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Ghost Rider super-bowl spot!!


The only verdict, is vengeance.
Mar 31, 2005
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Do you think that there will a tv spot during the super-bowl next year??

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Actually, the Super Bowl might be the very best time for a teaser spot. 15 seconds. Doesn't even need footage of Ghost Rider in it. It's been done before for movies that were being released in mid- to late-summer. I think it would be a good early boost for the film.
maybe they should re-edit the comic con footage & show that :)

I hope not.They did that with Hulk,and well,look what happened to that movie.
I'm sure what happened with the Hulk had nothing to do with them having a spot at a football game.

I see no reason why GR shouldn't have a spot there. It's some of the best promotion there is... though I'm not sure if they'll wanna spend that much money on 15 seconds when they can do so many other things with it.
They showed unfinished CGI at the superbowl spot,which started the whole ''Hulk looks so fake!'' thing.
Sony didn't put up a Superbowl spot for Spiderman. They didn't need to it was a waste of money for such costly adverstising more than 6 months in advance. With Ghost rider coming in August it's even more of a waste. The only argument is that Spiderman is known and Ghost Rider really isn't so well known. People will forget about those Superbowl movie ads within a week or two. Save the ad money for movie trailers and ads in the Summer.
I agree, the advertising money could be use in much better ways. While it's always cool to see what spots the Superbowl has, I don't think having GR there would help at all.
This hasn't been bumped in a very l long time but, somebody was talking about it in another thread recently and I just came accross this thread so...

Do you think we'll get one this year?
God no.... Think about it, Super bowl comercials are about two things, rating the good commercials, and ripping on the bad commercials. But Ive NEVER seen a movie commercial during the Super Bowl that did anything but make people rip on the movie. Playoffs YES, Superbowl, NO....
This thread makes me miss Sabretooth.
Has anybody heard anything about a spot for the game yet?
It's confirmed folks. There's a spot...

Ghost Rider Gets Pre-Game Super Bowl Spot
Source: Advertising age
January 29, 2007

Advertising Age reports that Ghost Rider will get a pre-game Super Bowl spot:

Last year, when the Super Bowl aired on Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, Disney promoted "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," but it has no plans to promote the third installment in this year's telecast, instead using the high-profile event to showcase the comedy "Wild Hogs" and likely the computer-generated family flick "Meet the Robinsons."

Other big franchise movies that are expected to dominate the box office this summer and will be absent from the game include Dreamworks' "Shrek 3" and Sony's "Spider-Man 3." Sony will buy a spot in the pre-game for its comic book-based "Ghost Rider," which opens Feb. 16.
In the Pre-Game show, not the Superbowl, oh well, I'll take it!
Woha, and in the trailer there's also a footbal stadium!The coincidence:p
I almost thought they were planning a real life jump of death to promote the movie...:p
Weak that its in the pre-game. I barely watch any pre-game cuz I'm usually cooking for the game, playing PS2 or something to keep me busy. Not gonna watch 5 hours of pre-game to get a 30 second ad when it will be online soon after or perhaps even before. Stupid.

Also, whats up with not having a Spidey or a Pirates Ad? Two of the summer's biggest movies not being promoted during televisions most watched event of the year? Crackheads.

What the **** is Wild Hogs and Meet the Robinsons? BOOOO!!!!
Oh and I do realize its 2.6 million for a 30 second spot. I guess they arent interested because they know that we know when these movies are coming out.
But if flicks like Wild hogs and Meet the Robinsons can shell out the money.......
I'm going to merge this with the TV spots in time but... Does anyone have the sport that aired during the Pre-Game?
We got hosed in Canada ... they cut the commercials so I missed anything !!! oh ... and FH ... If you see Eva M. at the premiere ... oh never mind ... :ghost:
Man is this thread freaking old.
We've been patiently waiting for this movie for a VERY long time...
Man I remember when the only thing we had was A picture of the Hell Cycle. Ghost Rider, and some un-finished FX from the movie.

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