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Aug 16, 2003
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Ok, I've been milling this idea around for awhile and now I think I'll give it a shot. How would you guys like to win some free trades? :)

I happen to have a whole bunch of tpbs that are duplicates lying around (they're mainly books I bought the softcovers for but now own the hardcovers). They're some really quality books (that I'll list momentarily) and I thought it'd be cool instead of selling them on ebay or somesuch, if I gave em to some of you guys. But let's make a little contest out of it. A productive one, at that.

Most of you are familiar with the Official Recommendations Thread in the Misc. Comics forum ( It was an idea I had last year that has turned out pretty well, and I know a bunch of you have been introduced to some books you truly love through it. But I think it could be a bit better.

I recently started a ver 2.0 of the ORT with the intention that the thread would be 100% quality recommendations, no conversation inbetween (the thread's locked) and only books that had full write-ups would be posted there. Now, unfortunately there were only two write-ups from the original ORT I felt could immediately go in there with minimal additions. I'd like more.

So that's where this contest comes in. I haven't figured out a time frame yet, but basicly whoever is willing to supply the most recommendation write-ups that are good enough to go in the ORT ver 2.0 (there's a simple format I'll provide) will get their pick of the TPBs I'm offering. There'll be a second and third place winner, too, and they get second and third pick. Maybe first place will get two picks, or something like that.

Obviously, in order for this to work if I'm going to send the books to you, you need to be willing to disclose your address to me if you win. If you're not comfortable with that, no problem, no hard feelings, but it's an obvious necessaity if I'm going to send you your prize.

The books I'm offering (and they're in a box at home so I don't recall all of them, there are more, but from the top of my head: )

Invincible Vol 1-3 (all three volumes together)
The Walking Dead Vol 1-3 (all three volumes together)
Great Lakes Avengers
Your choice of any two of the following Sin City books (full size, not the little digests)
-The Hard Goodbye
-The Big Fat Kill
-A Dame to Kill For
-Hell and Back
Frank Miller's Ronin
Understanding Comics
The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius
Transmetropolitan vol 1.
The Thing: Idol of Millions
Spider-Man/Human Torch
Runaways digest vol 1.
Your choice of any TPB in my collection (with a few exceptions such as the expensive hardcovers, anything out of print, or signed copies that it would be hard to get the signatures again)(My TPB collection is quite large, check here for a list, which is even bigger now since this is 6 months out of date

Here's the format for the entries (might seem hard but it's really not. If you know what you want to write you can have one done in less than ten minutes):
Small cover Image that is a good representation of the book[IMG]
[b]Title: [/b]
[B]Genre:[/B] Superheroes, Crime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, True Life, etc.
Should be at least two short paragraphs or so. Sum up what the book is about without giving away too much. It should entice people to WANT to pick up this book. Tell them if they liked such-and-such book, movie or TV show they're sure to like this. What age group is it for? What's the tone of the book? Would this be a good book to show to your dad/girlfriend/little kid next door/etc. If you think volume 1 isn't as good as later volumes, tease them a little with later storyarcs. If the book is criticised by some, mention it. Personal opinions are ok, but don't sound too unprofessional (i.e. "This book ROCKEd! OMG! YOu HAVETA pic it up!" etc.))
[B]Format:[/B] Is it one book, or a series? If it's a series or a run by a creative team, where should they start? (the begining's usually a good place, but tell them where that is) are there multiple versions of the books, and if so which one should they get (I usually recommend the Marvel Hardcovers to people if they come in that format as they are larger, have bonus material, and often cost less or the same as the softcovers
[B] listing:[/B] I'm not saying people HAVE to buy through Amazon, but if they want to, here's the link ready for them. The Amazon entry will also have more information for them and other people's reviews
More art - an additional 2-3 cover images if possible, and a shot of the interior art. [url][/url] can provide you with cover images and interior pages for most comics

(A good complete entry would look like these [url][/url] )

What's eligible - For the purpose of the ORT ver. 2.0, I'm asking that you only recommend books that are easily available in trade (is it listed on Amazon or not is a good indicator). I know some are opposed to trades as in place single issue , but the ORT is intended to help people looking for things to read, and they're usually new readers. It is essential if we want to get new readers that they not feel the comics experience is a hassle, and telling them they have to run around to 2 or 3 comic stores that might not be anywhere near them in order to locate every back issue in order to get a full story and pay for the books out the wazoo is a hassle when they can just buy a trade online or in a book store and have the whole story right there for half the price and 1/10th of the hassle.

If you're recommending stand alone books such as Watchmen, Maus, V for Vendetta, Dardevil: Yellow, etc. that's easy. But if you're recommending a larger series that's a saga like Sandman or Preacher, recommend the series as a whole with the first book being the essential starting point (there's little sense have a review for every individual volume when the series is really just one big tale). Likewise, if you're recommending something like Daredevil, don't just recommend Daredevil, recommend Frank Miller or Brian Michael Bendis' runs seperately, as they're two different Sagas.

I may amend the terms (depending on the response, maybe I'll have fourth and fifth place prizes?) and I'm still not sure over what time period this should be, but for now let's just say it goes until the end of July.

even if you don't win, your efforts will be appreciated, and hopefully you'll introduce some new readers to your favorite books :)
Sounds good, we can recommend any book?
just about. Gotta be available in trade is the only criteria I have. And there're some series and books I'd specificly like to see done, if anyone needs suggestions:

Y-The Last Man
100 Bullets
Ex Machina
V For Vendetta
Barry Ween
The Authority
Miller's Daredevil
Bendis' Daredevil
Kevin Smith's Green Arrow
The Walking Dead
Kingdom Come
Rex Mundi
The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Year One
Spider-Man/Human Torch

or anything else you'd like to write-up that you think other people could get into (There's titles I like that I've never/rarely recommended because I realize there's very few people aside from me who'd be interested)
Ok, cool until when is this thing running? I assume one entry per person? And we post them here or PM them to you?
Ah, I though we were looking for quality, not quantity ;) Ok, im going to get crackin on some reviews then, seeing as im the only that seems interested right now.....I got this in the bag :D...... I dont have a shot in hell. :(
This is all a trick, he wants our address so he can hunt us down and touch us.:(:up:
yeah, didn't see that joke coming
Darthphere said:
Ah, I though we were looking for quality, not quantity ;) Ok, im going to get crackin on some reviews then, seeing as im the only that seems interested right now.....I got this in the bag :D...... I dont have a shot in hell. :(
well, ideally I'd like a quantity of quality :)
Elijya said:
yeah, didn't see that joke coming

someone had to do it, guess I'd get it over with.:(
yup, figured that too :)

love your avy, btw ;)
ha thanks, so whoever recommends the most? sweet....
Hmmm I got some ideas for some good books not in that list you posted.

*plans diabolical takeover of this contest*
Hmmm... I interested in free trades but at the same time extremely lazy...
I'll give it a shot. I'm sure theres something you got that I don't have already.
*expects noobs not to read rules and offer 55 one sentence reviews*
Darthphere said:
*expects noobs not to read rules and offer 55 one sentence reviews*

"This owned."

"This pwned."

"This pwned and owned."

:cool: :up:
Hell, I was going to post a few write-up recommendations just to fill the thread with my special brand of humorous brilliance, but if I could get a free trade out of it I could make it a priority:up:

I call dibs on DKR:o
I did, since I'm the only one who's posted any recommendations
I did, but I paid the money to myself
Hey theres a bonus, if I win there's no shipping charges.
like anyone but me will win, i'm the one most inclined to rob books from eli's collection

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