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Ghost Rider's Body Talk


Sep 27, 2003
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I'm wondering what type of Ghost Rider we're going to see. In the comics, our favorite hero's body is shaped by hellfire. His clothes take the form of a very muscular man (which we all know is just bone and hellfire underneath). With the speculation being that Cage's body will be used for most of the action (a skinny Cage at that), will we see the shaply montrosity we're all used to?

How do you all feel about this?
I dont think hes gonna look too buffed out....probably be the same physique as Cage is. i never liked the idea of GR having huge muscles anyway....makes him look too human or even too much like a typical superhero. i remember in the late issues of the 70s GR, ghostie was pretty skinny. no muscle or little muscle definition showed through his costume.
in other superhero films its pretty standard that the hero has to be somewhat buff...normally they will use some kind of sculpted muscle suit to help the actor out a little. w/ GR they dont need it. the audience doesnt need to see him w/ muscles to know hes strong.

i do remember when Goyer was at the helm he did mention that there would be a scene where you would see GR w/out the jacket and that there would be a "musculature" that was made of flames which surrounded GR's bones.
Well i reckon Cage will bulk up a bit for the role and a mix of buff but not Arnielike is needed,I mean he should have a presence as well as looking fearsome and i think if he's to skinny that won't work,Still if they go the trenchcoat route those things make ppl look larger than they are.
mentioning about seeing whats under the coat brought a scene to my mind,
i think this would look cool: GR surrounded by thugs they all fire their guns at him,we see the bullets rip through his coat in slow mo and through his skeletal hellfire drenched frame they catch fire and come out the other side setting all the thugs alight,GR is left standing surrounded by a bunch of flaming bodies.
sorry for the off topic ramble i got on a roll.;)
That sounds awesome Hunter, though I don't think Hellfire would do that... unless they were demons or creatures of the night. Although, anyone who has a bad soul can probably catch afire too, I'm not sure.

I do want to see him getting blown apart by millions of bullets though. I wanna see that happen and him contining to walk forward like we've seen so many times in the comics. It would be great to see bones cracking, clothes being torn apart all all kinds of carnage, none of which phase the Ghost Rider at all. I wanna see how powerful and undefeatable he is.

As for the muscular physicl, I kinda like having that power look... but I do understand what you mean by having a skinny hero. We never see that and would truly look great to see such a scrawny being be so powerful. Perhaps we'll see it as a just a fire and bones type hero at the start but the flame muscle bound demon by the end. MSJ did mention that he would evolve...
hunter rider said:
GR surrounded by thugs they all fire their guns at him,we see the bullets rip through his coat in slow mo and through his skeletal hellfire drenched frame they catch fire and come out the other side setting all the thugs alight,GR is left standing surrounded by a bunch of flaming bodies.
sorry for the off topic ramble i got on a roll.;)

heh...that would be cool. GR "accidently" kills some bad guys...but he doent seem to care and walks away. maybe right before he leaves he notices one dude is still alive...on the verge of death. but GR gives him the Penance Stare anyway! GR should be a merciless bastard...heh
i always thought that a cool scene would involve something similar to what you described HR...only say the bad guys are lined up w/ their guns and fire away at GR. He just stands there as bullets rip through his costume and skull. maybe they could do some slo mo cgi where you see the bullet rip the leather from the jacket in a long strand....only it slowly flows back to the jacket and "fixes" itself so that the jacket is undamaged. almost like a liquid or water effect maybe.

i noticed in some issues of the 90s series where J. Saltares and Ron Garner were the artists, GR was shown as somewhat stocky. didnt really notice too much muscle definition but he was certainly intimidating.
Well i think we are all agreed that there must be a scene where GR is hit with everything including the kitchen cink and still keeps coming to display his indestructability(is that a word ?):cool: :ghost:
It is most agreed. Nothin' should be able to stop this bad boy. Nothing... except the strong will of Johnny Blaze, that is.
Sticking with the scene theme,Do you guy's remember the Chase scene MSJ mentioned?Where GR is Chased by police Helicopters and cars.
Well as we know that isn't enough to stop GR so maybe they'll break out the Army and we could get Hellcycle vs Tank:D
wadda ya reckon ?
I doubt we'll see that, for two reasons. One, I can't remember them ever sending the army after Ghost Rider. He was always something the Police chased but never the army (from what I know, which is limited to Dan/GR2 mostly). Also, we seen the use of tanks (very well, I might add) in the Hulk movie. It worked for him but wouldn't as well for our boy.
Your probably right flame i got a bit carried away with My ideas,
hunter rider said:
Your probably right flame i got a bit carried away with My ideas,

