers name? Not very intimidating.

Twylight: Well, not unless you have overdue fines.:)

Fray: *chuckles insincerely* I guess.L ook,I’m sorry about earlier, didn’t mean to lash out.

Twylight : It’s okay. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Fray: Still, I wouldn’t even be talking to me right now if I were you. What made you even come looking for me?

Twylight: You looked like you needed a friend.:)

Fray: :Well I’ll need a lot more than that. Also, I'm still not gay.:huh:

Twylight: erm..neither am I. Let’s start over. I’m Twylight. My friends call me Twy.:)

Fray: Name’s Fray Ok. My friends call me…Fray.

Twylight: Welcome to the Hype. So, being a Flamer kinda explains the other night.

Fray: Well,I’m not a Flamer. I’m the Flamer. One and only.

Twylight: Whats the difference between you and any of the other flamers I’ve heard about.

Fray: Those are mostly vigilantes. They run around flaming posters at random. My job is to flame the worst posters, the evil ones.

Twylight: Because you were chosen?

Fray: Unfortunately.

Twylight: Sounds pretty cool to me.

Fray: Not really.

Twylight: I'd give anything to be able to kick butt like that.

Fray: It's a heavy burden.

Twylight: Well,I think a place like this really needs someone like you.

Fray: Why do you say that?

A loud crash is heard from one of the political threads.A growl is heard as one of the posters is thrown through a wall.A large hideous troll emerges holding Matt‘s head in his hand.

Fray: *stands* Guess that answers my question.

Fred Fury: *to Matt* Say it,again.Tell me how the Bush administration is weak.*squeezes his head*

Matt: I would..if you would just let me go.

Fred Fury: Liberal scum.

Fray runs over to stop the altercation and is shocked to see the troll standing before her.Twylight follows from a safe distance.

Fray: Hey,big guy.Why don’t pick on someone your own size?

Fred Fury: Will as soon as I see someone.

Fray: Let him go.

Fred Fury: Stay out of this.

Fray: *she looks up and sees a Republican emblem on his shoulder* Or what you’ll bore me to death?

Fred Fury: *releases Matt* Typical.Another non-voting,disaffected teen from the MTV generation.

Fray: Let me guees.Another ight-wing extremist bent on world domination?

Fred Fury: *gives her a hard punch to the face* Typical liberal hogwash.

The force of the punch sends Fray flying into a wall

Fred Fury: You’d best keep your mouth shut girlie.Your ignorance is showing.*kicks a piece of debris at her*

Matt: Back off!

Matt and a few of the others from the thread leap on top of Fred trying to bring him down.Their attempts fail,however,and the troll quickly shakes them off.

Fred Fury: Leave it to liberals,to act before they think .

Fray: *gets up and somersaults in fron of him* And leave it to a jackass,to ruin a good discussion.*she assaults him a number of punches and kicks*

Fred Fury: *barely phased* Accept the facts, little girl.*delivers a hard kick* You’re out of your league.

Fray is again sent flying back,and hit’s the ground a few feet away.Fred then turns to Twylight and approaches her menacingly

Twylight: Get away from me.

Fred Fury: Who did you vote for last year?

Twylight: *backing away slowly* Um…Bush. *she looks around for a good weapon, but to no avail*

Fred Fury: Why?

Twylight: Because he’s a good President.

Fred Fury: *gives a curious look* Good answer.

Twylight: *sighs in relief* whew.

Fred fury: Wrong reason.*he moves to strike her*

Fray leaps up quickly and shoves twylight out of the way absorbing the blow herself.She’s sent tumbling down the staircase.twylight turns and runs down to where Fray has fallen.The troll glares for a moment,before turning and continuing his path of destruction in the other political threads.

Twylight: Fray!Fray! Wake up!

Cyclops,Jollyjohnny,and a few other Shadaloo members approach then.They stop for a moment,and watch the two young women

Cyclops: Which one did he say it was?

Shadaloo members:*scratch their heads and shrug*

Jollyjohnny: Fine,this girls a fighter right?

Cyclops: That’s what elijya said.

Jollyjohnny: So, lets just take the one that’s not unconscious. Simple as that.

Cyclops: Whatever.We can’t kill her here anyway.

they move and grab twylight, dragging her with them

Twylight: No!!Let go of me!!!Help!!!!

Cyclops: Keep it shut,Flamer. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.

Twylight looks back at Fray desperately, as they gag her and take her back to their headquarters
Great stuff street rat, nice read...

although the love interest you've tied me into is eerie, but i don't mind being the big boss on the good side


lapdog's been promoted :cool:
Damn...I'm mysterious, and quick to the point...nice.

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