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Freedom starts with…


Signing off
May 2, 2004
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A quote that I recently came across that is timely in a society that is seeing its civil liberties eroding...without much of a fight by its citizens. Maybe its because many are not engaging the greatest gift that a human has. A human mind.

“Freedom should really start with the most useful part of human life. It is useful in terms of serving human betterment and also in terms of serving the betterment of the natural environment.

When we think of our freedom in the United States of America, we see that freedom started with freedom of the intellect. In fact, our great leaders of our society would trace the great history of freedom to the philosophers, the thinkers, men of deep thought.

One of the great philosophers said, “I think, therefore I am (therefore, I exist).”

For human identity, we have to start with the human mind. The human mind is where we see the true human identity. If we were not free thinkers, if we could not think independent of our circumstances, if we were created and formed in the earth like an animal or plant, we would be governed by habit.”

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(Excerpted from: Muslim Journal

(December 29, 2006)
Freedom starts with dumpin British tea into the harbor. :huh::cmad::up:
Which was such a waste...
I sure wish that Muslim author would share his thoughts with the Muslim countries of the Middle East. From what I hear, they could use a little more freedom in those parts.

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