dont hold back dude...some ideas will be better than others but i rather hear them all. :)
i can see them bringing in the army when things REALLY get out of hand. this first film should only deal w/ the local police or state troopers.
if they make sequals it should naturally evolve that the local authorities see GR as a real menace and try to get the FBI involved or some other government agency. the local authorities are helpless and need to do something. calling in some other agency who is better equipped and has better man power would be the smart thing to do..
I wasn't tryin' to poop on your ideas HR. Just further discussing them, that's all. Fire away on anything you want to say.

Evolution into some federal agency is how it would likely go, you're right BG. If then, nothing was able to stop, or if he was further confused to be a menace, then the army would probably be called in. Having said that, I doubt we'll see it progress past the police. Mainly because it would take too much screen time away from the necessasy things that need to be told and shown.

... Oh, and with only 40 mill to spare, they ain't getting now tanks to beat up.
you guys make excellent points,a scene on a smaller scale that might look good is 2 cop cars chasing GR into ally,they have him sanwiched in one chasing from behind the other coming from the front GR just rides along the wall and the two cars crash into each pther...there's a huge explosion with the entire ally engulfed in flames and we see GR actually riding along the walls inside the fire.
I really want to see them use the bike to it's full potential.
I'm pretty pumped about the bike as well. There is so much they can do with it, and from MSJ's excitement about the model he had, they probably will be taking advantage
what does Ghost Rider have for a torso. Is it just fire or just a skeleton or both?
from memory, (in the comic books) it is both a skeletal structure with fire adding the bulk.
make sense? great, now can you please explain it to me? :)
I asked a similar question a while ago, and someone filled me in to the fact that GR is a walking skeleton. Where the extra bulk comes from I do not know.
For example in issue 42 of the Dan Ketch-GR-series (vol.2) you can see Ghost Rider take off his leather jacket.
Your assumptions are right: skeleton with a lot of Hellfire.
I started a thread a while back asking what Ghost Rider's body will be like in the movie mostly concerning his muscular physique and whether or not he'd have one; http://www.superherohype.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150313.

Essentially though, he is a skeleton completly surrounded by hellfire. With clothes on, the fire seems to shape his body to look like he has muscles.
It really depends on the artist, Larroca's concept was a more "solid", compact flesh made by energy/hellfire also with some sparks, as shown when GR take off is jacket (in the red biker costume era), showing quite definite muscle made of hellfire over the bones of the arms.
The Saltares-Texeira duo concept seemed instead to be more like a great amount of fire under pressure under the clothes, with little or no real "mass" but sustaining the trousers as if there where invisible meat. Whereas GR clothes was rip apart ot pierced, hellfire escaped out. GR clothes showed several time some kind of slow regeneration(IE, in about 2 or 3 pages little wound often disappeared), depending on GR state of health.

The original GR had even less hellfire around the bones, but still had the "invisible meat" trick.
An interesting cover about GR body should be the one when he fights Snowblind, with GR "dead", empty of hellfire, collapsed.

Also i think Saltares-Texeira actually never did GR completely "naked"...only in the Styge issue they draw GR without the jacket...and there we see GR skeletal trunk engulfed with fire, without any body shape, just realistical bones catching fire wery well.
Yeah, I can't remember ever seeing him without a jacket and pants, just the skeleton... but I have seen him many times with a lot of it ripped to shreds, bone and hellfire leakin' out everywhere.
The only times i've seen him only as burning skeleton are when he was killed by the Demogorge, and i think in a funny poster in one of that Marvel Swimsuit Special...:D
uhm, no, if i remember well he did wear only sunglasses, maybe.

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