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Full Superman Trailer vs Full X3 Trailer

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Nov 17, 2005
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I can't wait for both of these films. Finally we got to see a real Superman trailer today which was much much more entertaining that the first teaser...as it should be. I'm looking forward to it however I still think the X3 trailer gets me more excited than the new Superman Trailer. The Superman trailer is fresh and new material to us but after it all soaks in...X3 wins it for me. However...I can't wait to see Superman either. The cinematography looks breathtaking, and the action scenes look exactly as they should be. Us comic book fans have lots to look forward to. Singer at Ratner look to both be HUGE winners this Summer! Congrats to Marvel and DC fans!
X3 no doubt, i cant wakeup in the morning without watching the last 30 seconds of the trailer.

Superman.....meh, the plane was cool, i know theres alot more in store though, but the trailer will get the piont across.
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