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Jul 29, 2001
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Joey Q, I really hate this guy. He's just a fat fanboy running the marvel universe like a kid that found a new toy. He made a stupid Spidey costume for a storyline, but when he promoted it he didn't exclaim that until her heard all marvel fans go "BBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", then he tried to cover up his stupid mistake by saying "It's just temporary...for the story line!" Now he says there is a problem with stated in Wizard's the marriage to Mary Jane. No idiot, the problem is YOU!!! There is nothing wrong with this marriage, it's actually grown quite strong after the Other Arc. What's next doughboy?? Break up Reed or Sue? How about Jessica and Luke..shoot they just got married...are you calling that a problem as well? Joey Q, there is no problem with Spidey, just you. You are the problem...straighten your stuff out, Stan Lee wanted them to be married and like Reed and Sue, they are one of the greatest married superhero couples. When MJ was MIA during the first of JMS run, people wanted her back and you brought them back together.....DDDUUHHH! What is with his fetis to get new readers, what is it now...out with the old in with the new? Tell ya what Joey, here's an idea....make fans happy and sales will be fine. Make fans mad, goodbye Marvel. Why are you trying to have the Bart Simpson effect on Spidey?! YOu have Ultimate Spider-Man!!!! Wake up!

JMS, the guy is not bad. Just wish he didn't do the whole Sins Arc and stray away from the magic a bit. Otherwise...okay in my book.

FNSM #8. Peter David has greatly disappointed me. He was this really cool writer until he started writing FNSM. Seriously Peter, you can do so much better then this. Get out of your slump...cause I dropped this comic now. And for the guy who wrote in to FNSM, like the first letter for this comic, notice that you are the ONLY guy in the fan letter section. ONLY ONE! Why? Cause people wrote in going "What the hell??" If you wanted to kiss marvels ass so you could be in comic fan letter section...GOOD JOB. As for the assistand editor Michael O'Connor saying "don't put too much stock in those message boards"...yet we have Bendis telling us we should cause that's the way the real fans hear from writers and other fans! can wake up to. Basically you just told the Marvel Fans...."we just ignore them." Guess this guy doesn't want to hear and accept the TRUTH!

ANYWAYS...that's my opinion on all these things that are crawling out of the woodwork. How about you guys?
Have to agree with you...

I just read the Wizard article and it was just as idiotic as people said. Lemme go get it... I have MORE to say...

BTW - there are also a couple of threads around here with rants about this... but the amazement at the density of the "dynamic duo" hasn't deminished.
He's just a fatboy not a fanboy. A fanboy wouldn't have raped and used the character as a prostitute like he did.:mad:

LOL Its fun ranting.:D:up:

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