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Ghost Rider's Body Talk

I think the idea is that the hellfire fills it out...I could be wrong.
If you look around GR's neck you can see that where Blazes body is fire the firey body does have a form.
You are correct!@ It IS the HELLFIRE... which is supernatural in nature, and should never be thought of as having the same properties of normal fire.

I think that post can be considered a definitive answer!

Well there we have it. Hellfire it is. Thanks everyone. :ghost:
He's big boned LOL. Yeah its hellfire. Did anyone else notice the Johnny Blaze Marvel Legions figure does look like its just the leather over his skeleton though. There only seems to be hellfire on the top of his head. You can see both his neck and chest bones with no hellfire. He looks very skinny. Didn't think of it untill I saw this post but the hellfire filling out the Dan Ketch GR figure does makes him look 10 times cooler and more badass. Also they call Dan Ketch, Blaze for some reason on the back. And Dan Ketch is only mentioned on the back of the Vengence box.:huh:

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